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File 151114136830.jpg - (132.49KB , 800x640 , 6258657401_27b4333a1b_o.jpg )
111295 No. 111295 ID: 5f39e8
Anyone here mine crypto-coins?

Got started last month. Figured I would give it a try as I never turn off my gaming rig (well...piss poor gaming rig...see specs at end) and with classes I find myself not really gaming.

Electricity in my neck of the woods is ~$0.10 a kwhr. If the price of the coin I am mining doesn't go up I can net maybe $40-70 profit over a year. Probably closer to $40 as my DSL connection is shit and there is no other option besides satellite in my neck of the woods (That might even go away. The phone company here has a county government protected monopoly that they insist is not a monopoly but a CoOp...). I don't know if I care if I make a real profit though. Hell I'm thinking of building a dedicated GPU mining rig at, most likely, a net loss, sometime next year.

I'm not going to shill what I am mining but would like to know if any of you all are mining as well. If you would like to shill your coin feel free.

AMD X4 880k (FM2+)
mini-itx mobo
16gb DDR3
Zotac 1060 3gb "mini" w/memory overclock

Getting ~550h/s

Pic unrelated. I just find that whole camera gear combo to be sexy as fuck. I need that lens hood in my life...
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>> No. 111296 ID: a0e46e
File 151114233939.jpg - (19.35KB , 300x170 , 135045966334.jpg )
Not again...
>> No. 111297 ID: 5f39e8
File 151114518490.jpg - (27.71KB , 433x287 , pandorabox.jpg )
Perhaps I'm just hopeful and not forgetful?
>> No. 111299 ID: c3b8cf

ask serv, or learn your opchan memes
>> No. 111301 ID: be7443
Didn't he spend server money on building a bitcoin miner or buying one and lost everything?

The situation I am describing is completely different. I'm talking about having fun and wasting electricity. I'm also not doing this with other people's money or money that is for a different purpose.

Don't let one mans stupidity forever ruin something.
>> No. 111302 ID: a083c4
File 151130799992.jpg - (1.96MB , 4352x2904 , IMG_4121.jpg )
I did fine mining Dogecoin, then using it to buy silver. Electricity is cheap. Hardware is not. Do your math if you're going to mine.
>> No. 111303 ID: be7443
I did find a place that sells silver and gold that /r/silverbugs likes that takes my chosen coin. Started thinking mine for a year and then take the coins there to buy 1 & 2oz rounds that I like the art on.
I know silver and gold aren't what TV commercials would like you to believe but there is just something about holding a precious metal in your hands...

>Do your math if you're going to mine.

I have and if prices stay static or drop then I would end up either mining at a net loss or JUST breaking after a few years...assuming that none of the hardware breaks down...

I like to think in terms of worst case scenario on these things so that if the coin does more than just a short term moon mission I am pleasantly surprised.
>> No. 111306 ID: 3e1d99
He claims no server money went into that particular bit of dumbassery. Instead he said he took out an unsecured loan to fund it.

Iirc he barely broke even after selling off the hardware.
>> No. 111307 ID: b85820
File 151133379999.jpg - (282.53KB , 1280x871 , 1280px-Yttrium_sublimed_dendritic_and_1cm3_cube.jpg )
Bah! Why not mine for something useful? Like molybdenum (used in the production of high-strength superalloys) or rare earths like yttrium (used in superconductors and atomic batteries). The mining of rare-earth minerals was at one time dominated by the United States, but the People's Republic of China has since come to dominate the market. China's rare earth industry makes up 97 percent of rare mineral trade worldwide and if they force an embargo, the industrial nations would be burdened by the great needs of these minerals.
>> No. 111309 ID: da39fa
He did not break even after selling the hardware. He lost at least several hundred dollars in the venture. It's been so long I don't remember the exact figures but I believe his net losses were at least a grand.
>> No. 111310 ID: f3d226
According to google you can buy 1oz bars of it. Actually you can get 1oz bars of nearly the entire, mostly stable, periodic table...that might just be something cool to do!

>Hey what did your great uncle leave you?
>A trunk full of random hunks of metal...

He would have been better off stealing server money. No interest payments that way.

Was it a bitcoin miner?
>> No. 111312 ID: 85023b
File 151137996837.png - (682.09KB , 1003x558 , dogecarrear.png )
If you're really doing this shit, I unironically recommend dogecoin.
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