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File 150847188828.jpg - (245.67KB , 1200x800 , DMg2iSGWkAI4g2w.jpg )
111134 No. 111134 ID: 649f2c
alt-right more like the ABDL-right.
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>> No. 111141 ID: 07249c
File 150864017859.jpg - (73.16KB , 1200x575 , DBl6k3IW0AAu6Cx.jpg )
>> No. 111142 ID: 07249c
File 150864022154.jpg - (88.82KB , 965x476 , DBl6lRuWAAAbZFe.jpg )
>> No. 111143 ID: 07249c
File 150864026685.jpg - (45.62KB , 1020x616 , DBl6l7mXkAAHP8N.jpg )
>> No. 111144 ID: 07249c
File 150864035613.jpg - (199.53KB , 1200x751 , DMcjz5RX0AEyCEy.jpg )
versus actual conservatives several months later.
>> No. 111145 ID: 07249c
File 150864041813.jpg - (259.09KB , 1200x842 , DMcjz56WAAElA3U.jpg )
>> No. 111147 ID: 95e1b4
what the fuck is this even?
>> No. 111149 ID: 3e843b
File 150872504527.jpg - (110.06KB , 800x1066 , Creature-Terror-Gremlins--117643.jpg )
Madness. Pure and literally pants shitting madness. The sort of madness that would make the great and terrible Cthulhu say "wtf".
>> No. 111150 ID: 3e9aae
File 150873187469.png - (569.62KB , 920x618 , o27QbXz.png )
Republican snowflakes at Kent State who got triggered by safe spaces.
>> No. 111174 ID: 45e3a1
File 150940815864.png - (188.49KB , 407x211 , e3e030d5b254701cee501f24148cd885461d2dec57ed974e2a.png )
>> No. 111231 ID: 958864
File 150992063891.jpg - (191.68KB , 1200x799 , DN4ytdjWAAAldDK.jpg )
how can the left even compete?!
>> No. 112187 ID: 0c2d81
owning yourself to own the libs
>Bennett said that initially, Kirk reached out to congratulate her personally, telling her “Keep up the triggering, good job.” But as the backlash grew, TP USA staff seemed particularly concerned with protecting Kirk’s personal social media image, the Independent wrote:

>Ms Bennett said she tried to defend herself, lashing out at the other groups in Facebook posts. That’s when she got a call from Turning Point’s chief operational officer, Tyler Bowyer.

>During their conversation, Ms Bennet says Mr Bowyer told her that the diaper incident was inappropriate because it “gave the left a lot of ammo to take these pictures and make memes out of them.”

>“It’s not funny,” Ms Bennet said the COO told her. “Nothing about this is funny. Now every time Charlie [Kirk] tweets they tweet back pictures of him in a diaper.”

>Not only was Kirk apparently extremely irritated that people kept on swamping him with diaper photos on Twitter, the online backlash convinced TP USA to crack down on the ability of its chapters to independently organize:

>As a result of the diaper incident, Ms Bennett said, the organisation changed its entire event process, requiring more—and more explicit—sign-offs from adult employees. Mr Kirk later confirmed as much to the New Yorker, saying the organisation had issued new guidelines to chapters in order to prevent a repeat. The Kent State chapter has not hosted a single speaker since the Free Speech Week.
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