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File 14899633434.jpg - (303.33KB , 800x534 , 1489839606113.jpg )
109071 No. 109071 ID: 13f512
Tell me what features you want to see on a new, improved Opchan.

I already have a big ol' list, and the platforms we're considering already do some things, but I want to hear your wildest imageboard fantasies.

I'm not really going to be addressing whether or not they're feasible here, but I am reading everything.
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>> No. 109236 ID: c94531
File 149081730687.jpg - (4.74MB , 10000x5000 , German WW2 Panzerbuchse Solothurn S18-1100 full-au.jpg )
>> No. 109275 ID: f11f4d
File 149102640098.png - (1.32MB , 800x1142 , baneposting - plane scene torment.png )
I'll finally be able to post a webm I have of the japanese dubbed plane scene, which is 38,948,483 bytes.
>> No. 109287 ID: c9fe43
Also, can we get working previews? They've never worked on my end. Dunno if anyone else has that issue.
>> No. 109288 ID: 13f512

They generally don't work if you're on operatorchan.org, but do work on www.operatorchan.org

In any event, they will work on the new site
>> No. 109290 ID: 9723b1
>Tell me what features you want to see on a new, improved Opchan.
Removing SJW cucks from mods and userbase?
>> No. 109293 ID: 13f512

gr8 b8 m8.
>> No. 109294 ID: efeb68
Would being able to post multiple images per post be in the cards?
>> No. 109298 ID: 97f1de

>> No. 109315 ID: 13f512
File 149135484675.png - (336.92KB , 500x744 , 157242.png )
By way of update, we've selected and secured a new server which will be suitable for both testing and being the new production server. It is vastly superior to our current hardware and also cheaper. For now I am just paying for it, but obviously once we switch over you, the OPERATORs, will take on that financial burden. It's only $33 a month though so in theory it is sustainable forever with the current patreon income. (thanks patrons!)

If you glance back at the schedule you saw some tasks related to testing Lynxchan 1.8, so in addition to working on getting everything customized just right, we are also, for once, on the bleeding edge of imageboard technology.

Senseless has been working tirelessly on this, so make sure to thank him if you run into him on the interwebs. godverdomme, ihc, and a few other folks have also been very helpful as well as the lynxchan dev, StephenLynx.

Thanks also to retro for sperging out on some textfiles for me, much appreciated.

Pic related, trying to tame the good idea fairies. We have a pretty substantial set of modifications to make, so it's likely we can't entertain more change requests at this point.
>> No. 109316 ID: 13f512
That having been said though, what style is everyone using to browse the site?
>> No. 109317 ID: 9dcda2
Good shit.

> Senseless has been working tirelessly on this, so make sure to thank him if you run into him on the interwebs. godverdomme, ihc, and a few other folks have also been very helpful as well as the lynxchan dev, StephenLynx.

Thanks fellers.
>> No. 109318 ID: fe62b6

Either Burichan or M00lticam
>> No. 109319 ID: f2172d
Buri. Accept no substitutes.
>> No. 109320 ID: a921de
File 149136661650.jpg - (616.63KB , 2560x1440 , leather & latex Marie-Claude Bourbonnais 1.jpg )
>> No. 109321 ID: f11f4d
m00lticam: It's easy on the eyes, but not so dark that switching to a different page is blinding.
>> No. 109323 ID: b70387
>> No. 109347 ID: 631970
What I could stand to see would be a "front page" setup thay is somewhere between what a chan does and what reddit does. While we don't have, and hopefully won't have, an upvote/downvote system, having a the title page show the five or so threads with the most recent activity from all boards would be nice. With the present traffic level, it'd be much more convenient to check in on the title page to see if there's been any new posts, rather than hitting /k/, then /g/, then /vg/ then /t/ and if I really hate myself /n/.

Threads shown on this title page could perhaps behave like stickies where they only show the OP and latest 2 replies. Would make it fairly compact and at-a-glance. Perhaps it could even remember users via a cookie or some such so you could specify which boards you want to see in this feed.

I'm not sure if this is a function that is even possible with any of the code that is being looked at, but it's in my wishlist.

And no, not an active reddit user or anything, I just can see a possible benefit.
>> No. 109349 ID: 13f512
what's a good email for you, I'll send you a thing.
>> No. 109350 ID: b70387
And I guess for everyone else, there are several features available in LynxChan that accomplish roughly this goal, and which we will be using. The front page will display the text from recent posts, along with recent images. There will be an /overboard/ board, displaying the most recently bumped threads from throughout the SFW boards. Additionally, users will be able to specify their own multiboard, displaying the most recently bumped threads from their selection of boards, by building the appropriate url. In your case, you could enter www.operatorchan.org/k+g+vg+t/ and have all the boards you care about on one page.
>> No. 109351 ID: 6ca38e
Clip related.

Who, me? If so, included.
>> No. 109434 ID: 30e0f8
• gun shaped cursor with different guns for every day of the week
• legalize anime
• chemistry/biology/medicine making board for people who need to have some tactical meth on hand occasionally
• moar bullet points
>> No. 109435 ID: b70387
>• gun shaped cursor with different guns for every day of the week
>• legalize anime
In the works.
>• chemistry/biology/medicine making board for people who need to have some tactical meth on hand occasionally
Too many specialized boards was a big problem, already. Post it in /t/.
>> No. 109487 ID: 46f332
Fewer boards.
When people come for the first time, they expect a dynamic community and hiding interesting posts between boards sections the community. I only interact with k, t and DMZ out of laziness, and only n and meet seem additionally necessary. You can replace trade with a sticky on t, and possibly same for meets. Also, a front page with curated, interesting threads would be a nice touch.
Also we need someone in charge to collectively hate, can we give opchan to Broseph or something? (I joke though)
>> No. 109489 ID: 32028c

We've already pared it down. See above though where senseless mentions the new overboard the site will have - you could potentially never have to switch boards, just browse the overboard and see all the threads except /dmz/
>> No. 109490 ID: 0725bb
- Forced anonymity (but keep ID's).

- Anime on all boards.

- A script that randomly adds, "Look here, you fucking nigger," to the start of 0.5% of all posts.

- Autoban thread.

- A bot that imitates HM in his most definitive days.

- Fun & exciting wordfilters every weekend.
>> No. 109492 ID: 041ca7
>- Forced anonymity (but keep ID's).

>- Anime on all boards.
See Senseless' post, above

>- A script that randomly adds, "Look here, you fucking nigger," to the start of 0.5% of all posts.
I don't think that's feasible.

>- Autoban thread.
If you want a ban, just ask. Or post titties in /t/
Seriously, though please don't post NSFW stuff on the main boards.

>- A bot that imitates HM in his most definitive days.
Write it up and contain it to the Zone. If it's annoying I'm sure we'll bitch about it before banning it lel.

>- Fun & exciting wordfilters every weekend.
What is this, /b/ circa 2009?
>> No. 109493 ID: b70387
LynxChan doesn't support bans where the banned person can't view the site, so not really a great way to try and force yourself to be productive.
>> No. 109596 ID: 80dcf0
Ban Russian IP's from /n/ for a month. Bet you we'll see a marked increase in the level of discourse.
>> No. 109618 ID: 6057a8
This isn't a huge deal, but you know how link previews don't work unless you have "www." in the address bar ("something went wrong (blank response)"), would it be possible to have link previews work all the time in the new board?
>> No. 109619 ID: cb6b4f
That's a kusaba x issue. So far as i know, lynxchan doesnt have that problem.
>> No. 109620 ID: 19518e
Oh neat, never mind then.
>> No. 109695 ID: 62a322
File katiusha.webm - (2.67MB )
>> No. 109756 ID: 0725bb
>- A script that randomly adds, "Look here, you fucking nigger," to the start of 0.5% of all posts.
>I don't think that's feasible.

As a potential workaround, it may be possible to set wordfilters for references to post numbers that will appear in the future.

For example, ">>130012
" can be wordfiltered to ">>130012
Look here you fucking nigger, "
>> No. 109788 ID: 67f4a3
Anything is possible.
Have code generate a random number on every post and if that number is higher than a certain amount, insert the opening text.
>> No. 109795 ID: 24f31d
For the wishing: separate Politics and News into their own individual boards.
>> No. 109824 ID: 13f512

Yeah we've debated that. I think a final decision will be made after the transition to the new site.
>> No. 109826 ID: b70387
Most news is inherently political, though. How would you draw the line between news discussion d politics discussion?
>> No. 109834 ID: 454b25
That sounds like a lot of work, dude.

as in, wrangling /n/, and wrangling /pol/, in addition to keeping /pol/ out of /n/ and /n/ out of /pol/

but hey man i'm down for whatever.
>> No. 109837 ID: ed9c06
I'm not exactly sure where or how to draw the line, it's mainly a desire to see the shills (I still find myself shocked that they find Opchan significant enough to post on) and political shit posters contained somewhere and have actual discussiom about current events somewhere else. It's an unrealistic desire that I don't have any idea how to make work....but that's why it's a wish heh.
>> No. 109893 ID: f91983
File 149624699052.jpg - (59.41KB , 461x568 , faggottree-2.jpg )
>i want a safe space because opposing points of view hurt my feelings

ok ma'am
>> No. 109951 ID: 6ca38e
I welcome opposing points of view. It keeps me honest about my own positions and makes me examine them regularly. The problem it's a waste of time to attempt to have any meaningful dialogue, due to the types of posters I previously mentioned.

Like...right now. Clearly I'm wasting my time replying to someone who has no interest in any of this beyond trying to rile me up. And /n/ is exactly this situation, to the tenth power. Thanks for helping to make my point.
>> No. 110047 ID: 22c903
File 14972276871.jpg - (44.55KB , 706x700 , 147694145187.jpg )
forced blanket anonymity would be nice. This site may actually see some use in that case. As is, its the personal blogs of a couple trippers and the playground of self absorbed moderators.
>> No. 110048 ID: bd9907
The site was dying without mods, and now it's dying with mods. I honestly wonder if the lack of mods drove away people who preferred some level of moderation, and now a lot of the people who are left are the ones who prefer a lack of moderation and are themselves being driven away by its presence.

OPchan has always been pretty namefag-heavy, and forced anonymity would tend to break the community atmosphere that we have. Would more people honestly flock here to be among fellow anons, when that's the experience they already get on the more major chans?
>> No. 110049 ID: 22c903
File 149724090460.jpg - (22.89KB , 512x384 , qylhry.jpg )
well its like this see...

>anon chans get really popular, paid shills, social engineers and the just plain shitty people invade in number as they tend to do and make the experience less than fun.
>other chans copy their successful model and get the diaspora of the original community and leave the original to fester until it reverts.

wash, rinse and repeat.

Operatorchan is currently in the "recovering from diaspora" stage, if it ever actually had one.

Nobody goes to chans to talk to people they know, thats what normalbook and meatspace are for.


copy a successful model to be successful. Stay with an unsuccessful model to stay unsuccessful.

>community atmosphere

you are talking about like 10 people tops. 1-2 for any sort of frequent use or in-depth conversation.
>> No. 110051 ID: bd9907
As far as I can tell, the vast majority of chans and individual user-owned boards allow namefagging, and the majority of users on those chans simply choose not to. As far as what OPchan allows, we are following that successful model, then.
>> No. 110053 ID: 22c903
>A sick body and a healthy body are almost identical in composition.
>> No. 110059 ID: bd9907
Psst ... hey kid ... https://lynxtest.operatorchan.org/

There are a lot of things about the new site we're planning to have changed, but there it is. Anything posted there will probably be deleted when we migrate the posts from this site over.

I've tried to allow a wide variety of file uploads. Check out that site's zone for details.
>> No. 110088 ID: f11f4d
Is there a dedicated bug report place?

For me it seems that when making a new thread, hitting enter after entering the captcha results in the file not being uploaded and going to a "you need to upload something" page.

Manually clicking the "Post" button is what causes the file to upload.
>> No. 110089 ID: 13f512

just email senseless or post about it here. That particular issue may not get fixed, usually there won't be a captcha, and even if there is the idea is people would get a block bypass
>> No. 110090 ID: bd9907
I would prefer that bug reports be placed in this thread, so that other posters can see and comment on them. Once posts are migrated, this thread will still exist on the new site, and discussion of bugs can continue.

I've discussed this bug with StephenLynx, the developer of LynxChan, and he is aware of it. With JavaScript enabled, file selection is handled in JavaScript, and this isn't submitted with the form, when the browser submits the form on an 'enter' event. I've added a front-end modification to the list I've developed to hopefully have the 'enter' event captured in JavaScript and handled properly.

Jedi, the block bypass isn't the panacea I thought it was. Block bypasses aren't tied to IP addresses, so some malicious person could obtain a block bypass and then copy the resulting cookie throughout a botnet, and the bots would be able to submit a combined hundred posts before needing a new one. It would be more effective with a lower post count restriction, but that might begin to become more onerous for Bat Guano or similar posters. That said, to StephenLynx's knowledge, there isn't a Directory Dumper program that works with LynxChan, so this may be a moot point.

In any case, I set the site up to always require answering a captcha to create a new thread.
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