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Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 14929854695.png - (41.29KB , 1629x182 , 13456566885.png )
109518 No. 109518 ID: 19518e
Been a while since we had us a good roll call. I'm sure some old trips lurk here, would be nice to hear if they're still alive.

to keep things interesting, it would be great to have a thread for all the old copypasta. Like shooting girl scouts delivering cookies, Peter Cottontail "get your fucking weapon if you don't want to die" Easter pasta, any of the old Opie stuff whatever it includes.

I got a couple I'll be posting, feel free to join in.
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>> No. 109748 ID: 71a00d
>Conservative landslide

well thats just what the polling numbers say right now, you were probably pretty certain hillary was going to be president on nov 7 too. not really all that astute or insightful for someone who dedicated a large fraction of their life to studying the subject. of course betting with the odds at all times allows you to avoid ever having to go out on a limb intellectually, that way you can never prove that you're stupid or that you're intelligent. every time you just bet with the odds and if it turns out wrong, you're still in good company with the rest of the mainstream of intellectual cowards, its always easier to hide in a crowd or deflect blame to someone else that way. yes you definitely learned a lot in earning that master's degree.

do you really think polling numbers are going to hang steady until the election or are you just waiting until the talking heads on TV to change their tune before you change yours to match?
>> No. 109749 ID: 3c45aa
>Masters in Strategy and International Security.

That's actually very impressive mang. You could wind up working with some seriously cool shit by going down that line. Congrats!
>> No. 109753 ID: 6e292d
>not going on the dole
>implying your actually british
>> No. 109755 ID: 1d521e

That's something I have actually picked up on in my research into the potential move. Oregonians(?) HATE Californians, especially the ones moving into Oregon. Kinda funny, 'cause in my mind the question becomes "wait, I'm Canadian, does that mean I get a pass because I'm rare-er? We could be treated like we're Unicorns! (because dat Canadian-narcissism). Or they could see me as even worse than Californians. Everyone knows California is just Canada-lite (ahem) and I'd just be the super-fairy of all that they find wrong with the world.

For the record I likely wont be invited to Oregon. But there's a chance my spouse may be invited to the state by her company. So I've looked into it. Oregon is a pretty sweet place.
>> No. 109874 ID: bd9907
Stickying this for a little while, to see if we catch a few more.
>> No. 109875 ID: fd8a72
Hi. I'm from, and currently live in Arizona.

I hate Californians. I don't hate Canadians.

Californians bring their shitty attitudes, shitty driving, and shitty politics over. Then they bitch about it being too hot or too dry or about how there's too many guns.

Canadians bring horses. And they generally love guns. And they're fun to have a beer with.

I like Canadians. Californians can get fucked.
>> No. 109876 ID: 19518e
File I_dont_know_if_combining_the_two_topics_was_ideal.webm - (753.30KB )
>> No. 109890 ID: a605a0
I'm still lurking, I live in Dallas these days, buying a house soon.

Inspired a bit by the Cryptonomicon HEAP (Holocaust Education and Avoidance Pod), I've been designing and testing a partially 3D printed unrifled self loading carbine, now I'm thinking of switching to sheet metal, for obvious reasons.

I'll release the 3D printed version at some point though, might as well see what people can do with it.
>> No. 109896 ID: 49e1e2
File 149627321015.jpg - (77.62KB , 616x450 , TEXAS+EUROPE+SIZE+COMPARISON+MAP.jpg )
Still alive.
Still in Body of Christ, TX. Recently quit my blue cross blue shield job due to super shit supervisor. But now Im just working out 6+ days a week to get in shape to ship around october back into the army.

Id been planning to do 18x (sf candidate) however in the last year or so they have been turning 18xs into needs of the army and sending them to retrain to be cooks and the like if they fail selection.

Instead Im shooting to go 35P (Cryptolinguist) with airborne in my contract so I can assure myself a slot in the tactical side of linguists. That way by the time I finish AIT (potentially 3 yearsish) Ill be legit with a language, and have a top secret clearance. Itll make going to selection easy if Im already language qualled and working with an SF unit anyway.

Thats because people in the rest of the world dont understand just how fucking huge Texas is. If you are in El Paso TX (basically western most big city) you are closer to Los Angeles than you are to Houston. Picture related.

People here judge distance by average time it takes to get somewhere.

Example: It takes me roughly 2.5-3 hours to get from Corpus Christi to Houston. Thats driving at an average speed of 83ish mph the entire trip.

And that is considered close.

I missed you guys and gals while I was working basically all day.
>> No. 109902 ID: 9dcda2
File 149628235085.jpg - (341.90KB , 1000x750 , america and texas.jpg )

Oh yeah, I know. I've driven west-east through TX and flown to Houston. It's fucking huge.

> driving from Dallas to Socal
> 1 day to leave texass
> 1 day to get home
>> No. 109908 ID: 56190f
File 149632131297.jpg - (254.13KB , 1024x683 , welcome-to-texas_david-herrera.jpg )
Drive friendly, the Texas way!
But watch the hell out if you drive a big-rig truck.
When driving through Texas, several times I was amazed on how many times I saw people cutting off 18-wheeler trucks on the freeways. Those machines, especially those carrying heavy loads, can't stop worth a damn and these jerks are cutting them off like it's a game.
>> No. 109912 ID: 49e1e2
Yeah, Ive seen a lot of people get killed by 18 wheelers because they are fucking stupid.

>Two cars racing on 59.
>Two 18 wheelers with about a car length in between them.
>Mustang pulls in between the two 18 wheelers because cop coming up.
>Other car tries to pull infront of first big rig and loses control and eats shit into the jersey barier. first big rig slams brakes but crushes front car. Second big rig is slow on the breaks and crushes the mustang between the two 18 wheelers
I dont think ive seen a mustang turn from a car into a sheet of paper so quick.

Also saw a motorcyclist rear end an 18 wheeler. Decapitation.
>> No. 109958 ID: aadd02
File 149668315371.jpg - (43.78KB , 400x469 , transport-mansfield_bar-jayne-truck-lorry-driver-a.jpg )
>Also saw a motorcyclist rear end an 18 wheeler. Decapitation.
>> No. 109960 ID: 6c79c1
File 149668520512.jpg - (29.99KB , 400x300 , Hyundai-Van-149020-Roadrear.jpg )
DOT bar or the bottom of the box, I'd guess.
>> No. 109961 ID: 813f6b
File 149669190618.jpg - (81.89KB , 450x304 , rail.jpg )

It's not entirely uncommon. When I was a kid I saw a decapitated biker too. His torso was lying there, and his head was still in his helmet which was a dozen meters down the road.

Here in Belgistan, they've put metal plates under highway guardrails at danger spots to make sure bikers don't slip underneath. It happened fairly frequently that the biker would go underneath, but his helmet would hit the rail (and potentially get stuck).
>> No. 109964 ID: aadd02
So he fell, slid at high speed, and got decapitated by the metal bar put in place to prevent decapitations. Brutal.
>> No. 109989 ID: 7b2e42
File 149698088067.jpg - (178.97KB , 1440x960 , edfgdsfggdfg1561g.jpg )
>> No. 109990 ID: 49e1e2
Im not sure, I wasnt there when it happened, probably about 3-5 minutes after the accident. Yalls guess is probably right.
>> No. 109991 ID: c29f13
Dick Mango reporting for duty, xir!
>> No. 110040 ID: 51edbe
File 149715490486.gif - (493.73KB , 500x350 , we pimpin.gif )
sup fuckers
>> No. 110046 ID: 22c903
File 149722265697.jpg - (20.04KB , 500x404 , 941.jpg )
reporting in.

Also weird story.

Totally unrelated.

I saw an Operator with a tripcode at a gun store in Phoenix yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for tips on how to pleasure a man or anything.

He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “herp? derp? nurp?” and closing his tiny plastic coin purse shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my gun up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen giant black dildos in his hands without paying.

The dude at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first the tripfags kept pretending to be exhausted from his AIDS virus and not hear him, but eventually turned back around with one in his mouth and brought them to the counter.

Whenever the counter guy took one of the giant black mamba™ supreme limited edition cuckmaster™ brand dildos and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped him and told him to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infettererence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After he scanned each dong and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting him by sucking the head of his dick while everyone in line watched and vomited all over themselves.
>> No. 110061 ID: a8dbe2
It was cool meeting you too.
>> No. 110067 ID: 22c903
dude, stealing is wrong.
>> No. 110080 ID: b4a6ee
I haven't been on OPChan in years, last time I posted was probably before I moved to Alaska.

Got many more guns, try to shoot with my son once a month or more (weather/funding permitting).
>> No. 110102 ID: aadd02
What's in your arsenal, and how's Alaska?
>> No. 110119 ID: 7a03d6
File 149810281379.jpg - (106.63KB , 1024x860 , 1440902101722.jpg )
I mostly lurk these days. I have a degree now, which is always exciting I suppose.

Also, how has this image not been posted yet?
>> No. 110171 ID: a083da
File 149868782343.gif - (3.81MB , 480x199 , lack-of-eye-protection.gif )
Has been a long time since I even lurked. Happened to just be keeping an eye out and saw this thread.
>> No. 110210 ID: c32b01
I lurk maybe once a month. I get my Operator fix directly from Mammoth. That sweet sweet mammoth puss.
>> No. 110211 ID: 044fd0
File 149904169299.jpg - (161.32KB , 959x402 , screenshot_43.jpg )
I pop in every once in awhile.
>> No. 110226 ID: b4a6ee
Actually moved out of Alaska a few months back. Definitely want to go back there again, most likely when I retire.

Ended up adding a S&W Model 60 Pro as a nice daily carry between the 642 and 686 SSR. Traded in the Glock 22 Gen4 and a basic 10/22 to drop the price on the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 pistol, which just received an SBTEVO brace (Father's Day/Birthday present). Still got the Delta Elite, P229R, and Luger P.08 as well. Bought a Savage 116 in .300WM, took a moose with it, and sold it before I left Alaska. Bought an almost-NIB HK P30 used from a guy who was moving to Canada for like $400. As far as handguns go, the P30 is growing on me - the DA trigger is really really shitty, with a horrendously long and heavy pull (compared to the P229R). The SA side isn't bad, but a comparatively long reset doesn't make me as happy as the Sig - and carrying the P30 IWB without at least an undershirt between you and the gun is like having a skateboard rubbing across your skin... But the gun is really comfortable in the hand and is just as accurate as the P229R.

As far as reloading goes, I have been doing a lot of 9mm because the Scorpion is a very hungry gun that is justt too much fun to shoot, and you can easily go through 300 rounds in an hour and not even realize it.
>> No. 110239 ID: 848792
File 149950861031.jpg - (22.10KB , 640x361 , gk105-1432.jpg )
I still lurk every once in a while. Not sure if anyone here remembers me other than Peej. Moved to Cali recently, mostly been busy doing Corpsman shit.
>> No. 110240 ID: 848792
Lol forgot my tripcode.
>> No. 110242 ID: 4ab93e

I remember you. I seem to have a remarkably poor memory for people, too.
>> No. 110252 ID: 2de557
Just lurk nowadays. Got two kids now that take up all my time.
>> No. 110291 ID: 0876ee
>my son

The fuck? I thought you were super autistic around girls and needed pills to talk to them, when'd this happen?
>> No. 110410 ID: f77c73
I exist, or at least I think I do.

Graduated, moved from RI to CT for work. Engineer for aerospace, lots of beauracratic nonsense for space systems.

Had to get CT permits to carry, but that's all set now. Don't see myself leaving anytime soon.

My daily driver is now older than me, which I mark as an accomplishment.
>> No. 110427 ID: df12a0
File 150132922815.png - (167.93KB , 990x395 , 5Aug2012.png )
>> No. 110428 ID: 13f512

eyyy how are things
>> No. 110429 ID: 13f512
File 150134473334.png - (32.69KB , 728x438 , RIP.png )

I'm just glad he's not dead
>> No. 110437 ID: 2f15b0
File 150146817078.jpg - (636.51KB , 1228x768 , 1341028021350.jpg )

And then theres this guy.

How the hell have you been?
>> No. 110445 ID: df12a0

Things are fine, not doing much. Shoot a lot more; accuracy is still shit. Fortunately, being single affords me plenty of money for ammo to correct that.
>> No. 110571 ID: 19518e
Another shot in the dark for pasta, but does anyone have the one where an anon from /k/ blew up most of his hot water pipes in his house when he accidentally shorted a whole capacitor array (xbox huge caps, IIRC dozens of farads) he was fabricobbling for a railgun?
>> No. 110614 ID: b174f6
Still alive and kicking because i'm too hardheaded to die.

I got laid off and moved to weekend overnights, but the mortgage is still getting paid. I went from Tucson to Chattanooga because living in the second best city in the state i was in wasn't quite enough, i needed to play fourth fiddle after murphreesboro.

My house is awesome. My job sucks. I attract almost exclusively jewish women who are especially gifted in the donk department. I like sad eyes and a generous butt. I'm rebuilding a car in my driveway because i'm bad at not answering phone calls from my mother. I'm an uncle this coming monday.
>> No. 110622 ID: 2f15b0


I got a new phone a while back and lost your number. Hit me up.

>> No. 110623 ID: f9e9ec
File 150306174987.jpg - (39.03KB , 622x626 , IMG_1762.jpg )
I'm back, bitches. How have you been?
>> No. 110624 ID: 0ad63a
How'd your little scooty cart turn out?
>> No. 110640 ID: 263606
File 150323510651.jpg - (2.36MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_1811.jpg )
Pretty damn awesome
>> No. 111097 ID: df12a0
File 150786105174.png - (14.93KB , 200x200 , uhmm.png )
Took a young woman to the range yesterday.
Before then, the only "firearm" she'd handled was an air rifle.
Let her shoot my CZ P-07s, in 9mm and .40, as well as my AR and RFB. She loved the hell out of everything she shot, especially the AR. Nice shot groupings from everything, though she was better with the rifles than the pistols.

She's about a foot shorter than myself, and was enthusiastically okay with me standing behind her, pressed against her, to help her with her stances. When shooting the rifles, she made no complaints about me reaching down her leg, placing my hand on her inner thigh above the knee, to adjust her foot placement with her shooting stance. Had no complaints even when I placed my hand on her chest, just below her sternum/boobs, to lean her forward, into the rifles. She accepted it as perfectly normal, in regards to firearms instruction.

And when we were done a little after 12 noon, she commented on how she didn't have to be to work for another hour & a half.

...I totally had to take a cold shower afterwards
>> No. 111098 ID: 19518e
File 15078614871.jpg - (33.73KB , 426x341 , 1492376444028.jpg )
>> No. 111099 ID: 85023b
Keep us posted
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