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File 14899633434.jpg - (303.33KB , 800x534 , 1489839606113.jpg )
109071 No. 109071 ID: 13f512
Tell me what features you want to see on a new, improved Opchan.

I already have a big ol' list, and the platforms we're considering already do some things, but I want to hear your wildest imageboard fantasies.

I'm not really going to be addressing whether or not they're feasible here, but I am reading everything.
Expand all images
>> No. 109072 ID: c9fe43
File 148996544189.jpg - (27.63KB , 480x358 , proctologyexam.jpg )
More chicks with dicks.

Seriously though, flags and the ability to have tree view.
>> No. 109073 ID: 12329c
File 148996547051.png - (191.08KB , 580x553 , 1477704676372.png )
webm support that doesnt blow, aka inline playing and mouse over play.

The same goes for images. Inline expansion and mouse over preview/view. Basically how 4chan and 8chan do it.
>> No. 109075 ID: c9fe43
File 148996600585.png - (97.91KB , 828x469 , edit1.png )
I'd like to have jewtube inbeds fixed as well.

For jedi, what tree view is.
>> No. 109076 ID: 7b825a
I 2nd this.
>> No. 109077 ID: 19518e
I'd be happy with webm thumbnails. Also, this site seems to reset webm volume, whereas 4chan retains the volume you set the last webm at even if it was on another board or something.

Particularly useful when every single webm made in all of existence, regardless of content, is incredibly loud. For a webm of a quiet river stream gently trickling, I have to set it to 5% volume, turn windows volume to 5%, and then physically put the speakers to 5% so the house foundations don't crack and the house doesn't collapse in on me. Last time I forgot to turn it down before looking at a webm here I think the sound was loud enough to kill my neighbor's dog.

Aside from that I'm happy with OPchan as a website. Everything relating to the website itself has been awesome for me. Just keep it up I guess, I don't really want it to change drastically from what it is now.
>> No. 109078 ID: 13f512
youtube embeds work, ya'll are just retarded.

But yes, that's on my list as are webms.

There will be flags. All potential platforms support that now.
>> No. 109079 ID: 9dcda2
File 148997420695.gif - (8.26KB , 773x393 , opchan-msgbox.gif )
I'd like to see better support for phone viewing. Some of that "Responsive Web Design" bullshit. I could help if needed.

And here's my request from five years go.
>> No. 109081 ID: 7e57c1
>tree view
Could you link to a site that uses that? I don't get how that would work with a post that links to more than one post.

This site has inline expansion. Click on the filename.
Mouse over play and mouse over view sound annoying, but I guess they could be turned on or off as settings.
>> No. 109082 ID: 13f512

>responsive web design

We got a plan for that.

As for the message box, why not just scale it bigger?
>> No. 109083 ID: 7e57c1
On the other hand, the site could remember how the user resized the message box, so that it would retain that size on future page-views. How does that sound?
>> No. 109085 ID: c5b6f2
>youtube embeds r broked


I Can't Post/Embed Videos
Under KusabaX's standard embedding code, you only had to paste a YouTube video's unique video code into the embed field to post it (e.g. "L6UhFkUo9xI"). Now, you will have to paste the entire URL into the embed field (e.g. "http://youtu.be/L6UhFkUo9xI").
>> No. 109088 ID: c9fe43

The proper way to do that is to have a little click and drag arrow in the response box, so you can resize it to whatever your heart desires.

8ch.net has it in the top right corner.
>> No. 109089 ID: 13f512
File 149000999154.jpg - (82.82KB , 1797x952 , wersdfa.jpg )

a click and drag arrow to resize the box you say.
>> No. 109090 ID: c9fe43
yeah, I saw that in your screen shot. The UI is still needing a tweek where it shows up as the resize arrow. :P
>> No. 109091 ID: da46f8
File 149002819284.png - (1.54MB , 1903x4284 , tree view.png )
The tree view concept evidently breaks down when you can reply to more than one post in a post. Does anyone else want this?
>> No. 109092 ID: c9fe43
That's why it's an option to click on and off :P

Seriously though, spit that response at the bottom of all the trees, without trying to put it at the end of a branch. Think of it like a trunk.

It helps in 95% of the cases, tbh.
>> No. 109093 ID: d92ca7

>Saging a sticky
>> No. 109094 ID: 74c131
File 14900415824.jpg - (3.17MB , 3264x2448 , antique flintlock US powder horn & bag 1.jpg )
Larger maximum file sizes?
>> No. 109097 ID: 13f512

How big?
>> No. 109100 ID: de5834
File 149006509957.jpg - (2.85MB , 6000x2858 , Iranian P Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 1000 rial not.jpg )
Back in the day when I visited the 4chan /hr/ board, I wished the OpChan boards accommodated the large file sizes that HR allowed. Maximum file size allowed in /hr/ is 8192 KB.
As a result, I took large pictures and modified them with IrfanView before posting them here as shrunk-down images.
>> No. 109109 ID: 13f512

Current plans are calling for a 10MB limit on files moving forward
>> No. 109118 ID: 13f512
Also BG what dumper are you using these days?
>> No. 109119 ID: d5d1da
File 149014840652.png - (42.67KB , 579x656 , xChan 3_1 directory dumper OpChan settings.png )
The old xChan Directory Dumper version 3.1 from 2009.
For a time, my spyware program thought it contained a trojan and would delete the program, but my new malware programs are cool with it.
While this happened, I used Pony Dumper, a My Little Pony-themed directory dumper, but it was not so easy to use.
>> No. 109127 ID: f11f4d
File 14901607576.jpg - (52.19KB , 600x600 , dachshund drivers seat.jpg )
>10MB limit
Nice, that opens up a lot of new content to spam dmz with. Ever since 8chan's limits were raised to 8mb and then 12mb, there's been less and less available to post.
I'm curious, how taxing are my webm threads on the site's resources? I've probably filled at least a gigabyte of space.

Also, any plans to support mp4's?
>> No. 109136 ID: 13f512
File 149022667864.jpg - (180.06KB , 900x797 , 185-011.jpg )


I'll do you one better. The new site will fully support posting MP5s in all threads.
>> No. 109137 ID: 791f24
File 149022701172.gif - (973.55KB , 450x275 , c4.gif )
c4 too plz
>> No. 109139 ID: c94531
File 149023383932.jpg - (40.85KB , 640x850 , German HK MP5 & MP7 entertainment 1.jpg )
I would be more impressed if you could support MP6's.
Just what happened to those things?
>> No. 109152 ID: d77c14
There are people who don't use VPN to access this site? Holy shit!
>> No. 109153 ID: a2ccc7
Real talk though the current frontrunner for replacement software is Lynxchan, which supports mp4s.
>> No. 109155 ID: c94531
File 149030048042.jpg - (864.27KB , 2100x1226 , German MG-3A1 pintle-mounted on a Norwegian armore.jpg )
I have heard about VPNs. What are good ones that don't cost much?
Hide My Ass VPN costs $78.66/year ($6.55/month) or $11.52 for one month's service.
IPVanish VPN costs $62.31/year ($5.19/month) or $7.99 for one month's service.

The Best VPN Services of 2017
Whether it's for securing sensitive communications, protecting your identity, or streaming Netflix while you're abroad, a virtual private network (or VPN) is a key security tool. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2403388,00.asp
>> No. 109156 ID: ea8f9f
File 149030096466.png - (58.32KB , 373x685 , flags.png )
There are location flags and then there are these things, which are evidently also flags. Don't think we've been planning on enabling either.
>> No. 109160 ID: 260228
A motherfucking preview feature. Preferably one that doesn't require JavaScript.
>> No. 109162 ID: d4c8ee
I've used Private Internet Access for like 3-4 years now, since my ISP started getting pissy about torrents.
>> No. 109164 ID: ea8f9f
As in, a feature giving you a page with only a single post in it? LynxChan has that.
>> No. 109166 ID: 5458cc
yeah kind of like when you want to post a reply or a new thread you'd be able to preview (see how it would look) before posting.

so if you're posting a reply it would give you a page of the entire thread up until that point with your post at the ens of it.

for a new thread it would give you a page with only your thread (one post).
>> No. 109171 ID: ea8f9f
That, LynxChan doesn't have. Each post has a "[Preview]" link in the post header, which takes you to a webpage consisting only of that post. It's not actually a way to preview a post before posting.

Honestly, that would be a nice feature.
>> No. 109172 ID: 13f512
>> No. 109175 ID: 8be205
doing anything to bring in the unwashed masses you didn't want on opchan before it slowed to a crawl and died.
>> No. 109176 ID: b430d1
Don't fix what ain't broke

I know you faggots want to make unneeded changes just "put your mark on things", but you all are not good with computing technology and you're likely to fuck up and do something retarded. Opchan is just fine as it is right now, the conservative thing to do is not make changes and fag it up for no good reason. Of course you queers won;t listen to me, but stay away from tinyboard & vichan platforms, the people who developed them are malicious bastards and the developed those warez specifically because they knew that more imagebaord admins are stupid with computarz (like you) and wouldn't recognize all of the built-in flaws, backdoor, etc.
If you want to be smart about imageboard programming write your own software. notice how stable 420chang has been through the years? rolling your own give you full control over everything, you know where all the wires & switches are because you built the system. sites on vichan and tinyboard haven't been lasting too long.
>> No. 109177 ID: ea8f9f
>you all are not good with computing technology and you're likely to fuck up and do something retarded
>write your own [imageboard] software
Whatever you say, boss.

>tinyboard and vichan
Tinyboard's GitHub repo hasn't seen a commit since July of 2014, and http://tinyboard.org/ redirects to http://stopnerds.org/ .
Meanwhile, in vichan land:
>Topic for #vichan-devel is: vichan is looking for a new maintainer
>Topic for #vichan-devel set by czaks!marcin@6irc.net (Mon Oct 19 04:32:37 2015)
and the guy is almost completely silent.
Neither platform was given much consideration.

Like Jedi said, >>109153, we're focusing on LynxChan, which is under active development, and whose creator hangs out and shoots the shit with developers, site admins running his code, and regular Joe Blows on irc every day. He's put up with and answered my questions for well over a month, now.

And honestly, I'm not aware of much else in the imageboard software world that isn't developed specifically for one site.
>> No. 109179 ID: 13f512
I'm not sure why you all insist on making everything a metathread.

>Opchan is just fine as it is right now

I guess I'll chalk this up to ignorance or not listening to my updates... no it's not. The software is failing and broken more each day. We can't even run basic cleanup scripts anymore because they go nuts and delete active content. Internal statistics are completely broken. The code is a nightmare.

If you're going to write a new imageboard for us to use, better do it quick.
>> No. 109182 ID: f11f4d
File 149047254399.jpg - (30.40KB , 666x360 , opchan's data is in good hands.jpg )
>Things are falling apart
>Let's use mongodb
I really do appreciate the work you guys put into this, and understand that all options are fucking shit...
But for your sake and sanity I hope that having a chan on mongodb is like walking through a minefield with very small feet.

A couple questions
1. Whats the timeline to make the jump?
2. Will threads be able to be moved over, or will we start fresh?
>> No. 109183 ID: 8c968b
Any way we can just have a simple but working image board? No need IMO to get all fancy with features and shit. Or just have whatever 4chan has currently. I dunno if there is any way to just copy the code as is and run it? I am not into computer shit.
>> No. 109184 ID: 13f512

I get that there are some mongodb concerns, however in this application I think we'll be alright, we're not exactly doing anything fancy.

1. Sometime this summer, depending on time. I am actually working with real developers (my gift to you, not opchan money) rather than trying to do it all ourselves. I think that will help ensure we get a solid product that won't shit the bed.

2. We will migrate all the existing threads. There will be some concurrency with a test instance, and any threads created on that will get nuked and replaced with opchan's current content.


That's actually the goal. When I say I have a list of features, we're mostly talking about front end stuff to get it closer to the current functionality so people aren't confused by anything, and addressing some long-standing requirements like webms and shit.

You can kind of copy websites but not really meaningfully without having access to the server. At least with this solution we're working with the guy who wrote the software so any issues we run into he can address directly.
>> No. 109186 ID: 13f512
File 149049718863.jpg - (265.27KB , 3000x2250 , - Project2-1.jpg )
Just so you know I have a plan. :)

Basically if we implemented everything according to these notional dates, at this point the changeover would happen mid-June.

That having been said, I anticipate moving all this back a bit to make absolutely sure we have everything set up the way it needs to be. Also I will be traveling and doing other shit in the middle of June, so figure at the very earliest late June, early July.

I don't want to rush anything for obvious reasons.
>> No. 109187 ID: 13f512
File 149053727284.jpg - (1.08MB , 8998x2087 , - Project2b-1.jpg )
Actually here's one a little more representative of how things will likely work out.
>> No. 109188 ID: 13f512
File 149053806214.jpg - (1.08MB , 8912x2232 , - Project2c-1.jpg )
and here's the scenario if we don't wait for Lynxchan 1.8 to come out before starting our own development efforts.

Still figuring out if that's a necessity, but it may not be.
>> No. 109189 ID: 9dcda2
What the fuck is this? Using your experience from the Modular Handgun System trials?

Going to downselect from different commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions? After that an evaluation programme of the 12 messageboard systems, leading the way into a nine-month production verification test (PVT) programme? Following the successful conclusion of the PVT, a preferred bidder will be selected ahead of low-rate initial posting and first operational deliveries to Operators?

You've been working for the government / behind a desk for too long.
>> No. 109190 ID: 13f512

>putting tasks in a logical order


Believe me, you want there to be a lot of testing. Seat of the pants development/testing on production is serv-tier.
>> No. 109191 ID: 13f512

Also these are just the summary tasks. I haven't entered all the subtasks yet.
>> No. 109192 ID: 9dcda2
Sure testing is important, but this isn't the Joint Strike Fighter.
>> No. 109193 ID: 13f512

are you being facetious or are you actually triggered by a rough schedule?
>> No. 109195 ID: fae00a
File 149056677790.png - (32.77KB , 410x297 , 500 error.png )
Do you want to go back to 500 Internal Serv Errors?

Do you?!
>> No. 109197 ID: 9dcda2
File 149056785964.jpg - (183.88KB , 699x344 , 38-199-GreenBelt.jpg )
Facetious, mostly. I didn't really read the schedule. I'm more shocked that there is a schedule.

That's the kind of shit project managers on a construction project with subcontractors and drop dead dates. It's our shitty imageboard. Just do it. (But test it.)

Next we'll be doing surveys (which we have) and doing root cause analysis and asking the "five why's" and drawing out fishbone diagrams.
>> No. 109198 ID: b70387
I've already found three bugs in the LynxChan front end, just fucking around with it. The developer has fixed one of them so far, at least.
>> No. 109199 ID: 13f512

One of the most important aspects of project management is scaling the actual PM effort to the project... believe me we are at the bare minimum here.
>> No. 109201 ID: b70387
Additionally, having the test instance up for so long will give the LynxChan developer time to develop some of the back-end add-ons that we want, after being able to see that we are, in fact, serious about switching platforms to LynxChan.
>> No. 109209 ID: f11f4d
So basically you've managed to sweet talk the lynxdev into doing some of the work for you? Nice.

I guess I should add that one of the quality of life features I like about opchan is the "File URL" post upload option.
>> No. 109210 ID: b70387
For most of the back-end add-ons, yeah. It helps that people running other LynxChan sites can use them, as well.

File selection by URL was one of the first things I brought up with him. It'll be implemented at some point during the testing period.
>> No. 109211 ID: ebb4ba
File 149064597568.jpg - (97.83KB , 1234x714 , urluse.jpg )
But it's unnecessary, you can just put the URL in the filename field.
>> No. 109212 ID: c94531
File 14906603235.jpg - (1.01MB , 2288x1712 , German MG-3 recoil operated, roller locked machine.jpg )
Recurring request to have text modifying buttons above the message window (like what they use at GameFAQs) instead of using these:
[b][/b] - makes the text appear Bold
[i][/i] - makes the text appear Italic
[u][/u] - underlines the text
[s][/s] - strikes the text through
[spoiler][/spoiler] - hides the text until you hover over it with a mouse pointer or highlight it
[code][/code] - changes the font to monospace (Courier)
[aa][/aa] - changes the font to Mona/MS PGothic
>> No. 109213 ID: f11f4d
Doesn't work in chromium.
>> No. 109215 ID: 983596
File 14906665446.jpg - (74.15KB , 500x500 , 3921dfe14e67cf0f694b4c67e8646e123382b4f257a46c79ae.jpg )
/pol/ with .gif support.
>> No. 109219 ID: b70387
Mind blown. However, this is OS-specific behavior. Windows is downloading the file to a temporary location on your machine, then uploading it to the post form from there. Other OSes don't seem to do this:

Additionally, having a File URL field is more intuitive, and having the server handle grabbing the file from its original source directly is more efficient.

That kind of thing would just add the selected markup to the message box, maybe surrounding selected text in it, I guess. Could be useful, but we're trending towards >>109172, again.

We have /n/ for that, and a conscious decision was made to not have animated thumbnails for animated gifs on this site, if I remember correctly. Considering some LynxChan config weirdness, we might be stuck with animated thumbnails on the new site.
>> No. 109220 ID: 13f512

I concur with >>109219, Bats. This is an imageboard after all. That kind of functionality sounds like something a browser add-on might address more comprehensively.

I think we're pretty maxed out on adding tweaks at this point. We will be proceeding with setting up the server, loading up the test instance and getting resources to work on making our identified changes.
>> No. 109221 ID: dc6a88
File 149071015860.jpg - (42.56KB , 584x584 , tmp_11716-CM6mEukXAAA0cl1 - Copy-154181138.jpg )
I might be wrong, but having animated thumbnails on *every* board might be pic related.
>> No. 109222 ID: b70387
There aren't that many animated gifs posted here to begin with. I don't think it would really be that big of a deal.
>> No. 109223 ID: c2c9aa
If for some reason an entire thread or page got filled with gifs, it would be really fucking annoying. I also don't think it'll be a big issue most of the time though.
>> No. 109231 ID: 13f512
We will actually probably be able to support even larger file sizes than I thought.
>> No. 109236 ID: c94531
File 149081730687.jpg - (4.74MB , 10000x5000 , German WW2 Panzerbuchse Solothurn S18-1100 full-au.jpg )
>> No. 109275 ID: f11f4d
File 149102640098.png - (1.32MB , 800x1142 , baneposting - plane scene torment.png )
I'll finally be able to post a webm I have of the japanese dubbed plane scene, which is 38,948,483 bytes.
>> No. 109287 ID: c9fe43
Also, can we get working previews? They've never worked on my end. Dunno if anyone else has that issue.
>> No. 109288 ID: 13f512

They generally don't work if you're on operatorchan.org, but do work on www.operatorchan.org

In any event, they will work on the new site
>> No. 109290 ID: 9723b1
>Tell me what features you want to see on a new, improved Opchan.
Removing SJW cucks from mods and userbase?
>> No. 109293 ID: 13f512

gr8 b8 m8.
>> No. 109294 ID: efeb68
Would being able to post multiple images per post be in the cards?
>> No. 109298 ID: 97f1de

>> No. 109315 ID: 13f512
File 149135484675.png - (336.92KB , 500x744 , 157242.png )
By way of update, we've selected and secured a new server which will be suitable for both testing and being the new production server. It is vastly superior to our current hardware and also cheaper. For now I am just paying for it, but obviously once we switch over you, the OPERATORs, will take on that financial burden. It's only $33 a month though so in theory it is sustainable forever with the current patreon income. (thanks patrons!)

If you glance back at the schedule you saw some tasks related to testing Lynxchan 1.8, so in addition to working on getting everything customized just right, we are also, for once, on the bleeding edge of imageboard technology.

Senseless has been working tirelessly on this, so make sure to thank him if you run into him on the interwebs. godverdomme, ihc, and a few other folks have also been very helpful as well as the lynxchan dev, StephenLynx.

Thanks also to retro for sperging out on some textfiles for me, much appreciated.

Pic related, trying to tame the good idea fairies. We have a pretty substantial set of modifications to make, so it's likely we can't entertain more change requests at this point.
>> No. 109316 ID: 13f512
That having been said though, what style is everyone using to browse the site?
>> No. 109317 ID: 9dcda2
Good shit.

> Senseless has been working tirelessly on this, so make sure to thank him if you run into him on the interwebs. godverdomme, ihc, and a few other folks have also been very helpful as well as the lynxchan dev, StephenLynx.

Thanks fellers.
>> No. 109318 ID: fe62b6

Either Burichan or M00lticam
>> No. 109319 ID: f2172d
Buri. Accept no substitutes.
>> No. 109320 ID: a921de
File 149136661650.jpg - (616.63KB , 2560x1440 , leather & latex Marie-Claude Bourbonnais 1.jpg )
>> No. 109321 ID: f11f4d
m00lticam: It's easy on the eyes, but not so dark that switching to a different page is blinding.
>> No. 109323 ID: b70387
>> No. 109347 ID: 631970
What I could stand to see would be a "front page" setup thay is somewhere between what a chan does and what reddit does. While we don't have, and hopefully won't have, an upvote/downvote system, having a the title page show the five or so threads with the most recent activity from all boards would be nice. With the present traffic level, it'd be much more convenient to check in on the title page to see if there's been any new posts, rather than hitting /k/, then /g/, then /vg/ then /t/ and if I really hate myself /n/.

Threads shown on this title page could perhaps behave like stickies where they only show the OP and latest 2 replies. Would make it fairly compact and at-a-glance. Perhaps it could even remember users via a cookie or some such so you could specify which boards you want to see in this feed.

I'm not sure if this is a function that is even possible with any of the code that is being looked at, but it's in my wishlist.

And no, not an active reddit user or anything, I just can see a possible benefit.
>> No. 109349 ID: 13f512
what's a good email for you, I'll send you a thing.
>> No. 109350 ID: b70387
And I guess for everyone else, there are several features available in LynxChan that accomplish roughly this goal, and which we will be using. The front page will display the text from recent posts, along with recent images. There will be an /overboard/ board, displaying the most recently bumped threads from throughout the SFW boards. Additionally, users will be able to specify their own multiboard, displaying the most recently bumped threads from their selection of boards, by building the appropriate url. In your case, you could enter www.operatorchan.org/k+g+vg+t/ and have all the boards you care about on one page.
>> No. 109351 ID: 6ca38e
Clip related.

Who, me? If so, included.
>> No. 109434 ID: 30e0f8
• gun shaped cursor with different guns for every day of the week
• legalize anime
• chemistry/biology/medicine making board for people who need to have some tactical meth on hand occasionally
• moar bullet points
>> No. 109435 ID: b70387
>• gun shaped cursor with different guns for every day of the week
>• legalize anime
In the works.
>• chemistry/biology/medicine making board for people who need to have some tactical meth on hand occasionally
Too many specialized boards was a big problem, already. Post it in /t/.
>> No. 109487 ID: 46f332
Fewer boards.
When people come for the first time, they expect a dynamic community and hiding interesting posts between boards sections the community. I only interact with k, t and DMZ out of laziness, and only n and meet seem additionally necessary. You can replace trade with a sticky on t, and possibly same for meets. Also, a front page with curated, interesting threads would be a nice touch.
Also we need someone in charge to collectively hate, can we give opchan to Broseph or something? (I joke though)
>> No. 109489 ID: 32028c

We've already pared it down. See above though where senseless mentions the new overboard the site will have - you could potentially never have to switch boards, just browse the overboard and see all the threads except /dmz/
>> No. 109490 ID: 0725bb
- Forced anonymity (but keep ID's).

- Anime on all boards.

- A script that randomly adds, "Look here, you fucking nigger," to the start of 0.5% of all posts.

- Autoban thread.

- A bot that imitates HM in his most definitive days.

- Fun & exciting wordfilters every weekend.
>> No. 109492 ID: 041ca7
>- Forced anonymity (but keep ID's).

>- Anime on all boards.
See Senseless' post, above

>- A script that randomly adds, "Look here, you fucking nigger," to the start of 0.5% of all posts.
I don't think that's feasible.

>- Autoban thread.
If you want a ban, just ask. Or post titties in /t/
Seriously, though please don't post NSFW stuff on the main boards.

>- A bot that imitates HM in his most definitive days.
Write it up and contain it to the Zone. If it's annoying I'm sure we'll bitch about it before banning it lel.

>- Fun & exciting wordfilters every weekend.
What is this, /b/ circa 2009?
>> No. 109493 ID: b70387
LynxChan doesn't support bans where the banned person can't view the site, so not really a great way to try and force yourself to be productive.
>> No. 109596 ID: 80dcf0
Ban Russian IP's from /n/ for a month. Bet you we'll see a marked increase in the level of discourse.
>> No. 109618 ID: 6057a8
This isn't a huge deal, but you know how link previews don't work unless you have "www." in the address bar ("something went wrong (blank response)"), would it be possible to have link previews work all the time in the new board?
>> No. 109619 ID: cb6b4f
That's a kusaba x issue. So far as i know, lynxchan doesnt have that problem.
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