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File 150524984250.jpg - (71.61KB , 800x1202 , 852_c92c3712f6c9058.jpg )
110839 No. 110839 ID: 4ae9a1

Durham police said they’re treating the discovery of a woman’s torso – found floating near Oshawa Harbour last night – as suspicious.

Const. George Tudos said the torso was found in Lake Ontario by a fisherman at around 8:30 p.m. Monday evening.

Police said in a release on Tuesday that officers found “signs of trauma” on the torso at the scene.

Tudos added that the homicide unit has been called in to investigate, as well as the Coroner’s office.

Tudos said officers will be checking missing-persons reports in the area to try and identify the woman.

“We are looking into it,” he said.

According to police, the torso will undergo a post-mortem examination in Toronto on Tuesday. It isn’t clear when the results will be released.

“We’re hoping we get something today,” Tudos said.
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