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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 14929854695.png - (41.29KB , 1629x182 , 13456566885.png )
109518 No. 109518 ID: 19518e
Been a while since we had us a good roll call. I'm sure some old trips lurk here, would be nice to hear if they're still alive.

to keep things interesting, it would be great to have a thread for all the old copypasta. Like shooting girl scouts delivering cookies, Peter Cottontail "get your fucking weapon if you don't want to die" Easter pasta, any of the old Opie stuff whatever it includes.

I got a couple I'll be posting, feel free to join in.
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>> No. 111693 ID: 1dec8f
I'm back I guess.
What's up
>> No. 111713 ID: 19518e
Glad to see you're alive PJ. Can't remember if you were around when I got a PTRD and went from /k/anadian to WarPlanRed. That aside, OPchan is crawling along faithfully, and it's become the comfy place where threads last months but where shenanigans are in short supply.

Go CBP and be at the border between Alberta and Montana in like six months or something (probably). I'll bring you coffee and shit.
>> No. 111718 ID: 1dec8f
We're still friends on FB right?

because I'm debating on buying a single shot .45-70 and could use some pointers on getting someone to craft stupidly hot loads for it.

If you know what I mean
>> No. 111721 ID: 19518e
I think so, but I check it probably once every couple months. Email in the field if you want to contact me reliably and quickly lol.

If you're going for a break action single shot like an H&R, I'm actually not sure about what kind of loads they can handle. If they're good to go I'll definitely get you some horsepower. It depends how much you want, because the limiting factor is usually brass for hot 45-70. If you want to push 500 grain bullets past about 1750ft/s from an 18.5" barrel, skip the Government and go to Winchester or even Rigby.
>> No. 111722 ID: bee332
Verily, I say...
Even though, I am rarely here...
Never do I forget this place...

Just because I am not around doesn't mean I am not with you...
Unfazed you should be, I will never leave...

Do not ever fear...
Evermore, I am here...
>> No. 111740 ID: de8b49
I have returned.

Wut chilled with me over the weekend and we got pretty drunk, shot some gats, and did things we shouldn't have. He's a good dude.
>> No. 111749 ID: 75b606
Dude was supposed to hit me up if he stopped out here.
I'm jelly
>> No. 111951 ID: 22ba7a
File 152071278274.jpg - (42.92KB , 877x620 , 1520204755237.jpg )
I have mostly relocated and have started a new career-ish job. Because of the agreements I have with my employer, my OPSEC/PERSEC situation is a little bit more touchy so I will need to be shy on some details when posting shenanigans and whatnot.

My relocation will reduce my content posting for a little bit but things should go back to more-or-less "normal" in a month or two. My new place should let me work on some interesting projects and I'll post what I can about them as usual. Stuff like MG34 and PTRD updates won't really be affected. As a bonus, some larger projects could finally be birthed onto the actual market where it would have been nigh impossible to do so as a private civilian entity beforehand.

>why haven't I made a youtube channel
I've mentioned youtube vids, channels, and such a few times and I have previously experimented with youtube. The reason for abandoning those endeavors is simple so I'll be blunt.

I've seen too many people up here, a few are actual real life friends, get completely raped by the horse cops. We're talking 2+ years of court battles and over 40000 leaf yen in associated fees. They were innocent and in the end were cleared of all charges (obviously), but that doesn't matter. This is leafland, if firearms are involved you are NOT innocent until proven guilty. If you are charged, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, you're basically fucked. The prosecution will throw any and all kinds of shit at the wall just to see what sticks with no accountability. If you are a legal law-abiding firearms owner in Canada, no matter how above-and-beyond you stick to the letter of all the laws, you risk getting tied to the ground and fucked with a legal rake just because someone doesn't like your face. They do not have any problems with planting evidence, sabotaging, booby-trapping, or performing other unsavory acts just to see how juicy of a newspaper headline they can come up with.

I do not, will not, have not performed illegal acts or condoned such acts. It may sound "paranoid" to have such feelings about certain authorities, but regardless of how it may seem, it is more than bad luck and some anecdotes. The fact is that if someone sees something they think is illegal, even if it isn't in any way, you can kiss your life goodbye.

Basically, until I can secure a position of safety and security by befriending as many of the local authorities as possible (something that's more or less possible now), my activity will remain quite subdued. I have seen potentially terrifying legal situations diffused by good character references from the first responders, so anything helps. I do have legal insurance specific to firearm ownership, but for the foreseeable future, I will be keeping my activity off the main social channels to put my mind at ease. Most of the aforementioned cases were because some soccermom/fudd saw something on some social channel and went full MUH CHILLUNS, so I guess OPchan being under the usual radars has some benefits. I mean the most we seem to get is a sales guy wandering in from google and putting his name, email, and post subject in the fields while fumbling with post links and tripping over replies in complete confusion so I'm a little less wary of putting content here than other websites.
>> No. 111958 ID: 8c968b
Man you should move to America.
>> No. 111959 ID: 22ba7a
File 15209865774.jpg - (1.04MB , 2448x1584 , IMmigration-Law-Comic-Terry-Colon-Reason_wraplerlg.jpg )
Yeah man.

I wish.

Moving to America is the end goal to my relocation. I typed up a big thing then deleted it because it's easier/faster for me to fill this little flowchart out. Either way just starting the process probably won't be for like 5 years or so.
>> No. 111968 ID: a083c4

Sounds like someone needs to man up and get gay married
>> No. 111969 ID: 22ba7a
This option is still on the table.

Another complication regardless is current firearm collection. A lot of them can't really be brought down. It's why the previous way of getting noticed by big gun company sempai might work better as they could potentially work some magic and bring in some guns as dealer samples or something like that.
>> No. 111972 ID: 1d521e

I volunteer to babysit your collection in such an instance
>> No. 111973 ID: 22ba7a
I'm afraid the logistics would make that pretty difficult, we're probably two thousand miles apart now.
>> No. 112007 ID: 1d521e

Ah don't worry about that, I'm looking at picking up a P71. That should be able to hold all of it still right?
>> No. 112008 ID: 22ba7a
File 152177023498.jpg - (64.12KB , 499x668 , 1444190592998.jpg )
>Ah don't worry about that, I'm looking at picking up a P71. That should be able to hold all of it still right?

I miss my old cop car. At this point I think it would still all fit they were all in soft cases and no ammo. Probably.
>> No. 112010 ID: 1d521e
Well clearly in such a situation you'd have to have a going away party where all the ammo is used to celebrate your moving to the promised land.

I'm not 100% on a P71 though, trying to find a detective's is a bit of a pain. Not sure settling for a patrol is wise at this point.
>> No. 112011 ID: 22ba7a
As much as I love the ol panther body veeyate I can't seem to get away from the toyota matrix as cheap, reliable, practical, cheap on gas, etc. It might be one of the best choices for an "appliance car" as far as I'm concerned, and mid 2000s seems to be a good time for used in decent shape, cheaper to buy, not so old as to have a hard time finding spare parts, but not so new as to plastic shit everything computers everywhere stuff.

Still. If I could put ultimate practicality aside I'd probably go back to a P71. In my promised land, a Crown Victoria sits, waiting.
>> No. 112012 ID: 1d521e
File 152177507849.png - (514.68KB , 700x467 , Crown Hick 2_0.png )

Practicality? I've got that covered...
>> No. 112013 ID: 22ba7a
File [angry_CNC_noises].webm - (0.98MB , [angry CNC noises].webm )
>> No. 112017 ID: 5a9f34
Just saw this post and your email is ded.

I wound up importing a girl from Missouristan, bought a wood lathe, am on occasion being paid to make things out of wood both round and rectangly. Made a cool little babytooth box for my nephew and another one out of the same wood for my suspicion of future offspring of my own. The tree was from the next town over from where me and my Missouristani mail order bride grew up so it seemed appropriate.

My level of jewish girl catnip has not gone down, i had to go out of state to find a good quality shiksa. She still looks pretty jewy so we get asked to go to jewish community events when we're out at farmers markets and makers spaces and such.

Still working the shitty weekend call center trucking job.
>> No. 112019 ID: e30b9e
File 152213273239.png - (750.81KB , 565x510 , 1405738298078.png )
Well, it's been a while since I've even looked at this place, much less posted. Used to be UnderageButArmed and SomewhatAgedAndArmed way back in the day, if anyone here even remembers that, but here I am at any rate.
>> No. 112022 ID: a083c4

>> No. 112026 ID: 39b75e

Hey hey. The email went through, I just don't check it enough.

I'll call you later and we can shoot the shit. Life's been interesting in lots of good ways.
>> No. 112087 ID: dc6be6
What actually happened to Balci, that fucking Kurd?
>> No. 112164 ID: a07252
I wonder that often.
>> No. 112261 ID: 22c809

Wut's a damn solid mongrel, and no mistake. It's been a couple of years since I gave him the amicitia nostra, and I would still trust him -- nearly implicitly -- should the occasion arise.

Just... Don't let the fucker talk you into things.


You need to be nicer to certain people, you bitter, cantankerous old fuck.

Good to see you're still alive, though. How are Ein and the girl?
>> No. 112269 ID: 22c809

I'll no shit gay marry a fellow operator for citizenship, bro. I'm 100% fucking serious. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would, too. Pull the plug on your old life and get your candy ass to Freedomistan. Fuck all this "maybe in fifteen years if the fucking stars magically align" bullshit, make it goddamn happen.

No butt stuff tho.
>> No. 112272 ID: 5ec9bd
Where you at? Email in the field.
>> No. 112716 ID: 20d0a2
>No butt stuff tho.
So what can you do for me?
>> No. 112738 ID: 4d39a4
Been so long I don't remember how to trip.

I've got a lot of tripfriends on Facebook.
>> No. 112741 ID: c6c19b
nobody remembers me
>> No. 112780 ID: 120042

I feel your pain.
>> No. 112785 ID: 398cd5
me and you both
>> No. 112787 ID: ae593f
I remember you Jesus, IIRC you worked at an ER before and had to defend yourself with a wheelgun
>> No. 112795 ID: 6fe1bd
I've been hit with 5.56 three times dead in the chest. I was in Fallujah and I killed about 16 insurgents before I had to pop in a fresh mag, but a sniper took out my left knee and I collapsed during the reload. Well, needless to say, I was out of action. A bunch of other insurgents started swarming to my location, so I pulled out my KABAR and shanked one of those dirty sand niggers right in the throat, but while this was happening some other Hadji got ahold of my AUG and the fresh mag that I dropped when the sniper nailed me. He loaded it up and tagged me twice in the right lung before I pulled out my Deagle and returned fire as he was squeezing off a third shot. My .50 slug obliterated his gray matter and his third round pierced my left ventricle. Most people would have died, but I just did the mash, I did the monster mash.

>it's been a while since I've see this pasta
>> No. 112798 ID: bbee29
>Today is a good day for pasta.

They tried the "hurr durr bring in an owner's manual" crap with me last time I bought .357 ammo. I don't have an owner's manual for my 1894, but I had the fucking rifle in my trunk.

I went back to the car, loaded my remaining rounds, and stormed the walmart sporting goods counter. I leveled the barrel at the old man's head, while blading at a 45 degree angle and screaming for him to hand over the ammo. He stuttered, and fumbled in his pockets for the key to the case... but I had no time for his disrespect, so I let three rounds loose into center mass. He dropped the keys, and I picked up all the ammo I could fit in a cart.

I made a hasty escape by using the ammo cart as a skateboard, spray firing from the hip as I sailed past the electronics. Some kids were playing Halo and I dropped them on the spot. BOOM click-clack BOOM! A rent-a-cop dove towards the children, gallantly trying to take the bullets for them, but he fell short and slid into a display of Fritos. I loaded more rounds into my cop-killing evil-blued lever-automatic death machine, then fired upon some newborn children as their parents were walking into the store.

I then proceeded to the cashier, and forced her to ring up my goods at gunpoint. She asked, "Is this for a pistol, or a rifle?"

I shrieked "BOOOOOOOOOOOOTH!" and squeezed the trigger.

I then left my money on the counter. I grabbed my bags and dashed towards the exit. The woman at the door asked for my receipt, which caused me to shake uncontrollably and foam at the mouth. I moved my trusty lever action's switch to full auto, and let loose a barrage of poison hollow point .50 caliber bullets, riddling her body and spraying the door with a sweet ruby mist. She crawled after me, struggling to breathe.

"Hnnngggghhhh... can... I... please... see your... receipt, sir...?"

I stopped and turned.

"Old woman, these goods are now legally my property, and I will not tolerate any further harassment. Tell your friends I mean business."

I shot out her knee caps then cut her left hand off with my Swiss Army knife. After loading my goods into my car, I sped off into the sunset.
>> No. 112800 ID: 317c66
I live.... and so does my PC. Finally.
>> No. 112803 ID: d3cbb0
Did someone say roll call?
>> No. 112805 ID: fba0a7
Roll call thread being 2 years old lol.

Nice to see so many people still around.
>> No. 112892 ID: 51b0a9
Bleh, building another SP-1 clone, building another 870 (since S&W 3000's dried up).
>> No. 112909 ID: 336324
File 155572214195.jpg - (236.08KB , 1288x966 , IMG_20190419_173743.jpg )

get thee to the discord machine
>> No. 112957 ID: 51b0a9
Discord annoys me.
>> No. 113016 ID: a10783
Yo I exist still
>> No. 113059 ID: 9ae21a
File 156727714235.jpg - (161.30KB , 1920x1080 , 1984 - John Hurt & Richard Burton 32.jpg )
You were in the hands of the thought police.
You do not exist.
Orwell 1984 - O'Brien about Power https://youtu.be/g1WI8BUe9Eg
>> No. 113063 ID: 5d2235
That's bullshit Skip, and you know it.
>> No. 113101 ID: 61e76a
Heh, well it's now led me to starting a PhD this monday, so I guess it was good for extracting more cash from me :P
>> No. 113136 ID: e76608
I'm still alive.

I'm married now, and taking care of a new babby.
>> No. 113138 ID: b15b15
I forget my old trip.

I'm still alive (somehow.)

Went to school on a full scholarship for Chemistry (lol). Currently working with DFT simulations of novel nanomaterials.

Also, did I mention that I somehow am not dead yet?
>> No. 113141 ID: 82e40e
Just like Staos, I also forgot my trip lol

But holy shit...it's been forever since I've been here...

Legal trouble was dealt with and all was well if anyone remembers that mess. Have a few more handguns than I used to, a few more AR's than I used to, and that's about it...

Bought a Harley, broke my elbow while riding said Harley...

Other than that not much else has happened in the few years since I was last here...
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