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File 14981077655.jpg - (54.44KB , 1080x720 , mcd.jpg )
110120 No. 110120 ID: 4f3cec
Today is the 6th anniversary of Stephen McDaniel losing his virginity!
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>> No. 110172 ID: 649f2c
there was never any official information about cp on his computarz, there was evidence of illegal info perversions on his disks for sure (dem creeper vids - i want to see them) and that was the basis of some statements from police about suspicious shit in his data storage. the "he was arrested for loli" thing was a rumor i started for the lulz and to shed light on the plight of the 2d community.
I hope you've all learned your lesson
srsly tho, them creeper vids as the cutscenes of the Son of Liberty video game would be badass asf.

are we allowed to write letters to him? has anyone? we could mail him printouts of threads and get replies maybe
>> No. 110173 ID: 13f512

>allowed to write letters to him

Yes. The supreme court has long held that prisoner's don't really lose their first amendment right, so they can send and receive mail unless the prison determines it's a risk to the prisoner or the institution itself. They will read everything that isn't from his lawyer or gov't officials.

If someone wants to spearhead this for science that's fine, but it has to be serious... just writing him to mock him at this point would just be cruel.
>> No. 110174 ID: 649f2c
given his current position, as someone who isn't facing the death penalty only because of mercy from the catholic church which he did nothing to earn, it wouldn't be entirely out of line to subject him to further punishment. people who believe in karma might even suggest it's important for the health of his soul. of course a lot of folks consider life without parole to be a worse sentence than death so i guess until we can measure souls its kind of the scrodinger's cat paradox on that score.
still "hes already been through enough, leave Stephen alone" knighting for a confessed murderer just because he posted on the same website as you shows a lack of moral fiber and so does standing in the way of possible further amusement for the rest of us less forgiving types.
on the other hand if he really is a wizard and he never did touch them cute little pink urine drenched running panties maybe he will eventually make anime real and bring the grieving family a beautiful catgirl to replace their daughter. maybe we should let him conjure peacefully by himself.
>> No. 110175 ID: 13f512

>shows a modicum of human compassion

>lol wat r u a fag?

You also have first amendment rights, you can send him whatever you want.
>> No. 110176 ID: 649f2c
File 149871051828.jpg - (32.28KB , 450x559 , gay.jpg )
>>shows a modicum of human compassion

you can cultivate your public image all you want on facebook, buddy
imageboards are for having fun
>> No. 110177 ID: 1ecf87

Whatever floats your goat man, if harassing prisoners is the only way you can get your rocks off who am I to judge?
>> No. 110179 ID: aadd02
File 149876404873.png - (487.42KB , 600x657 , template.png )
How do you think he'd react to a letter with the header Greetings, from OPchan! with pic related?
>> No. 110187 ID: 5c87e8
he would put on his robe and wizard hat
>> No. 110248 ID: a49902
>i have human compassion, i defend confessed home invasion murderers from trolling
thats a compassion niche for sure, but that doesn't mean it's not legit.

just to add a bit of something to this story, if you remember the post that was entered into evidence and the confession shortly thereafter by wut!Ep8pui8Vw2 (forgot his real trip) to being the author. that was nice of him, but he was lying about being the author (at no risk to himself, trolling is not a crime). if you remember a bit after that he had some sob story about needing a lot of money quickly its an emergency blah blah blah and you all bought it and he disappeared forever with you jewgolds.
what a nice guy. lying to georgia prosecutors so as to gain credibility with a gullible gang who will willingly believe just about anything and then making use of that gullibility to egress with a stack of free cash was a pretty clever grift to come up with on the fly.
well played
>> No. 110250 ID: e1686f
>he was lying about being the author
Post proofs.

>a bit after that he had some sob story about needing a lot of money
'a bit' being like 2 years lol

>he disappeared forever
Nah, he's still around.
>> No. 110256 ID: c223c4
So are we sending that letter or not? I want to know if prison rape is real
>> No. 110258 ID: f50974
Do you really expect him to write back?
>> No. 110262 ID: 1d521e

I feel like he's conflating multiple tripgfags, what he describes sounds more like Major Max's exit.
>> No. 110263 ID: 436a89
given the amount of free time he has and the fact that the only communication partners he will have for the rest of his life are prison guards, lawyers, family members who are deeply ashamed of him and the guy fucking him in the ass, i would assume that stephen would absolutely jump at the opportunity to exchange letters with the only people he ever selected to keep company with. a lot of people here defended him after he was arrested, some of us even went to georgia to have gay sex with him before he was turned to the dark side and started seeking out 3d vagniggers.
do you really think that the way to be pleasant to your comrade for the rest of his life?
i would not be surprised at all if in 30 year SoL tells us that the letters from opchan were the best thing that happened to him since he pulled his dick out of that dead girls mouth/ass/aorta or wherever he decided to cut a hole and stick it in.
furthermore, if he does reply the letter will probably be the best thing to happen on opchan for quite some time. every phrase will be instant epic meme material, we will have a good time taking whatever he says and analyzing, arguing about it, rewording it to make it funnier and then illustrating it in mspaint.
what else fun and exciting is going to happen here? i'd love an avra valley sequel, but it seems like all the posters online these days are shirt covered gayfags, so that ain't about to happen.
writing a letter to stephen seems like the thing to do.
>> No. 110266 ID: f50974
File 14997809354.png - (13.25KB , 671x503 , formal-letter-writing-example.png )
I've created a draft letter to Stephen with Google Docs. It should be accessible to anyone with the link, regardless of using a Google account. Members of the OPERATORchan community can collaborate to create the letter you believe he should receive.

I reserve the right to lock editing and sanitize the letter before it is sent. Google Docs has a revision history feature, so I should be able to easily remove malicious edits. Don't write things meant to torment him.

>> No. 110273 ID: f50974
And maybe I'll keep track of all the dumb bullcrap I remove from there, here.

>P.S. senseless!!OuAGVlAGSz is gay

You guys can organize your own letter-writing if you don't like the way I'm doing it.
>> No. 110274 ID: 8c56c9
File 149982002317.jpg - (227.65KB , 1586x1290 , jaslopnik letter.jpg )
We could do it one word at a time
>> No. 110275 ID: b430d1
surprising that the letters r,g,n,e & i make up less than 100% of the character count, you sure that isn't photoshopped?
>> No. 110277 ID: 8c56c9
File 149983878157.jpg - (94.12KB , 1114x785 , jaslopnik letter 2.jpg )
There's a 'nigger' in there. Don't worry.
>> No. 110329 ID: 025354
File 150016496915.png - (49.88KB , 299x125 , hmmmm.png )
hmmm i recognize that hair
>> No. 112403 ID: d32982
File 15397432459.jpg - (170.55KB , 1200x800 , 31264618_1531437687141635_r.jpg )
Have you seen this recent video from this August 2018 regarding his appeal. I have his mothers home phone # and really want to get in "touch" with him . I'm female and decent looking I'm not overweight but I'm concerned about a man who is 6'0" and 125lbs. I've dated a lot worse and creepier guys I'm just bummed I didn't get to him before that bitch fucked him up he looked so cute and happy before all this.

>> No. 112412 ID: 9dc901
File 15403997824.jpg - (208.93KB , 1000x847 , 6164a04fa0.jpg )

>I've dated a lot worse and creepier guys I'm just bummed I didn't get to him before that bitch fucked him up he looked so cute and happy before all this.

O... okay.
>> No. 112420 ID: 0adccc
File 154071962179.jpg - (5.29KB , 157x225 , 1528719878787.jpg )
Females? On MY Opchan?
>> No. 112421 ID: 09c7e0
>*puts on his chain mail shirt and wizard hat*
>> No. 112425 ID: 359028
File 154129239939.jpg - (80.10KB , 599x358 , How about no.jpg )
>> No. 112671 ID: 61e76a
>> No. 112712 ID: 5c87e8
Would it be possible to sign up for a gay conjugal visit with SoL? Someone could conceivably gay marry him first if thats a requirement.
Imagine the butthurt at websluts when Opchan make a fortune hosting pay-per-view SoL conjugal visit gay porn movies
>> No. 112728 ID: 779a26
Oh fuck I forgot about this lmfao
>> No. 112729 ID: 779a26
Surprised he hasn't offed himself yet tbqfh
>> No. 112757 ID: 5c87e8
  The Sean Penn character in Carlito's Way is how i imagine SoL might have ended up if he'd been able to beat the system and walk. I guess he wasn't good enough at lawyer stuff to pull that trick off, but Sean Penn ends up dead at the end of the movie so he wasn't so great either.
>> No. 112758 ID: fe0cf7
  Another movie about beating the system is The Captain (aka Der Hauptmann), a 2017 movie about Willi Herold, a German deserter, fleeing in the final weeks of WW2, who discovers a captain's uniform. He puts the uniform on and assumes the identity of an inspector tasked by Hitler to investigate deserters looting behind the front lines and rectifying the problem. He assembles a squad of deserters and begins to ruthlessly murder other deserters until he is finally caught by the MPs. The officers he fooled don't want to sentence him because he was only doing what they needed to do and instead give him a suspended sentence. Now, if Willie had only kept it together and not gotten caught later by the Brits for stealing a loaf of bread, they never would have discovered that he committed all those war atrocities.

Willi discovers that many Germans will follow the leader, whosoever that happens to be. A parade of fresh atrocities follow in the self-declared captain's wake, and serve as a profound reminder of the consequences of social conformity and untrammeled political power. Simultaneously a historical docudrama, a tar-black comedy, and a sociological treatise, The Captain presents fascism as a pathetic pyramid scheme, a system to be gamed by the most unscrupulous and hollow-souled. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6763252/
The Captain 2017 PROPER GERMAN 720p BluRay H264 AAC VXT https://youtu.be/mBLZWv3KP2Y
The Captain Trailer #1 https://youtu.be/IaBrpyObVtQ
>> No. 112761 ID: cdd35d
that guy doesn't have a crazy afro
>> No. 112762 ID: 9d5275
File 154876498812.jpg - (63.07KB , 295x295 , 89114_original-313.jpg )
Well, not like SOME...
>> No. 112763 ID: 9d5275
File 154876566172.jpg - (95.81KB , 1280x720 , Richard Simmons rockin the jewfro 1.jpg )
I remember when people rocked the jewfro a lot.
>> No. 112764 ID: 9d5275
The afro can look better on some than others, of course.

(Dangit, Bats)
(SFW board.)
>> No. 112765 ID: 9d5275
File 154895521376.jpg - (428.67KB , 3008x1947 , Israeli trooper girl Ethiopian Jewish woman soldie.jpg )
Yeah, I'll admit I was pushing the boundaries of decency, but in that photo, all the naughty bits were obscured.
>> No. 112769 ID: e7e9a8
That chick lean, though.
>> No. 112770 ID: e56201
File 154956965733.jpg - (34.27KB , 358x400 , Israeli-soldier-girl-12.jpg )
I'd still hit it. I like the dark chocolate...
>> No. 112776 ID: 61e76a
I would racemix the shit outta that.
>> No. 112806 ID: dc2665
I'm still here, paid many a people back. Have sent mammit money a few times through various ways that he hasn't been able to or unwilling to receive said sheckels, so i still owe him, many people gifted that money, also anyone I still owe, just let me know and I'll pay you back, and it wasn't a sob story. I got a good lawyer, and was cleared of all charges and had I been really jewy about it, I could've possibly made money suing the party responsible.

I still have operator Bros irl, many are still like family to me. There's few denizens of this place that have hung with as many as I have.

I lurk more than post these days. Don't have alot of time for internet, I have 3 kids, a wife and a full time job that has me working 100+ hours a week sometimes.

I still love you faggots, I even miss that faggot mango, even though he got butthurt over the accidental straw purchase. I was so engrossed in muh freedoms that I didn't even consider the potential ramifications of having an operator pick up a gun for me on the way to a meet. In the end it all ended well and that FR8 is my favorite gun to this day. I sold it at one point but bought it back last year, and have continued to hunt down nostalgic guns I had during the hayday of opchan.

To the Sol post, twas no lie, and at the time there was still a chance he was unnocent. To this day.my persec is compromised because I felt bad for a sick bastard, but I mostly felt bad because it was a tramautic life event of mine that got him to give up his nurder plan 2 years prior to the actual deed, when my brother died in Afghanistan.

Peace bitches.
>> No. 112862 ID: 37b95c
File 155381709352.jpg - (229.19KB , 800x506 , Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1047301.jpg )
>you gotta believe me guise, my brother died in the 'stan
>> No. 112986 ID: 3c6604
With the police having the ability to run DNA tests on Lauren's torso, which is exactly what they did, they would have found Stephen's DNA as well. However, they did not. Only Lauren's DNA. This is also how they confirmed that the torso was, in fact, hers. If Stephen did sexually accost Lauren, it would have been too hard to miss. With a case like this, they look for DNA that would not match the victim, leading them to a person of interest. But, Stephen's DNA was nowhere to be found on or "in" Lauren, meaning, he did not sexually accost her before or after the killing. I am NOT taking sides of any kind here for that will bring mixed opinions. However, I AM pointing out a simple and obvious answer to a rumor, that is indeed false. Stephen was not found guilty due to any DNA evidence. It was due to a poor cover-up of his act. Yet, he did plead guilty, and that was what really settled the uproar and took him down. With technology and techniques used by detectives, they would have, with no doubt, known whether or not Stephen committed any form of sexual act on Lauren. And they found, he did not.
>> No. 112999 ID: 61e76a
So what you're saing is that SoL was still a virgin before prison?
>> No. 113012 ID: 91237d
Wait how does being a murderer prove he's a pedo? Cops plant that shit all the time, it lets them get warrants from boomer judges for anything they want.

It's like cops saying "i smell gas" or "i heard help" before busting down a door without warrants.
>> No. 113013 ID: 336722
File 15651157957.jpg - (179.39KB , 611x720 , pwnd.jpg )
It looks like the CP charge is going to stick to him forever.
It was never put to trial and SoL only ever confessed to the murder, but now vindictive former classmates who've become government officials are gleefully using that unproven CP accusation against him in parole hearings as if he was convicted of it. Dishonest folks like that to getting their hands on positions of authority used to be considered troublesome, especially in the legal system, but it seems like its tolerated these days.
Wednesday, April 24, 2019
News 12 at 6 o'clock/NBC at 7

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Almost 200 victims of violent crimes got their voices heard in Augusta and helping the Georgia parole board make decisions in more than 70 cases.

"I always knew I wanted to hold those accountable for their crimes," said Ashley Muller, the assistant district attorney at the Augusta Judicial Circuit.

Ashley Muller is not only an assistant district attorney in Augusta, but violent crime also touched her life in a different way.

"Not only did McDaniel kill, dismember and dispose of my friend's body he also had multiple images of child pornography on his computer. This man is a horrendous person and he should never ever see the light of day again," said Muller.

A room of other violent crime victims listened.

"Grief never ends. It's been eight years but doesn't make it any easier," said Muller.

A month after graduating from law school in Macon, Lauren's neighbor and classmate was brutally murdered.

"Stephen McDaniel was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole," said Muller.

That's where this board comes in.

"We go from community to community to make sure that victims have input and they can actually meet with the board and that they can be heard," said Terry Barnard, the chairman of the parole board.

"In Lauren's case she doesn't have a voice so her family and friends have to be her voice," said Muller.

While victims waited, they wrote prayers and notes to their loved ones and made memorial buttons to wear.

"All things happen for a reason," said Von Daniels, who lost her son to murder.

Tears shed as others share their story and some traveling miles to get their voices heard.

"I miss you Bart and I love you dearly," said Marion Allen.

Joe and Marion Allen drove from Folkston in south Georgia. Their son Bart was murdered at 26.

"Mamas and daddies aren't supposed to bury their children. He was our only child," said Joe & Marion Allen.

Joe says the conviction was not enough.

"I told them that sentencing my son or anybody else's son or daughter is worth more than 20 years," said Joe & Marion Allen.

And parole is still an option.

"At the max, in two years he can walk the streets a free man, our son never took another step from the night of August 22, 2001," said Joe & Marion Allen.

If victims couldn't make it today, there's another chance this fall. They haven't decided when it will be but for more information, you can call the Georgia Office of Victim Services at 1-800-596-9474 or 404-651-6668.
>> No. 113413 ID: 7db4d4
  Bumping for day before 9th and new "documentary" on the case.
>> No. 113416 ID: 968b76
Stephen Mcdaniel was an up and coming conservative attorney with political ambitions. He was an associate of Clarence Thomas and outspoken about many conservative issue. SoL was going to be a thorn in the side of the libcuck commie for decades if his career was allowed to progress, so of course they decided to frame him for a murder instead. Who knows what that torso was, it was only ever ID by glownigger lab bullshit and never otherwise positively identified as the supposed victim.
>> No. 113417 ID: 07aaaa
Oh, piss off.
>> No. 113418 ID: de3b1c
You're just as schizophrenic as SoL is.
>> No. 113420 ID: 968b76
A big part of the SoL setup was having him get squeezed into using a corrupt, glownigger affiliated defense attorney. Its no coincidence that the jogger patrol got coached into selecting the same guy for their own political show trial.
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