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File 150203413899.jpg - (159.86KB , 800x1422 , pokemon-bathroom_.jpg )
110514 No. 110514 ID: 13f512
I apologize, but captcha is back for a while. Lots of spam in the past few days for some reason. If you haven't seen any of it, thank a mod.
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>> No. 110516 ID: 19518e
Thank you for using word captchas, if I have to click on fucking double nigger assfuck image boxes I will start flipping tables.
>> No. 110517 ID: aad4ac
File 150204252733.jpg - (84.39KB , 736x1310 , Aztec Tezcatlipoca (Smoking Mirror) turquoise skul.jpg )
>> No. 110518 ID: aadd02
I haven't seen any of it. Thank you, mods.

>Draw around the sign
>Fades to next
Huh. I thought I did a pretty good job.
>Select the cars
>Fades to next
Was that little corner of a pickup not suppose to count I guess?
>Select the signs
>Some huge Asian clusterfuck of an intersection
>Fades to next
I guess it doesn't like it when you select every box
>Select the buses
>Only two boxes with buses
>Select ALL the buses
Maybe it's mistaking this tractor trailer for a bus?
>Fades to next
>> No. 110527 ID: 19518e
I've started simply refreshing the captcha until I find one that doesn't require clicking 15 out of 16 boxes or drawing around a shape or one of those that have 6 boxes but when you click one, it slowly fades out and is replaced by another box.

I seriously have not a single fuck to give in filling those out. It takes me less time to refresh it a bunch of times until I get a non-retarded one than to try and pound holes in my wall using my face decipher what they mean by "choosing a tractor" when there are no tractors, just a few pickups and a backhoe or whatever.
>> No. 110528 ID: 13f512
File 150206054742.jpg - (143.19KB , 960x766 , 20663795_1458415514195243_6618230369175600041_n.jpg )

You're welcome, but it's literally the only thing this crapbox software can support so...


You will find a certain board uncaptcha'd, it usually isn't on spambot radar so I feel it's safe for now.

pic unrelated
>> No. 110529 ID: 3e9aae
>select the five images that represent the Kantian definition of anguish as interpreted as by second-wave capitalist feminism
>> No. 110544 ID: 13f512
File 150223729955.jpg - (2.15MB , 1941x1378 , 2342-1.jpg )
phasing out captchas now, spam threat hopefully dealt with
>> No. 110568 ID: c3b8cf
just reported a new wave of porn spam in /v/ /bst/ /g/, etc.
>> No. 110569 ID: 13f512

Yeah, they are persistent. Someone is trying very hard as they are changing their mode of attack every time we block them.
>> No. 110618 ID: a79a72
File 150300716082.jpg - (7.97KB , 180x180 , c10e7b675dadbd6a82484f9505a7c77fcd46019c127b35aa33.jpg )
true or not OPERATORS?

recaptcha (google) is including algorithmically generated pictures among authentic photographs in its captcha challenge photos. this is essentially an exercise in training the millions (billions?) of eyes coerced into interfacing with cuckflare/recuckcha to blur the distinction between shopped pictures and real photos to aid in a future coup.

after subconsciously "okaying" shopped images and associating them with actual reality, its no different in principle than being hammered with propaganda - if it is done with any frequency to speak of - and just like propaganda the aim is to proffer non-critical thinking-and-resistance among the populace.
>> No. 110619 ID: 278cbe
>blur the distinction between shopped pictures and real photos to aid in a future coup
As if there's a noticable difference really. You have your own two eyes to believe what you see and that is about it - you are never safe from deception.
>> No. 110620 ID: d72151
File 150300990516.jpg - (5.40KB , 225x162 , itmp.jpg )
>> No. 110621 ID: 805cac
This is an ongoing issue on a number of different imageboards. If you were a dues paying member of the imageboard moderator union with established credentials then you would have access other people's data on this issue and it would be making your life a lot easier right now.
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