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File 151175689350.jpg - (161.35KB , 1920x1200 , meme-thinking-face-wide.jpg )
111340 No. 111340 ID: ae72b1
OPERATORchan what do you think about people who use their affinity for purchasing and handling weapons as a substitute for developing any genuinely masculine characteristics?
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>> No. 111341 ID: 75b8ec
  OPERATORchan what do you think about people who use authoritarian strong-man memes as a substitute for actually developing any genuinely masculine characteristics?
>> No. 111342 ID: bd9939
File 151188388618.jpg - (67.76KB , 960x960 , 19424081_1264463690343462_1334385580463774420_n.jpg )
Are we talking lumberjack providing for his family or Frank Castle masculinity or I spend $50 on a beard trim every week before heading to the latest brewery to go fill some growlers "masculinity"?
>> No. 111349 ID: 18ae0a
yes, lets talk paul bunyan versus people who pose for fb pictures with their ar and hope nobody can tell that they're frightened and confused by the gun because they spend their time watching girl animes instead of actually going out and shooting niggers like god intended.
>> No. 111351 ID: 299635
Masculinity and femininity are both poor substitutes for adult responsibility.

That's what being a man/woman is about. Being a responsible. Being able to be trusted.

Without that, masculinity and femininity just seem like juvenile distinctions between two types of people I'd nothing to do with (the distinction being one is a bit hairier than the other?)
>> No. 111356 ID: b430d1
>able to be trusted

go back to reddit you retard
>> No. 111395 ID: 7143f3
Someone's insecurities poking through a little bit there.

>Masculine man who spends all his time pounding booze, strange women, and other faces with his fists.
>Able to be trusted
Confining people to stereotypes is great.
>> No. 111398 ID: 90be61
As long as they actually shoot said firearms and are not a danger to anyone else I don't see the issue.
>is the same as a woman
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