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File 148943714480.jpg - (135.16KB , 1280x720 , DCT_SPECIAL20_1280x720.jpg )
109033 No. 109033 ID: 9dcda2
For the Mid-Atlantic and North East fags, who's ready for some stupidity?
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>> No. 109034 ID: 3b9b30
File 148944900898.jpg - (30.31KB , 480x502 , 1485054257474.jpg )
>mfw it's over 90 degrees today
>> No. 109036 ID: 632b3e
Looks like just rain here
>> No. 109041 ID: 1519ac
I wish people would get the fuck over it. It's just snow, we get it every year, but somehow it's always the end of the fucking world. News stations gotta get viewers somehow I guess. You'd think we were the fucking south from the dire predictions we get.
>> No. 109042 ID: 632b3e
It pays to sensationalize.
>> No. 109043 ID: f96b90
File 148950539641.jpg - (1.42MB , 3502x1800 , dbc536db5b82d3e698e0f6273418fc85.jpg )
Fucking this.
But sadly it also happens any place that gets any decent amount of snow as well.
We just got about half a foot, the first hour which only had less than an inch I counted four accidents and a three car pileup.

It's like people throw out all winter driving skills the second they can see grass. It... drives... me insane to no ends.
>> No. 109048 ID: 5abeee
File 148951439913.jpg - (170.22KB , 1171x728 , Hawaii winter snow storm 2016.jpg )
It has been a strangely warm and dry winter around Denver, Colorado. February and March being the historically snowiest months, but the only snow I can find is the dump of ice scrapings in front of a local ice rink. Temperatures above 70 degrees this week. Yesterday, I was driving around in my T-shirt with the car windows down. In the past few years, the southern states get more ice storms in the winter and the north-east coast gets heavier snow storms, but the weather in Colorado is getting sunnier with significantly less snow (apart from on the mountains, but that's where the snow should be). I also heard that Chicago has gotten hardly any snow this year. Since Dec. 18, Chicago O'Hare International Airport has measured a pathetic 0.6 inches of total snowfall through the end of February. The average Chicago snowfall for that period is 23.4 inches. Denver did a little bit better, racking up 7.9 inches of snow through March 2, 2017, but still failed to top Hawaii that got a blizzard that dumped 8 inches of snow on Hawaii's Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa peaks in a single sitting two weeks ago.

Hawaii Has Had More Snow Than Denver or Chicago So Far in 2017
Mar 7 2017 https://weather.com/news/weather/news/hawaii-more-snow-2017-than-chicago-denver
>> No. 109049 ID: 5abeee
File 148951479837.jpg - (775.17KB , 2000x1000 , Hawaii had more snow March 2017 than Denver or Chi.jpg )
>> No. 109050 ID: 9dcda2
File 148951818246.jpg - (44.80KB , 564x423 , c0265b6ddb57004e579a39e6c3f45455.jpg )
Yeah holy shit. Last few times I've driven back and forth from WV everyone loses their shit in the mountains. (All of two thousand two hundred feel elevation)

> driving to WV
> implication of snow
> everyone huddles into one lane and drives 20 mph
> a tiny bit of snow on the road
> be a rebel and use the other lane and drive 35 with a comfortable amount of traction

> night, driving back to MD
> snowed earlier that day, slight dusting of snow on road
> car in ditch
> car in ditch
> car in ditch
> car in ditch upside down
> car in other ditch
> car in ditch

What the fuck people?

> jan 2015
> new to (l)east coast
> driving to downtown DC
> baldymore-wharshington "expressway" completely fucked
> google maps puts me on a side street
> slight hill
> toyota prius sliding backwards down hill
> u-turn and get back on 295

I suppose I'm lucky I've got a truck with light offroad tires and 4wd. I know that's a quick way to get fucked up, but I've done enough auto racing to know what traction feels like.
>> No. 109052 ID: 334c17
> car in ditch
> car in ditch
> car in ditch
Do people there even use anti-locking system or something like that?
>> No. 109053 ID: 9dcda2
I would say that most cars in the US have come standard with ABS for at least 10 years. Traction control was mandated just recently.

I did a defensive driving class (which was fun as fuck) and we did some stops with and without ABS. I had no problems with non-ABS, since you just modulate the brake pressure to prevent the tires from locking up. (But again, I have racing exp.)
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