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No. 111209 ID: 85023b
  In keeping with the rest of Christmas marketing, I'm starting this thread much too early. What are you guys getting your friends and loved ones?
Only one I've purchased so far is a bottle of Hennessey XO for my parents-in-law. I plan to send my brother a dozen Dominican Churchills. The wife still lugs around a backpack like a high school student; got a briefcase in the works for her. Fuck. Christmas shopping is gonna be a bitch this year on $10/hr.
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>> No. 111210 ID: 85023b
er, $9/hr.
>> No. 111211 ID: 544b7e
Are you fuicking mad? I still have a pumkin in my hall and your pushing Christmas thoughts into my head. Youre almost as bad as the shopping centres man haha

Any chance of grabbing a few extra hours where you work? 9 dolloridoos an hour is tight at Christmas alright.
>> No. 111212 ID: 19518e
I think I'm gonna get my mom a TV to replace the rustic vintage 32" CRT that's honestly better off hooked up to a basement-dwelling SNES.

Looking at a 50" 1080p to 2k something with wireless whatever, what get? It'll pretty much just be getting Netflix so nothing too fancy required, it'll be sitting on a living room TV bench so no wall mount stuff required either.
>> No. 111214 ID: 8f0088
File 150974530417.jpg - (213.33KB , 1920x1200 , pistol US Smith & Wesson _357 Magnum alcohol t.jpg )
I give ATF gifts to friends: alcohol, tobacco and firearms, usually a bottle of booze, some 12 gauge buckshot cartridges, and a good cigar, all in a festive bag.
>> No. 111217 ID: 8c968b
Fuck. Don't remind me. I have such a hard time figuring out what people want due to my raging autism.
>> No. 111218 ID: d1963a
>> No. 111219 ID: 19518e
File 150975170980.gif - (2.73MB , 240x135 , 1335029284134.gif )
>tfw never have a friend IRL like bats
>> No. 111241 ID: 6ddaa6
My friend back home is an ex-marine and lover of Scotch. A local distillery out here makes a single malt, so I pick him up a bottle. Apparently, you can't ship liquor yourself...
>> No. 111242 ID: b430d1
give them explosive diarrhea too
>> No. 111247 ID: df12a0
Bat Guano is the best robot overlord.
>> No. 111249 ID: 136a5b
Get a 4k TV, don't worry about the "smart" aspect too much, they'll all have it, but within 2 years the "smart" bit will be outdated.
The TV will still work fine, you'll just plug in an external dongle and be good to go.
>> No. 111252 ID: 8e2be8
Earlier this week I got my sister-in-law a gift certificate for maternity clothes.
Today she lost the baby.
>> No. 111255 ID: 1519ac
>> No. 112428 ID: 3061a0
About that time again. What's on the list this year? I haven't even begun to think about it. I'm told I'll get a two week break from BCT during christmas. Probably buy everyone alcohol.
>> No. 112429 ID: 336324
Patches for everybody. I'm thinking of offering gift wrapping as a shipping option
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