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File 150245821017.png - (495.09KB , 1006x577 , MOGULUSNOOO.png )
110566 No. 110566 ID: bc78c2
Found a way to stream movies to ya'll 24/7 like the old Mogulus days. It uses rabb.it which streams a virturalized Firefox instance. I have it set to play war movies from my Plex server on shuffle.


To watch in HD, at the bottom of the screen press the LD and switch to HD. it allows you to do this once as guest before it wants you to make an account but you can just open the thing up in a private browsing window to watch in HD again as a guest.

If you guys are up to it, I can change it up to requested movies for designated movie nights.
>> No. 110570 ID: 13f512
gj serv
>> No. 110574 ID: 3993ac
like old times indeed
>> No. 110578 ID: b430d1
>w.t. serv's client side bitcoin miner

classic w.t. serv shenanigans
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