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No. 110659 ID: 49e1e2
  Bring it on Harvey, you wont make a Dent in my morale!
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>> No. 110661 ID: 3e9aae
File 150368087214.jpg - (65.82KB , 782x587 , 87d0f8e79e7d764da3cbeefcae8c6477d7565ff8022ddcf13f.jpg )
that's a lotta rain!
>> No. 110662 ID: 060efd
File 150369076256.jpg - (28.86KB , 677x465 , FB_IMG_1503680583780.jpg )
Common courtesy
>> No. 110663 ID: 792ad5
File 150369458023.jpg - (43.75KB , 604x512 , intredasting.jpg )
>Hell and High Water
>Houston is the fourth-largest city in the country. It's home to the nation's largest refining and petrochemical complex, where billions of gallons of oil and dangerous chemicals are stored. And it's a sitting duck for the next big hurricane. Learn why Texas isn't ready.
>by Neena Satija for The Texas Tribune and Reveal; Kiah Collier for The Texas Tribune; and Al Shaw and Jeff Larson for ProPublica,
>March 3, 2016
>> No. 110664 ID: 056a4a
but but but Trump says hurricanes are a chinese hoax! #maga!

>Hurricane Harvey has strengthened to a Category 4 storm, as Texas is bracing for impact later Friday evening.

>The storm, which has maximum sustained winds of 130 mph with even stronger gusts, is expected to be the worst to hit the state in nearly two decades.
>> No. 110665 ID: db1fd8
Only if I live in a bowl.

Just sipping on my drank inna desert. first hurricane season in 17 years that I haven't paid attention.
>> No. 110666 ID: 3e9aae
Here's a livestream by some dude who's gonna die.
>The buildings in front of me have disintegrated
>> No. 110667 ID: 3e9aae
That stream is over, building collapsed near/on him.
>> No. 110670 ID: db1fd8
Your trips sealed his fate.

His sacrifice is greatly appreciated.
>> No. 110677 ID: 20c79b
Sneaky Git phone post.

My little family is in canyon lake at my moms lake house. Had to leave one of my cats because he wasn't cooperating. City officials are telling evacuees to not come back for a while. Martial law will be in effect in a day or two (friend spoke to national guard soldiers while leaving an hour ago). Fun times.
>> No. 110679 ID: 3e9aae
File 150385062776.jpg - (75.32KB , 1024x683 , DIPFUzSXYAAM9MJ.jpg )
>> No. 110680 ID: 3e9aae
File 150385073482.jpg - (51.78KB , 1200x675 , DIPmeI0VwAANbwy.jpg )
>Intersection along San Houston Pkwy. Water about 17 feet deep. @BrandiKHOU and photog Mario only thing on KHOU. Studio evacuated.
>> No. 110681 ID: 3e9aae
File 15038512375.jpg - (133.60KB , 768x1024 , DIPjbaLUMAAYTxZ.jpg )
>Nursing home in Dickinson Texas La vita Bella is in need of emergency services ASAP
>> No. 110682 ID: 3e9aae
File 150385414426.png - (83.03KB , 897x736 , 093338_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind.png )
Apparently the hurricane is going to get blown back out into the ocean before coming back for another round.
>> No. 110683 ID: bf333d

Is that the famous american preparedness that Trump was talking about? :)


Jezus, that's nuts. Amazing to see all the lights still work though.

Godspeed, operators.
>> No. 110684 ID: e9b3d2
File 150386142363.jpg - (119.60KB , 1200x737 , nursing-home.jpg )
Nursing home patients airlifted to safety from Harvey floodwaters, with help from a haunting viral photo
Patients at a Texas nursing home were airlifted to safety Sunday after being trapped by Harvey's floodwaters. A haunting image from inside the flooded facility — La Vita Bella in Dickinson, Galveston County — shows women clinging to their belongings as the murky water rose above the arms of their chairs and walkers. Trudy Lampson, who owns the nursing home, sent flood photos to her daughter and son-in-law, Kim and Timothy McIntosh, in Florida. Timothy shared the image on Twitter. "Need help asap emergency services please," he wrote. Some Twitter users suspected the image was fake — but the couple says the photo is 100% real. A second image shows the water level rising in a corner of the room. About 20 people stay at the facility, and many use wheelchairs and oxygen tanks. Lampson was told on Saturday not to evacuate ahead of the deadly storm, since the facility has never flooded before, her daughter said. "It's never even flooded past the sidewalk," Kim McIntosh told the Daily News. "No one asked her to evacuate, but she has evacuation plans to leave." The facility has a personal connection for Lampson — her mother was once a patient. "She loves (the patients) like her family," Kim McIntosh said of her mother. "It's her whole life." Hours after Timothy McIntosh's Twitter post, Galveston County Office of Emergency Management confirmed that the situation at La Vita Bella was resolved — and that all the patients were safe.
The residents were airlifted to safety, OEM coordinator David Popoff confirmed to the Galveston County Daily News. The news was a relief for Timothy and Kim McIntosh. "RESCUED!! Thank you to the National Guard & the Galveston City Emergency crew for our rescue," Timothy McIntosh wrote. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/nursing-home-patients-airlifted-safety-harvey-floodwaters-article-1.3446793
>> No. 110685 ID: 2c3bb2
File 150386307546.jpg - (184.32KB , 1242x2208 , YfNqxFE.jpg )
The pissbaby in chief is currently ranting about the wall. Gotta take money from FEMA to keep the Mexican aid workers out I guess.
>> No. 110686 ID: e9b3d2
File 150386310829.jpg - (1.74MB , 5449x3633 , jkdr2Ox.jpg )
>Lampson was told on Saturday not to evacuate ahead of the deadly storm, since the facility has never flooded before
That's some criminally negligent stupidity.
>> No. 110688 ID: 3e9aae
File 150387278984.jpg - (50.05KB , 539x960 , DIQcNTJWAAAyx5a.jpg )
>> No. 110691 ID: 649f2c
>when u call global warming fake one too many times and it gets mad and takes revenge by dumping 2 meters of water on ur refinery

>> No. 110692 ID: 13f512
File 150388178913.jpg - (46.07KB , 1060x1020 , VBWIqpY.jpg )
>> No. 110694 ID: bfd05c
My previous employer (wife's current employer) wanted people to come into work Friday and Saturday. They are telling people to come in Monday (today). Corpus currently has 2 Mexican restaurants open and one single gas station. Most of corpus doesn't have power, it's probably under martial law, with tons of flooding. They were also wanting to bus people to another call center to work and wouldn't let those people take their families.

Fucking results.
>> No. 110695 ID: e266a3
Friend in the Pearland area was mostly okay minus a bunch of rain and having to move his horses, but some of his neighbors got flooded. That was before last night though and they were expected to get more. I have to give him another call tomorrow to see things got worse or if the worst of it has swung north.
>> No. 110696 ID: f2172d
Since the mass panic and evacuation deaths from Hurricane Rita, people were encouraged to shelter in place.
>> No. 110697 ID: e06503
"some people died in the last evacuation"
"well guess we better throw out the entire evacuation plan instead of either improving infrastructure and readiness to make an evacuation possible, or improving flood control infrastructure so it's not needed"
>> No. 110698 ID: bf333d
File 150393904789.jpg - (37.21KB , 537x357 , new-orleans-flood-protection-2-537x357.jpg )

If you want to talk about Hurrican Katrina, please remember that the two largest dredging & marine infrastructure companies in the world offered their services at cost to mobilize their fleets to come rig up the levees and drain the flood.
Because of protectionist measures saying only ships under american flag and with american crews can do these types of work, they were turned away, leaving the army corps of engineers to fend for themselves using utterly outdated and substandard equipment, dragging out the crisis much longer than it needed to be. Hell, it's the army's inexperience with such projects that led to the whole catastrophic flood in the first place.
>> No. 110699 ID: f2172d

>or improving flood control infrastructure
Seeing as I've worked on several major projects (including a major detention basin in NW Harris County) with Harris County Flood Control, they are doing what they can. Infrastructure improvement costs money and time.
>> No. 110700 ID: 649f2c
File 150394917444.jpg - (85.01KB , 370x500 , pwnd.jpg )
all those niggers who relocated to houston after katrina much feel pretty fucking cursed. as if being born black in america wasn't bad enough lmao
>> No. 110701 ID: 960488
If you're in a boat traveling down the highway and come to a red light, how long are you expected to wait at a full stop? TXDOT didn't cover that in my drivers ed.
>> No. 110704 ID: aaf87b

USCG "rules of the road" would presumably apply. E.g., two vessels meeting head-on would both reduce speed and come right to give each other sufficient berth; if their courses intersect, one vessel -- the one crossing left to right from the other's perspective, IIRC, but don't quote me on that -- would have the right of way, it being in such instances the responsibility of the other to reduce speed so that he passes behind the vessel which has the right of way.

I get the distinct impression that you were being at least partially facetious, but I thought that you or others might also find this interesting.
>> No. 110705 ID: f3c7ec
you are describing left-of-way
the term "right of way" originates in the concept that any vessel approaching from the right has priority. subsequently the term was bastardized to mean that the government is taking the front of your lawn and giving it to comcast or verizon.
then people came up with a new term for the concept "priority to the right" which means what "right of way" meant when the term originated.
>> No. 110707 ID: e266a3
President might be headed to Corpus Christi today.

You also may want to keep your vehicles topped off if not already.
>> No. 110708 ID: e9b3d2
  If you come down to the river,
Bet you gonna find some people who live.
You don't have to worry 'cause you have no money,
People on the river are happy to give.

Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river.
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Proud Mary https://youtu.be/XfyEpmQM7bw
>> No. 110709 ID: e9b3d2
  Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood (Remastered 1999) https://youtu.be/m3159YIe2OU
>> No. 110710 ID: e9b3d2
  Charley Patton - High Water Everywhere Parts 1 and 2 (with subtitles) https://youtu.be/xL6UgyKItSo
This is legendary blues artist Charley Patton, recorded in October 1929. 'High Water Everywhere' is an open tuned AAB form song in the key of B, Spanish tuning. A topical song about the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, Charley tells of going from town to town, trying to get away from the water. Due to Charley's rough voice and unfamiliar patois (probably Native American), the poetry of this blues founder is often lost in the mix. Our solution to this is to add subtitles to 'decode' his words. This is Charlie Patton Decoded, an ongoing project by Floating Castle Digital Workshop to increase understanding of, and about, this key figure in the history of American music.
>> No. 110711 ID: 7f48fa
>no Zeppelin
fookin' 'ell Bats
>> No. 110712 ID: bc78c2
>> No. 110713 ID: cf4a7e

I used the phrase in the sense in which it is understood in the common palaver, and though I appreciate a good etymology lesson as much as the next pretentious pedant, I find the prickly lolbertarian mini rant to be a bit much. I mean, what's a municipality letting Cumcast trench your flowerbed for fiber got to do with anything ITT?
>> No. 110718 ID: 9b3db7
Any of you filthy cunts got eyes on our resident Swissfaggot? I'm about to move on his last known AO, and I'd like to know he's okay, or if I can help him with anything. I'm fuckin locked out of faecesbook for the moment, so I can't contact him directly.
>> No. 110719 ID: f2172d
He posted that he's providing medical aid as a volunteer at the GRB convention center.
>> No. 110720 ID: 558376

Danke schoen, mein Bruder. I hate to impose further, but will you please inform him that I will be in his city Wednesday and Thursday of next week, and at his service? Tulsa area code, 569 minus one, 7239.
>> No. 110727 ID: f2172d
Sent him a PM with a link to this thread.
>> No. 110728 ID: 3e9aae
File 150406739239.gif - (1.31MB , 720x396 , PUjALrq.gif )
>Tropical Storm Harvey has set a preliminary Lower 48 U.S. rainfall record for any tropical storm or hurricane as it continues to soak the upper Texas coast and Louisiana, worsening record-breaking, catastrophic flooding.

>The Cedar Bayou gauge near Highlands, Texas, has reported a preliminary 51.88 inches of rain through 3 p.m. CDT Tuesday. This total may climb higher, as Harvey's rain is not yet finished in southeast Texas.

>A Harris County Flood Warning System rain gauge near Friendswood, Texas, reported a four-day storm total of 49.32 inches through 9 a.m. CDT Tuesday.

>If either of these are confirmed, it would be the heaviest storm-total rainfall from any tropical cyclone in the continental U.S. in records dating to 1950, topping the 48-inch storm total in Medina, Texas, from Tropical Storm Amelia in 1978, according to research by NOAA/WPC meteorologist David Roth.
>> No. 110731 ID: 5bb7a0
File 150414113469.jpg - (92.80KB , 1024x808 , DIX0yBCUEAAeWKb.jpg )
>> No. 110734 ID: 1aa577
File 150415820452.jpg - (119.14KB , 737x633 , 1504148584001.jpg )
I'll just leave this here
>> No. 110736 ID: 3e9aae
>Arkema, the French chemical maker whose U.S. headquarters is in King of Prussia, warned Wednesday that its flooded plant in Crosby, Texas, will burn or explode unless floodwaters recede in the next few days, giving workers access to the darkened facility.

>But the explosion should not hurt anyone because the surrounding area has been evacuated, Rich Rowe, Arkema’s president and CEO for North America, told the Texas Tribune on Wednesday. The plant northeast of Houston is flooded with six feet of water, knocking out its electricity and backup generators and causing the plant to lose refrigeration for chemicals that must be kept cool to remain stable.

>“The materials could now explode and cause a subsequent, intense fire,” Rowe told the Tribune. “The high water and lack of power leave us with no way to prevent it.”

>The warning at the Crosby works, identified by a University of Texas expert as one of the industrial sites most at risk for a toxic release, has prompted the evacuation of the plant’s workers and an estimated 300 residents in a 1.5-mile radius of the facility.

>Update 10:50 a.m.: More explosions and smoky fires are expected at the flooded Arkema Inc. plant in Crosby, Texas, company officials and local law enforcement leaders said this morning. They warned that anyone who remained near the plant risked smoke inhalation, and compared the danger to heavy woodsmoke or a Texas barbecue. Officials had already evacuated plant workers and residents from a 1.5 mile radius around the works, and urged anyone who smelled smoke to turn off air conditioning. They said the smoke could cause eye and lung irritation, nausea, dizziness and drowsiness.
>> No. 110746 ID: 3e9aae
File 150428046859.jpg - (98.61KB , 778x1024 , zNWrssIh.jpg )
>> No. 110749 ID: d15330
File 150429629919.jpg - (62.99KB , 393x393 , disgust.jpg )
Holy shit, fucking murder that god damn retard.
>> No. 110753 ID: 0e8e6d
You have no idea how often I've seen this.

Last hurricane I waited fucking 4 hours for 1.5 gallons of gas for my scooter. All the time was taken up by a massive groups of retards all doing this at once, slowing the pumps to a trickle.

The best part is ever single one of them had the gall to complain the whole time. I just wanted to fill my scooter for my daily commutes. Faggots.
>> No. 110754 ID: 3e9aae
File 150431414122.jpg - (77.32KB , 720x960 , lvgojorl5ajz.jpg )
A friend of mine in South Carolina says people are panicking and buying up all the gas so they can hoard it.
>> No. 110755 ID: 3e9aae
File 150431628039.jpg - (127.65KB , 992x744 , KTRK-arkema-plant-burning-01-ktrk-jc-170901_4x3_99.jpg )
Also that chemical plant is now on fire and exploding.
>> No. 110764 ID: 0e8e6d
Yeah, there were plenty of those. And plenty of people planning to sell it to their neighbors to keep their gennies running.

I overheard some of them talking about long term storage. They didn't seem smart enough to know it spoils and to add stabilizers. I didn't say shit.
>> No. 110771 ID: e769c2
That should be Waffle House.
>> No. 110772 ID: 66c32a
Riding for Houston tomorrow. The Corvus just underwent her 6,000 mile service, so she should be g2g. It is unfortunate that I haven't yet gotten around to procuring a onesie and airbag vest; to be frank, I'm exceedingly hesitant to undertake any substantial superslab travel until I have both of those. The only reason I'll be traveling such a distance is in order to help a socially isolated /k/amerad move from Houston to OK.


>They didn't seem smart enough to know it spoils and to add stabilizers. I didn't say shit.

That's excellent work, young man. Never get between a fool and his folly. This goes doubly for an aspiring profiteer.
>> No. 110776 ID: d64ad6
File 150465370396.jpg - (427.01KB , 1600x1200 , US truck fuel & 55 gallon gasoline cans reenac.jpg )
But... all that beautiful gasoline going to WASTE!
>> No. 110777 ID: d64ad6
File 150465373729.jpg - (413.70KB , 1600x1200 , US truck fuel & 55 gallon gasoline cans reenac.jpg )
>> No. 110778 ID: 0a198a
File 150465469637.jpg - (192.86KB , 1242x1607 , nwcrjfnpk2kz.jpg )
>going to waste
>> No. 110779 ID: d64ad6
File 150465631418.jpg - (396.27KB , 1600x1074 , US WW2 gasoline Jerry cans, lined up for D-Day.jpg )
400 gallons of gasoline... currently, in Texas, gas costs $2.54/gallon, so $1,016 for butt sex?
>> No. 110780 ID: d64ad6
File 150465652312.jpg - (249.46KB , 1751x993 , Mad Max car Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe 1973 'V8 .jpg )
A favorite car with extensive fuel tanks is the 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe (aka 'V8 Interceptor') in the Mad Max movies.
>> No. 110781 ID: d64ad6
File 150465654533.jpg - (113.22KB , 1920x1080 , Mad Max car Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe 1973 'V8 .jpg )
>> No. 110782 ID: d64ad6
File 150465667591.jpg - (480.70KB , 1920x1080 , Mad Max car Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe 1973 'V8 .jpg )
>> No. 110783 ID: d64ad6
File 150465671257.jpg - (786.22KB , 1600x1067 , Mad Max car Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe 1973 'V8 .jpg )
>> No. 110784 ID: d64ad6
File 150465673955.jpg - (257.76KB , 1800x1200 , Mad Max car Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe 1973 'V8 .jpg )
>> No. 110785 ID: d64ad6
File 150465676422.jpg - (319.57KB , 1800x1200 , Mad Max car Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe 1973 'V8 .jpg )
>> No. 110786 ID: d64ad6
File 150465678770.jpg - (432.80KB , 1795x1107 , Mad Max car Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe 1973 'V8 .jpg )
>> No. 110787 ID: d64ad6
File 150465681345.jpg - (261.02KB , 2048x1360 , Mad Max car Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe 1973 'V8 .jpg )
>> No. 110788 ID: d64ad6
File 15046568306.jpg - (122.55KB , 1300x867 , Mad Max car Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe 1973 'V8 .jpg )
>> No. 110790 ID: d64ad6
File 150470710731.jpg - (860.78KB , 2540x1061 , Mad Max 2 Road Warrior Wez & buddy 1.jpg )
Trading gasoline for sodomy...
>> No. 110791 ID: bf333d
>I overheard some of them talking about long term storage. They didn't seem smart enough to know it spoils and to add stabilizers.

Kinda depends on what they meant with long term storage.
>> No. 110806 ID: e266a3
So Texan operators, what was your barbecue count during Harvey?

Also Caseless, orange you glad you came to Arizoner?
>> No. 110819 ID: c01760
For 26 and ⅔ butt sexes. Literally expecting people to get butt-fucked for $38.10-worth of fuel. Hopefully he's one of those Craigslist users who gets murdered.
>> No. 110826 ID: 890994
Absolutely. Most chill hurricane season ever. For me, at least.
>> No. 110898 ID: a9b539

I sass you, hoopy frood. You're clearly a man who knows where his towel is.
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