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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 14899633434.jpg - (303.33KB , 800x534 , 1489839606113.jpg )
109071 No. 109071 ID: 13f512
Tell me what features you want to see on a new, improved Opchan.

I already have a big ol' list, and the platforms we're considering already do some things, but I want to hear your wildest imageboard fantasies.

I'm not really going to be addressing whether or not they're feasible here, but I am reading everything.
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>> No. 112154 ID: 913b8d
>"he only posts sometimes!"

And yet ever since Russia invaded Ukraine anything mildly critical of Russia on here has been met with a unceasing torrent of whining and off-topic "so what if Russia is funding the Taliban! you are lynching negroes!" distraction.
>> No. 112247 ID: cb5d31
Waiting for site migration.
>> No. 112262 ID: 95b638
If we're migrating, archive /n/ but maybe don't create a new one?

There isn't enough traffic for /n/ to be its own board and it's basically /t/ at this point anyways.
>> No. 112308 ID: 5ec9bd
So if we are doing something like an old OPchan museum, how will it be organized and how will it be accessible?

This was all started in the patch thread but I guess continuing this convo here would get threads back on their respective rails.
>> No. 112389 ID: 5d4aa3
Coming a little out of left field here, but any thoughts on following the trends and doing an Opchan Discord?
>> No. 112399 ID: 336324

there is one actually: https://discord.gg/VMZxDBQ
>> No. 112409 ID: 3d7a7d
more stuff about piss tubes
>> No. 112714 ID: 20d0a2
>> No. 112730 ID: 5d2235
What's a decent way to bring this website back to life?
>> No. 112732 ID: 336324

Well, one thing we haven't done is moved to the new software, mostly because there doesn't seem to be a good way to migrate the old content to the new site.

If everyone is ok with kind of starting fresh, I can see about maintaining this site (locked) as an archive for a period of time.

One big problem was no money for anything, which via patreon and patch sales we've pretty much fixed.
>> No. 112733 ID: 336324

also come inna discord, talk to opchan peoples
>> No. 112739 ID: 1b2e68
Shouldn't you be able to run this on a $5 VPS or is there something I'm missing?
>> No. 112742 ID: 336324

With the new software almost yes, not quite $5 but certainly much much cheaper. The old software can't be ported. It's too ancient and shitty. Even stopping and restarting it is risky.
>> No. 112744 ID: d92398
1. Expand that little Irc section to a full list of off site communities we can keep updated. We have a steam community and I'm sure plenty of us have consoles. I guess the Facebook group is still around.

2 Put up a high traffic trash board like /dmz/ that's easy to access. Last time this site had a good influx of traffic was 10 or so years ago when /k/ came here from other chan going down for a brief time. I like specialty areas, but we need a place with high activity and general banter. Basically this >>111337

Of course mobile friendly would help, but I suppose we can use the app.

Mostly, we need to encourage more posting, too much rules kills the board. I came here looking for info on the government shutdown. It's almost the happening that half of /k/ has talked about for a decade, nothing in news why isn't that the first thing I see?
>> No. 112747 ID: 336324

Good ideas
>> No. 112767 ID: 9affbd

1. Enable catalog view.

2. Have a /WSG/ section.
-Sticky with educational webms that teach from how to start shooting all the way to advanced skills and long range.
-Another sticky listing board rules & etiquette.

3. Advertise.
-Get people to come here.
-Turn this into a refuge from 4chan's /k/
-Make shit lively
-Convince the mods to actively or routinely post new content, people will at least check in to see what's changed.

4. Once there are enough visitors, try tactical gear raffles in the PBE store to help raise money & keep site afloat financially.
-Say an item costs $150, Make 15 spots at $12/each. Once all the tickets are paid for, make a .webm of the drawing using a number randomizer or dice, something. That raffle would bring in $30. Eventually prizes get cooler.

Bring back the PBE store, but do it right this time.
-Maybe work with Ivan at the kommandostore or something.
-Talk Ivan into buying more awesome milsurp and sell it on his site... like those Marine Corps fleeces or the marpat packs. Or do that for the PBE store and raise some money.
-Let patchbros use a page on the PBE store to hock their wares. Someone makes an order, it goes to the patchmaker, payment handled through a payment system and the patchmaker gets his money once he sends proof of postage.

5. Find someone to do or post series regarding various weapon assemblies/disassemblies while explaining the functions and benefits behind each design on /st/.

6. Make a /meet/map
-Get someone to help make a map or an overlay for google maps/earth that shows public land where people can shoot, ranges, military museums, battlefields, etc.
-Set up a /meet/ calendar for events, keep it updated

7. Create a /diy/ board
-Someone wants to post all of Larry Potterfield's videos showing you how to fuck with guns? They can go to /WSG/ or /diy/ to make a thread with lower sized .webm videos.
-Sewing pattern threads for making your own tactical gear
-Want a thread to discuss how to NOT die in a buried shipping container bunker? Here you go.
-Great place for fieldcraft & medical knowledge

This chan can be something worthwhile if the guys running it put in the effort.
>> No. 112768 ID: 9affbd

Also... start a campaign to bring back murdercube.com
>> No. 112771 ID: bbee29
This may be a stupid question, but aside from youtube, what other video hosting services could we embed on the new board?

Currently I see Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Liveleak. Could we include Bitchute, Full30, and/or other hosting sites? With youtube's faggotry towards censorship, freedom, and firearms, I don't think it's a bad idea to encourage other hosting services whenever possible.
>> No. 112970 ID: 132e8e
File 156234472646.jpg - (244.69KB , 469x600 , 1528681599988.jpg )

Seconding this, BitChute particularly. I have plans for that place.
>> No. 112971 ID: 132e8e
File 156234498412.jpg - (37.61KB , 405x720 , 1528838382207.jpg )

Oh, for fuck's sake, now I feel dumb for not thinking to try that.
>> No. 112972 ID: 132e8e
File 156234600311.jpg - (11.24KB , 320x240 , 1517176940354.jpg )
Oh, and also, better mobile support. Or, ya know, mobile support of any sort.
>> No. 113062 ID: 6d4e65
File 15674888639.jpg - (218.97KB , 1024x682 , nonny.jpg )
This thread promising great improvements that are 'just around the corner' was founded in March of 2017
>> No. 113067 ID: 4010d2
The main thing I'd like to see is a mobile friendly /b/ /t/ /k/ dmz whatever type thing that keeps an active and largely unmoderated (minus illegal activity of course) thread rolling so we can see and engage in something that's continually active.

Not everything needs to be categorized, what we're missing a crap filled chan style thread that has any and everything from the latest shot in hoboken news to whatever other irrelevant bs we might want to discuss that day with other anons.

After that whatever, make it a social app with an opchan themed wiki or something.

This site offers 2 things, social banter for like minded people and a database of their combined knowledge and opinions. What it lacks is the /k/ type thread that brought many of us here nearly a decade ago when other chan was down.

Let's be real there's a community here of those us who have been on mIRC, meet, gaming community etc. Let that be what it is and then let us have our "anon" banter. I miss this place but I can also see posts I made on here 5 years ago...

A knowledge archive is great, so is the weird community thing, but we also need that dynamic ever changing thread that's continually relevant for the day, but not for 2010, and if it's accessible by phone all the better.
>> No. 113126 ID: f88a6c
File 156969997559.jpg - (81.93KB , 960x634 , the_majestic_su27_having_a_drink_2.jpg )
Site works perfectly as it is without javascript.

Please don't FUCK US OVER by switching to something that requires javascript to post.

Also, be careful not to fuck over us Tor users; some chan software attempts to block Tor users by default.

Vichan software is nice, runs on PHP.


Best VPN? They're all dogshit.

Use Tor. I won't even touch and of the chans without Tor these days; too many CIAniggers.
>> No. 113159 ID: 0d01d8
You do know that the Eye of Sauron is already upon you, just for coming here, or visiting any of the chans, or even a place like ARFCOM, right?

70% of TOR exit nodes are owned by the NSA, and rising.
>> No. 113160 ID: c35acc
Stands to reason but do you have any source to back that very specific claim?
>> No. 113161 ID: 233458
Oh and to quote one Wilhuff Tarkin:

"I maintain that the effectiveness of the Star Destroyer stems from not only its massive firepower, but from its
size. When [mouthbreathing right brainers] look at a Star Destroyer and then compare it to the craft which might be mustered to attack it, they have a tendency to dismiss such a notion as suicidal rather than approach the problem tactically."

>Eye of sauron
Please gtfo with (((your))) unseemly metaphors.
>> No. 113196 ID: 3e9ccc
File 157651305768.png - (30.39KB , 300x250 , LotR Eye of Sauron crying 1.png )
>> No. 113339 ID: 91cd6a
It's dead
>> No. 113346 ID: 6d4e65
File 158883102186.jpg - (78.79KB , 1024x768 , JWST+Science+Planning+Timeline.jpg )
>> No. 113450 ID: a65cbd
This thread stands as a monument to when management just doesn't care.
>> No. 113505 ID: 336324
File 15962277238.jpg - (24.73KB , 360x244 , ranged-machinegun01.jpg )

stand by
>> No. 113549 ID: d78115
Piss off.
>> No. 113571 ID: 132e8e
File 160004064167.jpg - (91.69KB , 585x710 , 4a4c9ad8d4b06198b4fee843b82e58db.jpg )
We both know it'll be kinder than letting it suffer.
>> No. 113671 ID: b45c3e
Get rid of the fucking frames.

This is not the early 2000's
>> No. 113675 ID: 294515
Got a new chan software and a way to port all the content on the existing site over?
>> No. 113680 ID: f09940
Opchan didn't die, it was murdered. By circlejerks from IRC and Discord bringing their nepotism to the boards. By the admins halfassing absolutely every fucking thing. By moderation having a laff while parasites like Clio settled in and systematically "cancelled" old guard posters that made half of the content because they thought the flame wars were funny. By the site inexplicably drifting Liberal or "everyone is dumb but me" "neutral" during the runup to the election five years ago.

If anyone who ran this place gave one tenth of a fuck about it or any of the people who used it, it would still be plenty busy. And the only reason there is "no way" to adapt the old content to new software is because the bitches whose job it was to make it happen had no will to find one.
>> No. 113691 ID: ee79a5

What "canceled" the old guard was not Clio, but the blatantly obvious Russian shills shitting up every thread, and the tone shift that came with it. Seriously this place took a turn that made stormfront seem palatable in the lead up to 2016. The discord definitely slipped even further and just concentrated the degenerates.

The fact that you think this place turned *more* liberal in the runup is astounding.
>> No. 113698 ID: 9ce670
File 161635567085.jpg - (75.87KB , 510x448 , changed.jpg )
>"Russian shills"
>"Russian bots"
>"Russian collusion"
>"Muh Russia"

Back to reddit, lefty.
>> No. 113699 ID: 13d1b8
it's not like half of /n/ is red text on gookbot shillposts or anything.
>> No. 113700 ID: 7a5d59
Yeah, 2016 made people believe that all Chans were WN territory.

Instead of shitposters, I just wanna shitpost about guns and warfare. I don't care if you're as black as the ace of spades or white as the driven snow. Keep you new world IDPOL the fuck away from me.
>> No. 113732 ID: 32888f
File 162212814590.png - (117.27KB , 1354x610 , Screenshot_2021-05-27 k - Weapons ยป Searching fo.png )
Except you are wrong. I remember seeing threads with people drooling over rhodie gear and yelling about niggers as far back as 2011. I tried to search the archives to find people ranting about it, and how "/k/ is getting taken over by stormniggers." The truth is, its always been this way. You can't just blame election tourists, pic related is as far back as I can get the archives to take me. 2014 isn't as far as I would like, but it goes well before your 2016 "invasion date" narrative.
>> No. 113733 ID: 32888f
File 162212847458.png - (1.01MB , 768x1024 , poltard-scaled.png )
The truth is, there will be and has always been a split like this in the community, going farther back than /k/ or 4chan itself. Its two unwilling archetypes that will always hate each-other, but are forced together as a pair.
>> No. 113761 ID: 7a5d59
But thats not overt racismus, thats just some dude who wants to grab an SKS and go inna woods.

I remember the Rhodie posting and the occaisional "I hate nignogs" posts but I a) don't remember it being as bad as this, and b)they never got the attn. they do now.

The OPchan I remember was fairly Libertarian on everything.
>> No. 113763 ID: f0ece9
There is no such thing as "racism." It's a made-up nonsense word coined by Leon Trotsky, a Communist Jew, used to silence working-class Whites whenever we try to speak inconvenient truths.

One of those truths is that human beings are naturally, instinctively, tribal and territorial. We instinctively have preference for our family and people who are like us. It is grotesque to pretend otherwise. A race is merely an extended family. These are our best and noblest instincts.

The people who want to disarm us are the same people who see South Africa as a model. We didn't start this war. It was brought to us, and shutting up and bowing our heads meekly isn't going to make them go away. Hoping they'd get bored and fixate on another target is what got us here.

This is why firearms ownership by Whites is inherently political, just as every attempt to disarm us and make us helpless before the mobs of stunted little brown IQ-55 mystery-meat invaders and colonists (((they))) have brought in to replace us is inherently political.

I get it. You just wanted to grill. You're about sixty years too late on that.

We're not voting our way out of this, not here, and even less so in the UK.

If you don't like politics in your firearms discussion, maybe Tumblr or Reddit would be more your speed. Good luck with that.
>> No. 113774 ID: 02badb
Lol ok weirdo. This is why the 2a community gets such a bad rap because weirdo nerds like you scare the normies away.
>> No. 113775 ID: 02badb
Lol ok weirdo. This is why the 2a community gets such a bad rap because weirdo nerds like you scare the normies away.
>> No. 113780 ID: 0d01d8
copy and paste go brrrr
>> No. 113791 ID: 303a81
True and in the end, who would you end up sharing a foxhole with? If the breakdown of the Spanish Civil War were a guide, considering the multiple factions in each, I already know whose side I'd be on.
>> No. 113941 ID: c69fc8
File 164930476486.gif - (0.97MB , 960x540 , 4d72d481aba0332fa3fd91943adc718f.gif )
>not the main course
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