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File 150516262837.jpg - (851.16KB , 1000x638 , BP2-SVOZQ-Shutterstock-The-Kremlin-is-a-must-see-f.jpg )
110830 No. 110830 ID: 649f2c
>russian shills and neo-nazis think Russia isn't promoting islamism when their capital building is LITERALLY A MOSQUE
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>> No. 110831 ID: 16db9f
One final reason for the predominance of the onion dome in Russian architecture: the origin of the dome and the associations that come with its origin. Russian church architecture, which features the dome most prominently out of all, is heavily influenced by Byzantine architecture. As Orthodox Christianity was the predominant religion, it follows that Russian builders sought to emulate the styles of the center of Orthodox Christianity, namely Constantinople. This architectural tradition places high importance on centrally-planned, domed spaces. This architectural tradition was combined in Russia with the native wooden-building traditions that have much in common with Scandinavia. These traditions stressed complex, creative wooden constructions with strong vertical components such as steeply pitching roofs and elaborate frameworks. The onion dome is a product of the combination of these two traditions. One source, an examination of the origin of the domes by S. V. Zagraevsky, argues that the domes were a Russian development in the 13th to 14th centuries along these lines--that Russian carpenters, skilled in complex woodwork from both building construction and shipbuilding (alluding to Rus's Scandinavian roots) developed the onion dome independently in order to fulfill the need for domes over Byzantine-influenced churches using wooden construction. This form of dome becomes widespread in the medieval period, thus cementing itself into "tradition" and becoming an essential part of Russian architecture.
>> No. 110832 ID: 278cbe
>unironically shilling in /t/
took me a while to realize what's the deal
>> No. 110845 ID: ea7351
All right /t/, this here's a cultural type question: What song do Russians play from their minarets five times a day?
>> No. 110846 ID: d64ad6
File 150527272832.jpg - (167.57KB , 819x1024 , 819px-Kazan_Marjani_Mosque_08-2016_img2.jpg )
>What song do Russians play from their minarets five times a day?
What, the Muslim call to prayer?? So this accusation of Muslim style influences on the Russian Christian church, namely Saint Basil's Cathedral, is not some stupid attempt at trolling? These distinctive onion-shaped church domes are actually Islamic Tatar architecture and point to a heretical foundation?

- Marjani Mosque in Kazan, Russia, an example of a Tatar mosque.
>> No. 110847 ID: d64ad6
  I was hoping the answer would be Orthodox Russian liturgical chants. I listened to that for decades. Some of the best a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment) music ever made. The monks could really keep the beat.

Russian Orthodox chant https://youtu.be/jawFHHtqzD8
>> No. 110848 ID: d64ad6
  Тебе одеющагося (Russian Orthodox Chant) https://youtu.be/Mglw77ZqkLo
Performed by the Choir of Moscow Sretensky monastery.
About them http://bestchoir.ru/en/

I believe I had some CDs of these guys I picked up, back in the early '90s.
>> No. 110849 ID: d64ad6
  Russian Orthodox Choir Chanting Choral Vocal Top 10 Collection https://youtu.be/dTnxFgmQLKc
>> No. 110850 ID: d64ad6
  Agni Parthene - Valaam Brethren Choir https://youtu.be/C7vvPXz-Qes
Hymn for Mother of God of St.Nectarius of Aegina in church-slavonic.
St.Sergius & Herman of Valaam church.
Valaam. Russia. 1998.
Album "The Northern Athos". 1995.
>> No. 110851 ID: d64ad6
  Praise the Lord - Sergei Rachmaninov https://youtu.be/oYvw7jm-lsw
Blagoslovi, dushe moya or Praise the Lord from Sergei Rachmaninov performed by the USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir.
>> No. 110853 ID: 3caa6d
I was solicting joke responses. But now it's too late.
>> No. 110860 ID: 3e9aae
>I was hoping the answer would be Orthodox Russian liturgical chants.

No that's the music they play while they legally beat their wives.
>> No. 110882 ID: 3c7810
Terrified Russian police refuse to disperse unauthorized rallies of Russian Muslims calling for the deaths of Buddhists over Myanmar killings. Kadyrov says if he had the power to nuke anyone who harms Muslims he'd do it.
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