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File 151125678812.jpg - (2.86KB , 126x126 , images.jpg )
111298 No. 111298 ID: 4ce89f
Id always known that the Opchan mail account I got years back was a liability. That sooner or later, whether it was Serv it someone else, will try to access these linked accounts.

Got a failed sign in attempt a little while back from Covington, KY, on an old account havent used in years. I know its one of you. I know it is because no one would otherwise even know that account existed. Only someone who had a list of accounts linked to opchan would have seen that account.

Its too late, ive burnt it to the ground fucker; theres nothing left to see.
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>> No. 111300 ID: be7443
>Its too late, ive burnt it to the ground fucker; theres nothing left to see.

Was there anything to see in the first place?
Be honest here. Was their anything of significance on your opchan email?
>> No. 111308 ID: a083c4
paranoid much? If you want me to delete the account entirely shoot me a line.
>> No. 111311 ID: 241b9d
File 151137294328.jpg - (160.51KB , 800x1035 , 6OmgYVW.jpg )
I'm not sure what you're blabbering about.

Your opchan email address is not secret. It can be crawled, guessed or gotten from people who have previously mailed you. It doesn't need to be "us" to have tried to get in, plenty of non-humans trawl the web for nothing else these days. Even if it was someone from this site, I'm not sure what you hope to get from posting your actions.

If opchan staff wanted to access your email, the Google Apps admins would just have reset your password (because we manage the domain after all). This has never been a secret, and as such I'd be extremely surprised if anyone with an opchan email would even consider using it for anything secret or sensitive. And it's friggin' Google to boot.
>> No. 111313 ID: 7326e1
opchan died years ago dude
this board is only kept alive to serve as a backup for gamergate in case /pol/ or 8ch both go down
>> No. 111338 ID: d712ee
I guess this is as good of a place as any:

My opchan account got disabled last month, looks like it got compromised and used to send spam. I actually do use it still for GB and stuff, so having it work would be nice, but google requires the admin to reenable it.

Jedi halp?
>> No. 111339 ID: a083c4

email me an alternate email address so I can send you a recovery link
>> No. 111367 ID: 0adccc
File 151201948079.jpg - (88.43KB , 640x455 , imageproxy.jpg )
Sent you an email on the 27th, should contain "tactikool" in title, not sure if you've seen it. Thanks 4 help.
>> No. 111373 ID: a083c4

Sent you a reset link. I see your account has like 17GB of shit in it so... probably got pumped full of hot steamy spam.
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