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File 150215610733.jpg - (182.21KB , 1440x810 , orca-image-1500419695191_jpg_1500419696727.jpg )
110539 No. 110539 ID: 960488
Wasn't sure where to put this thread. Apologies if it needs moved.

I finally built an AR and would like to go hunting for my first time.
Any tips? If anyone in the King county area knows of an area to go for small game, either public or rentable private land, I'd be grateful to know.
>> No. 110543 ID: 13f512
We need some PACNW operators up in here
>> No. 110546 ID: df12a0

AFAIK, the Cascadians are trying to stay off-grid...
>> No. 110548 ID: 960488
Maybe if I leave piles of jerky and coffee beans out they'll arrive.

I grew up wanting to hunt with my granpa. He was one hell of an outdoorsman and loved to hunt and fish.

Never got the chance to. He died after he gave the toast at his daughter's wedding when I was about 8. Dude's heart basically exploded and he refused to drop til he was done saying his piece.

Wish I could have learned to hunt from him. I figure this year, I'll start trying before I forget everything about him.
>> No. 110597 ID: 522f12
Planning to go with a friend's fiance, as they are both really into it. Not sure where they go. Some manner of private land. My father used to go out towards stampede pass. Otherwise, you are likely going to need to go further afield, and probably rent a plot besides. Wa guns might be a good next step.

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