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File 15083483882.jpg - (39.21KB , 600x489 , 5007646751156.jpg )
111124 No. 111124 ID: bd7eb8
Trump is now placing insulting phone calls to the next of kin of fallen soldiers & saying shit like
>he wouldn't have got killed if he was good at his job
>he knew what he was signing up for

Check out this thread on the old Warbirds Freehost website https://forum.wbfree.net/index.php?threads/i-miss-roland-garros.37735/
Look at what would get someone permabanned from a stolen video games forum less than a decade ago and now compare it to what is acceptable today from even the most respected quarters. How does Trump do it? No matter how hard I try I'll never be that nasty. I've been banned from 4chan on several occasions for being too offensive without using cp or other illegal or shock image content, I thought I was good.
>> No. 111125 ID: 4d835f
  dude is 9000x more punk than lou reed or johnny rotten ever were. gg tried way harder to offend society and an ended up dying moronically and people made fun of at his funeral. trump goes balls to the wall doing the same stuff gg tired and hes the most popular man on the planet.
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