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File 150422635579.jpg - (163.82KB , 458x546 , sharlto-copley-kruger-elysium.jpg )
110739 No. 110739 ID: 783f6d
Halloween shit and horror movies are everywhere, this is truly my favorite time of year. I personally keep it going past Christmas because Christmas sucks.

Do you all have any Halloween plans? I plan on dressing up as Kruger here.
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>> No. 110744 ID: 3e843b
File 150427112861.jpg - (79.14KB , 500x750 , tumblr_mvvx34XGJK1rcksbno1_500.jpg )
Thats a good fucking choice. Post pics if it don't violate OPSEC for you.

I'm still deciding what my plans are.

I'll most likely go with my old standby of wearing my Stormie armor, maybe, but I'm unsure if I might just stay out home handing out candy or try to get off my lazy arse and got try to take some of my many nieces and nephews trick or treating or just say fuck it all and stay in. If I even got out at all I also have some different other things to work with including the FEAR Replica soldier I've put together, I half assed STALKER suit, or even a custom Shadow Stormtrooper (don't call it a Shadowtrooper, it ain't) that I've been playing with in my mind using the helmet I recently got and some of the armor pieces from half finished costumes including Clonetrooper, Snowtrooper, and TIE Pilot.

Where I don't really travel to cons I don't get alot of opportunity to wear my armor proudly. No real cons in this area beyond the once in a blue moon shit that I only hear about well after the fact.

Its funny though, I have major social anxiety. I barely go out. But in my armor the press of the crowd doesn't feel so bad. I don't know if it because there is a barrier between me and the common rabble or its a confidence thing but its weird.

But of course I find it hard to work up much of a fuck for anything Star Wars these days beyond how much I'd like to do some of the most dirtiest and lewd things to Daisy Ridley like taking her out for dinner and opening doors for her.
>> No. 110745 ID: 62aca8
My little girl is going to be two. Her favorite cartoon character is a boy in a super hero show. I've decided that will be her costume. Not because she will like it (she likes everything), but because it won't have any god damned glitter. Her first year she was Minnie Mouse. I was still finding glitter in January.
>> No. 110747 ID: 783f6d
File 150429462799.jpg - (821.19KB , 2560x1440 , 20170821_175931.jpg )
It's super cheap to do. PT shorts, scrap wire, and a glove. I'll mold the prosthetics by hand and glue them on.

I'm going to let my hair grow for the month. Hopefully my beard is thick enough to pull it off, Sharlto has a nice beard.

I don't post anything persec, but I've stopped caring about pictures.

Fuck glitter. Stupidest shit ever.
>> No. 110748 ID: 783f6d
File 15042947271.jpg - (238.00KB , 1045x800 , KEY98d7.jpg )
Next year I'll build the costume.
>> No. 110789 ID: 9146b1
Given my height and general extraness (read broad and fat) there are a few options for me. I haven't shaved since April or May (unfortunately I somewhat favor my grandfather in this regard, who was not known for his beardyness) so while Kingpin(Marvel), Fatman(MGS) or Varys (GoT) are all otherwise suitable, shaving my face and my head are both rather undesirable at present.

Two ideas I could pull off are Hodor and King Rob, both from GoT. Though, while I like these options, I'm still looking for other non Game of Thrones selections.

Did Walter Sobchak last year and it turned out well. Maybe there are some good movie based options I've overlooked so far.
>> No. 110797 ID: 8633da
File 150475008425.jpg - (68.37KB , 458x612 , 0f7313bd6c95933a03068cf505a2d84f.jpg )
I like Kruger because I have several costume options.
>> No. 110798 ID: 8633da
File 150475018859.jpg - (49.72KB , 748x298 , ely-e1375716628581.jpg )
Plus I get to build cool props. And there's like 4 versions of him.
>> No. 110799 ID: 8633da
File 15047502345.jpg - (723.56KB , 1285x875 , kruger-body.jpg )
Five if I get creative.
>> No. 110805 ID: 3e843b
File 150483388747.jpg - (37.58KB , 572x763 , kruger-shit.jpg )
That would take some major Hollywood level of make-up and facial prosthetics but damned if it wouldn't look cool.

The vest in >>110748 kinda looks like the vest used in Transformers, maybe the airsoft version with a few modifications would be a decent base to start with.


Probably the exoskeleton and other stuff should be incredibly easy to put together. I'd say probably the hardest thing would be finding the correct camo pattern but if you don't about being too accurate you could substitute like some faded ass multicam.

Here's some decent pictures of Krugers outfit and gear including some break downs and a pretty clear shot of his uniform.

>> No. 110814 ID: 7ca229
I could do it, but it wouldn't be a facial prosthetic. That damage be too deep.

The camo is fairly easy, Neil Blomkamp loves his SA gear. The exo suit is deceptively hard if you want it to look half decent. There are a lot of moving parts.

Thank you for the info sir. For my PT short costume, I'm going to greet everyone at the door with "yew want some beeah?! Come, boet!"
>> No. 110825 ID: f5c3ed
Plaid flannel jacket, jeans + suspenders, boots and a beanie for a simple lumberjack costume. My GF and I will take her little cousin trick or treating like we did last year.
>> No. 110827 ID: 0e8e6d
Okay, camo is only easy if I buy a fucking roll of it. I know someone that can sew it though.

Fffffffuck. At least this year's costume has me half naked.
>> No. 110828 ID: df12a0
File 150510444910.jpg - (35.23KB , 452x323 , datass.jpg )
>At least this year's costume has me half naked.
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