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File 150730769961.jpg - (131.10KB , 600x461 , d36.jpg )
111027 No. 111027 ID: 649f2c
Operators, tell me your thoughts upon seeing with your own eyes, possibly for the first time, that the NRA is gun control advocate and a wing of the Republican party and not the organization advocating for your rights and against regulation that they claim to be. Operators only please, If you're a shill from /pol/ or some other kind of newfag please stay out of this thread.
My opinion is that its too bad for the NRA that the manufacturers of innovative, legal modern equipment (certified by the Obama administration even) are small time entrepreneurs and not big enough or politically connected enough to be big time political money spenders. If Slide Fire was a big political donor like Beretta, Benelli and the rest of NRA's corporate partners then the NRA wouldn't be exposing itself for what it is the week. Its a fucking shame that politically connected foreign corporations (who don't manufacture bump fire stocks) have more sway in DC than our own citizens do. A lot of weapons industry workers are going to go jobless over this one.
Imaging if the NAACP had come out a few days after the Micah X shooting and said "niggers need to be disarmed right now", how much support do you think they'd hold on to? Why can the NRA completely screw us over and nobody is complaining?
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>> No. 111028 ID: 579c4e
  What they should have said was "we advise all of our members and all Americans to follow the law" and that't it. However! What might have been smart for them is to said "we won't oppose a ban on bump fire stocks as long as national repocracy CC is passes as well." But they managed to drop the ball and fucked that up. Personally I'd never own a bump fire stock, but banning them doesn't mean people can't bumpfire without them. Even more effective is a quality, light trigger. Bump fire stocks are the poor mans rapid fire device, because why spend easily $200+ on a trigger when you can spend ~$100 on a tacticool stock and have all the people at the range pay attention to you? "Oh is that a bump fire stock, what a badass" says the guy with a tapco'd SKS. It happens I've seen it. No/low taste gun owners cream over crap like that.

>Why can the NRA completely screw us over and nobody is complaining?

Because of controlled opposition. The amount of "I support the Second Amendment and even own an AR15, but bump fire stocks need to be banned" comments I've seen are ridiculous. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED is very clear, but it brings the former fudd and on the fence gun owners to the "we bust ban these stocks because they serve no sporting purpose" side. It sets a stage for another slow-motion AWB. First it's bump fire stocks, then bayonet lugs, then flash hiders then... you obviously see where this is going.
>> No. 111029 ID: 3e843b
File 150731338961.jpg - (102.60KB , 1078x728 , CzQ4sEoUcAA-ax_.jpg )
I think for some atleast, and I don't agree with this position, bump stocks are seen as a sacrificial lamb. Something, SOMETHING, needs done after the shooting, doesn't matter what, just some......thing, some to satisfy emotional fucks demanding emotional actions.

The thinking is allowing this to be sacrificed to the gods of gun control might allow further bans to be avoided.

I personally think thats bullshit. It might work for a temporary satisfaction but ultimately it will hurt gun owners far greater then digging our heels in. Letting bump fire stocks get banned means a political victory for the forces of chaos, those dread legions commanded by the inhuman undying monstrosity know as Feinstein, something to rally their forces and supporters around.

It also gets their foot in the door for some sloppery slipe further bans. Like 5.45 said in >>111028, its like a slowburn AWB, they'll chip away with new and exciting bans on other cosmetic and unimportant features. Its a death by a thousands cuts for assault wepons.

And the fudd Zumbo types will eat this shit up. I'd swear they hate assault rifles more then card carrying anti-gunners.
>> No. 111030 ID: 85023b
File 150731464450.jpg - (141.62KB , 680x846 , 979.jpg )
>denounces shills from /pol/
>posts smear job against libertarian cartoonist

Second, did you mean to say Malcolm X? Because he hated the NAACP.

As far as I'm concerned, the use of a bump stock is the same as manufacturing a machinegun (the legal term, not the technical one) post 1986. The end result is automatic fire. They should not have been cleared before automatics in general were made legal. Something is going to give, and the loss of bump stocks is tiny compared to them fucking up something on future semi-autos, like magazine capacity or requiring fixed magazines or any amount of really damaging fuckery congress can do. I say we sacrifice bump stocks and focus on the long game. Would you sacrifice a rook to save a pawn?
>> No. 111036 ID: e266a3
Sure, they can take our bumpfire stocks, just get rid of the Hughes Amendment and NFA so we can have select-fire weapons back. Sounds like plenty compromise to me.
>> No. 111037 ID: f0d936
>possibly for the first time

The NRA used to be very pro-gun control before second amendment activists (who in 1997 Wayne LaPierre said were "extremists" who would "turn the NRA into a irrelevant organization like the John Birch Society") joined it's management in the 70s after the 1968 GCA. Until then they were very much a pro-fudd, nobody needs more than five rounds, keep the blacks and poors from buying guns, type of group.
>> No. 111039 ID: bdbd7c
  NRA: won't somebody please think of the children!!!!!
>> No. 111040 ID: bdbd7c
File 150735819827.jpg - (23.19KB , 300x307 , BapqVyM.jpg )
forget to mention that GOA is fighting this bullshit, thats the difference between a real gun rights organization made up entirely of American citizens and run by them and a lobbying group for foreign manufacturers (and some domestic ones too) run by a bunch of former congressional aids and other swamp creatures, which is what the NRA really is.
how is anyone ever going to trust the NRA after watching them cave in as quickly as possible? do they take performance enhancing drugs to reach that level of moral cowardice? how much longer before the NRA comes out in favor of eliminating guns entirely and putting CCTV cameras everywhere?
i think i just figured it out! the R in NRA does stand for rifle, but what they mean by it is that cops should be allowed to rifle through your belongings and take anything they like, warrant or none, and they think the populace should be disarmed to forward their agenda (just incase someone doesn't like being searched and shoots back instead).
>> No. 111057 ID: da39fa
>a lobbying group for foreign manufacturers
If that were true they'd bother fighting 922(r) and the GCA.
>> No. 111061 ID: 952635
da tovarich, small domestic manufacturers have all of the same financial, legal and political connections and opportunities that large foreign corporations do. joe shmoe in his garage can set up foreign and domestic subsidiaries and complex business constructs to circumvent regulation just like big boys do, its easy and inexpensive.
is level playing field, thanks for pointing that out.
>> No. 111066 ID: 4eb1b6
>been winning for decades
>something unpleasant happens

You effete, limpwristed cunts are precisely the reason I'm spending my life pursuing the objective I am. You lot shouldn't require an utterly amoral predator to show you fucks the way, but evidently you do. Stand and fight, fuckwits. This far, no farther.
>> No. 111103 ID: b3f8f4
Someone should think of them for sure.

>> No. 111104 ID: b3f8f4
They might not depends on their financial interests for sure.

>> No. 111105 ID: b3f8f4
Guns dont kill people kids with too much free time kill people

>> No. 111106 ID: b3f8f4
Bump stocks could hurt people too.

>> No. 111107 ID: b3f8f4
What about a world of guns without bullets thatd be sad as hell.

>> No. 111108 ID: b3f8f4
the nra putting that work in.

>> No. 111109 ID: b3f8f4
One day guns will speak for themselves.

>> No. 111110 ID: b3f8f4
Guns are gud.

>> No. 111113 ID: 65f0f1
Hello, new friend! It is common courtesy to restrict double posting. Take the time to compose your thoughts and enter them into a single post.
>> No. 111122 ID: da39fa
Why are you talking like that?
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