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File 14929854695.png - (41.29KB , 1629x182 , 13456566885.png )
109518 No. 109518 ID: 19518e
Been a while since we had us a good roll call. I'm sure some old trips lurk here, would be nice to hear if they're still alive.

to keep things interesting, it would be great to have a thread for all the old copypasta. Like shooting girl scouts delivering cookies, Peter Cottontail "get your fucking weapon if you don't want to die" Easter pasta, any of the old Opie stuff whatever it includes.

I got a couple I'll be posting, feel free to join in.
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>> No. 110171 ID: a083da
File 149868782343.gif - (3.81MB , 480x199 , lack-of-eye-protection.gif )
Has been a long time since I even lurked. Happened to just be keeping an eye out and saw this thread.
>> No. 110210 ID: c32b01
I lurk maybe once a month. I get my Operator fix directly from Mammoth. That sweet sweet mammoth puss.
>> No. 110211 ID: 044fd0
File 149904169299.jpg - (161.32KB , 959x402 , screenshot_43.jpg )
I pop in every once in awhile.
>> No. 110226 ID: b4a6ee
Actually moved out of Alaska a few months back. Definitely want to go back there again, most likely when I retire.

Ended up adding a S&W Model 60 Pro as a nice daily carry between the 642 and 686 SSR. Traded in the Glock 22 Gen4 and a basic 10/22 to drop the price on the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 pistol, which just received an SBTEVO brace (Father's Day/Birthday present). Still got the Delta Elite, P229R, and Luger P.08 as well. Bought a Savage 116 in .300WM, took a moose with it, and sold it before I left Alaska. Bought an almost-NIB HK P30 used from a guy who was moving to Canada for like $400. As far as handguns go, the P30 is growing on me - the DA trigger is really really shitty, with a horrendously long and heavy pull (compared to the P229R). The SA side isn't bad, but a comparatively long reset doesn't make me as happy as the Sig - and carrying the P30 IWB without at least an undershirt between you and the gun is like having a skateboard rubbing across your skin... But the gun is really comfortable in the hand and is just as accurate as the P229R.

As far as reloading goes, I have been doing a lot of 9mm because the Scorpion is a very hungry gun that is justt too much fun to shoot, and you can easily go through 300 rounds in an hour and not even realize it.
>> No. 110239 ID: 848792
File 149950861031.jpg - (22.10KB , 640x361 , gk105-1432.jpg )
I still lurk every once in a while. Not sure if anyone here remembers me other than Peej. Moved to Cali recently, mostly been busy doing Corpsman shit.
>> No. 110240 ID: 848792
Lol forgot my tripcode.
>> No. 110242 ID: 4ab93e

I remember you. I seem to have a remarkably poor memory for people, too.
>> No. 110252 ID: 2de557
Just lurk nowadays. Got two kids now that take up all my time.
>> No. 110291 ID: 0876ee
>my son

The fuck? I thought you were super autistic around girls and needed pills to talk to them, when'd this happen?
>> No. 110410 ID: f77c73
I exist, or at least I think I do.

Graduated, moved from RI to CT for work. Engineer for aerospace, lots of beauracratic nonsense for space systems.

Had to get CT permits to carry, but that's all set now. Don't see myself leaving anytime soon.

My daily driver is now older than me, which I mark as an accomplishment.
>> No. 110427 ID: df12a0
File 150132922815.png - (167.93KB , 990x395 , 5Aug2012.png )
>> No. 110428 ID: 13f512

eyyy how are things
>> No. 110429 ID: 13f512
File 150134473334.png - (32.69KB , 728x438 , RIP.png )

I'm just glad he's not dead
>> No. 110437 ID: 2f15b0
File 150146817078.jpg - (636.51KB , 1228x768 , 1341028021350.jpg )

And then theres this guy.

How the hell have you been?
>> No. 110445 ID: df12a0

Things are fine, not doing much. Shoot a lot more; accuracy is still shit. Fortunately, being single affords me plenty of money for ammo to correct that.
>> No. 110571 ID: 19518e
Another shot in the dark for pasta, but does anyone have the one where an anon from /k/ blew up most of his hot water pipes in his house when he accidentally shorted a whole capacitor array (xbox huge caps, IIRC dozens of farads) he was fabricobbling for a railgun?
>> No. 110614 ID: b174f6
Still alive and kicking because i'm too hardheaded to die.

I got laid off and moved to weekend overnights, but the mortgage is still getting paid. I went from Tucson to Chattanooga because living in the second best city in the state i was in wasn't quite enough, i needed to play fourth fiddle after murphreesboro.

My house is awesome. My job sucks. I attract almost exclusively jewish women who are especially gifted in the donk department. I like sad eyes and a generous butt. I'm rebuilding a car in my driveway because i'm bad at not answering phone calls from my mother. I'm an uncle this coming monday.
>> No. 110622 ID: 2f15b0


I got a new phone a while back and lost your number. Hit me up.

>> No. 110623 ID: f9e9ec
File 150306174987.jpg - (39.03KB , 622x626 , IMG_1762.jpg )
I'm back, bitches. How have you been?
>> No. 110624 ID: 0ad63a
How'd your little scooty cart turn out?
>> No. 110640 ID: 263606
File 150323510651.jpg - (2.36MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_1811.jpg )
Pretty damn awesome
>> No. 111097 ID: df12a0
File 150786105174.png - (14.93KB , 200x200 , uhmm.png )
Took a young woman to the range yesterday.
Before then, the only "firearm" she'd handled was an air rifle.
Let her shoot my CZ P-07s, in 9mm and .40, as well as my AR and RFB. She loved the hell out of everything she shot, especially the AR. Nice shot groupings from everything, though she was better with the rifles than the pistols.

She's about a foot shorter than myself, and was enthusiastically okay with me standing behind her, pressed against her, to help her with her stances. When shooting the rifles, she made no complaints about me reaching down her leg, placing my hand on her inner thigh above the knee, to adjust her foot placement with her shooting stance. Had no complaints even when I placed my hand on her chest, just below her sternum/boobs, to lean her forward, into the rifles. She accepted it as perfectly normal, in regards to firearms instruction.

And when we were done a little after 12 noon, she commented on how she didn't have to be to work for another hour & a half.

...I totally had to take a cold shower afterwards
>> No. 111098 ID: 19518e
File 15078614871.jpg - (33.73KB , 426x341 , 1492376444028.jpg )
>> No. 111099 ID: 85023b
Keep us posted
>> No. 111158 ID: f4ef1b
Maybe your mom will let you 2 make out on the couch.
>> No. 111240 ID: 96aca4
Im back bitches. Its been like 4 years at least.
>> No. 111246 ID: a083c4

wow damn
>> No. 111250 ID: 1668cd
Im still alive. new job, new call center. Working on my enlistment process as a 35P, should be ready to roll to pog basic around income tax time (so we have some savings). New call center job (i handle medicare part D mail order pharmacy) has decent pay if you work it right. Saturday ill be working 7am-4pm at $15-$18 an hour when my normal pay is 8.50 currently, after next week ill be at 9.50. There are quite a few people there that throw in some over time every day and are walking out with $2500 bi weekly pay checks. So im just going to work myself near to death until mid january so I can pay some opchan folks back with interest.

Life has just been a mess for the past year. Hurricanes threatening to flatten my city, trying to keep my car running, taking care of step daughter and all that.

I miss you crazy fucks.
>> No. 111254 ID: 5d9c19

Hey Sneaky, you still into the occult?
>> No. 111267 ID: 1668cd
Always, what supernatural force vexes you my friend?
>> No. 111268 ID: 5d9c19
File 151055188943.jpg - (2.72MB , 4212x2800 , DSC_0498A1.jpg )

Ghosts. Strange smells. Shadow people. Visual aberrations I can't explain (Pic related).
>> No. 111269 ID: 19518e
File 151062999082.gif - (872.10KB , 400x226 , 1478665788400.gif )
Even if I looked at the file extension that pic is pretty spooky.
>> No. 111272 ID: 5d9c19
File 151089504461.jpg - (2.22MB , 3610x2400 , DSC_0497A1.jpg )

That picture was taken at Horns Creek Baptist Church in Edgefield County, South Carolina. One of the oldest churches that I'm aware of in the state. When I say old, there was a Revolutionary War battle fought at or near there, and the small graveyard there still bears the dead from that conflict.

Some info.


This was the picture that I took maybe a minute before that one that I shared, and you can tell that there are a few visual aberrations, but nothing like in the one I initially shared.
>> No. 111273 ID: 5d9c19
File 151089580314.jpg - (2.56MB , 3610x2400 , DSC_0463A1.jpg )
The date for the two photo's I shared are from 11-22-2013.

Here's another screwy photo that I can't explain. This photo was taken on 9-13-2013, same location. This particular photo was of the parsonage across from the actual church, where the preacher lived. There's is a human silhouette that I can't explain in that shot, window frame to the right of the doorway. It wasn't in any the shots at the beginning of the string, then it's in the shot for this photo and 3 more photos, then isn't in any more of the shots for the rest of that string. We were the only ones there, the parsonage is at least two and a half feet off the ground.

Strange shit, man.
>> No. 111274 ID: 1668cd
That picture looks like what ghost types call "orbs" or I call "bugs and dirt and shit that floats in the air when you are not in a hermetically sealed room".

That one is pretty awesome actually. Im digging it. Kind of reminds me of this video for whatever reason.

Looks like you have a cool little ghost stomping area, you should try doing some EVP's or some such.

Its unfortunate that I am affectionately referred to as a "ghost nope". If im 30+ feet away my wifes team will get TONS of intelligent chatter on the ghost box/evp. I walk within that 30 feet it dies out, I walk away it comes back. I wanna play with ghosties too.
>> No. 111276 ID: 5d9c19

I see where you're coming from. The thing of it is, it wasn't windy that night. I remember because that was my initial thought. Whenever we picked up stuff like that, we would do our best to figure and find the most logical solution, be it wind, bugs, dust or other particulates, or reflected lights.

Bugs are easy to pick out. Dust is also easy to pick out, too. Smoke (cigarette smoke) is sometimes harder to pick out, especially depending upon humidity levels - the humidity can sometimes reflect light funny, and smoke seems to exacerbate this. But, once you've seen it enough, you can start parsing it out because it tends to flow in a way that fairly consistent, especially if the air is still.

For some of these pictures, I could easily explain them away. For those that I've shared, well, I'm at a loss.
>> No. 111317 ID: 1668cd
I can dig it. Orbs/those sort of photo anomalies never really do it for me just because its fairly easy to debunk. Now video footage of orbs doing shit that bugs and dust dont do I am ok with.

But my wife, myself, and a few of my friends into the ghosty stuff think >>111273 this picture is fanfuckingtastic. If you get a chance to go back to that place, do some EVPs in that building. Or if you have a ghost box, use that.

Have a cool ghost box story from when my little family evacuated due to harvey. Ended up in my moms vacation home at canyon lake (new braunsfuls tx, can see the damn from her back porch).

First night with a marine friend and his wife and my wife.

>Getting decent hits on the ghost box, one voice came through very strong. Mind you we are sweeping 300 channels a second, one band sweeping forward, one sweeping backwards) Voice is super sarcastic
>Marine friend: Whats with the pile of sticks outside,
>Sarcastic Ghost: For fire... duh.
>Marine Friend: If I stood on it would you burn me?
>SG: Sure (super super sarcastic)
>Voice chatted back and forth, called him a faggot once or twice. But he is a marine, so thats an easy mistake.
Ive noticed when my stepdaughter is near it cancels out my ghost nope, shes probably pretty talented medium wise. Anywho, next night stepdaughter wasnt with us so we got nothing. I went outside for a walk, they got a lot of shit.
>Wife calls me back inside "You need to hear this"
>Friend on recording "Is there anyone you want to talk to here?"
>Recording (im listening after the fact) "SneakyGit or SneakyGit's Sister"
Called us both by name. Only my wife knows my sisters name at that time. So... That was cool. And its... super clear.
But Im ranting, Ill email ya to keep the clutter out.
>> No. 111325 ID: 5d9c19

I wish that the structure was still there. The state of South Carolina, in their infinite wisdom, knocked down that structure and built a new structure that someone lives in now, in order to dissuade folks from vandalizing the place. I would love to talk to the person that lives there to find out if they've experienced or seen shit that they can't explain.
>> No. 111386 ID: df12a0
>be assigned a task at work
>never did it before
>exceptionally simple instructions tho
>complete it, thoroughly, accurately, in an afternoon, same day assignment was given
>turn in the paperwork
>boss: "[NSWG], you can go ahead and finish it tomorrow."
>me: "Um, no, I'm reporting that it's done."
>boss: "...what? Last time we had to have this done, it took four people and two days."
>me: "...you mean I could've slacked off for 1.5 days?"

>> No. 111407 ID: df3610
File 151276768333.jpg - (149.89KB , 768x1024 , 1494473369744.jpg )

My mom once upon a time did an internship at the ministry of labour. She got a task in her first week and got working. After slightly over a week, she turned in her work to her boss and asked for another task.

The next day, she was cornered by a few union members who had been working in that specific department for decades. She got told that the work she turned in generally took another worker in the department 3 months to complete and that she now wasn't allowed to do any other work at all for the duration of her internship or they'd make sure she'd get in trouble.

Ministry of labour, ladies and gentlemen...

>me: "...you mean I could've slacked off for 1.5 days?"

All that aside, if your goal is to slack off as much as possible, you really need to find a job that interests you and motivates you dude... Life is too fucking short to spend it watching the clock slowly creep further. A healthy work ethic and coworkers with similar mindsets make motivation contagious.
>> No. 111415 ID: a58fb4
I have thus far avoided death. Possibly back in the loop for a while.
>> No. 111416 ID: a58fb4
I have thus far avoided death. Possibly back in the loop for a while.
>> No. 111692 ID: df12a0
Having now experienced both, I find it interesting that...

...in the interview for CBP, the primary concern is whether I (the candidate) would draw and fire my service weapon (use lethal force) to protect myself and my partner, if threatened by illegal immigrants.

...in the interview for TSA, the primary concern is how much I talk about how great I am when a problem arises (regardless if I am the cause, or someone else is the cause) and how I contribute so much in a given situation.

The dichotomy interests me, given that both agencies are responsible for secure entry/egress for the nation.
>> No. 111693 ID: 1dec8f
I'm back I guess.
What's up
>> No. 111713 ID: 19518e
Glad to see you're alive PJ. Can't remember if you were around when I got a PTRD and went from /k/anadian to WarPlanRed. That aside, OPchan is crawling along faithfully, and it's become the comfy place where threads last months but where shenanigans are in short supply.

Go CBP and be at the border between Alberta and Montana in like six months or something (probably). I'll bring you coffee and shit.
>> No. 111718 ID: 1dec8f
We're still friends on FB right?

because I'm debating on buying a single shot .45-70 and could use some pointers on getting someone to craft stupidly hot loads for it.

If you know what I mean
>> No. 111721 ID: 19518e
I think so, but I check it probably once every couple months. Email in the field if you want to contact me reliably and quickly lol.

If you're going for a break action single shot like an H&R, I'm actually not sure about what kind of loads they can handle. If they're good to go I'll definitely get you some horsepower. It depends how much you want, because the limiting factor is usually brass for hot 45-70. If you want to push 500 grain bullets past about 1750ft/s from an 18.5" barrel, skip the Government and go to Winchester or even Rigby.
>> No. 111722 ID: bee332
Verily, I say...
Even though, I am rarely here...
Never do I forget this place...

Just because I am not around doesn't mean I am not with you...
Unfazed you should be, I will never leave...

Do not ever fear...
Evermore, I am here...
>> No. 111740 ID: de8b49
I have returned.

Wut chilled with me over the weekend and we got pretty drunk, shot some gats, and did things we shouldn't have. He's a good dude.
>> No. 111749 ID: 75b606
Dude was supposed to hit me up if he stopped out here.
I'm jelly
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