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No. 111408 ID: 89236d

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>> No. 111409 ID: af806f
  These bastard cops are on such a power trip, they point their tacticooled ARs (that the cop engraved with "you're fucked") at unarmed people, scream series of orders that must be obeyed immediately upon pain of death, make people crawl and then shoot them while they crawl, begging for their lives. Just say he was reaching for a gun that wasn't there and you're acquitted.

But a question remains for me: why go through all that yelling orders that the suspect crawl (with his arms up in the air which is confusing since people associate crawling with crawling on their hands and knees) when the cop could have easily covered the suspect and then send the other cop to handcuff and search him?

Cop Murders Man Begging For His Life (GRAPHIC VIDEO) https://youtu.be/qTdJYZMKeQs
>> No. 111410 ID: b430d1
that cop learned to do that shit when he was sent on your dime to go over to the mid east and do the same shit to other people. iraq and az ain't that different, they're both deserts filled with poor, short, brown, non-english speaking flatbread enthusiasts.
when cop or his ilk are over there learning you're over here going "rah rah rah muh heroes" then they come home and do the same shit and it bugs you. and u wonder why iraqis go for the terrorism high score all the time but when cop-killer micha xavier does it you have no question and when tim mcveigh does the same kinda shit for the same reason even though him and MX were opposites politically - but they both got that killer instinct somewhere…you go and fanboi it up in one of your hot new military tech threads, that stuff is never gonna be turned on you, shit it was less than 15 years ago people were arguing about the morality of using armed drones to kill "evil terrorists" and all you .mil fanbois were rah-rah-rah in your cheerleader outfits, but now domestic law enforcement agencies have armed drones. makes you feel safe just thinking about how mr. innocent ex-military police officer who shot the dude in OP and all the other cops just like him can pop you anytime, anywhere with a drone strike just cause they don't like your looks and you won't even have a chance to beg, never see it coming, won't even know what hit you until you're up at the pearly gates getting the big thumbs down.
>> No. 111411 ID: 682dc0
>keep your hands up in the air
>don't reach behind you or for your waist

>idiot proceeds to put his hands down
>idiot proceeds to reach for his waistband

no shit he got shot
>> No. 111412 ID: 278cbe
Oh well, there's a method to prevent this. You need to teach people how to execute these commands. In schools. In classes. The class goes to PE. They fall flat onto the ground, face into dust, and obey commands. They stand up on their knees, put their hands in the air and walk forward like that. They pass acceptance tests so they can act in stressful situation like that. You need to show them why it is necessary, so they can save their lives.

Which is very strange to me. Americans proud to be most armed nation, but they don't have civil defence lessons in schools? They are not obliged to learn how to properly operate guns? Maybe these commands are too complex for average person to execute? You might want to fix something in this equation.

>they're both deserts filled with poor, short, brown, non-english speaking flatbread enthusiasts
I'm not going to assume too much, but I suppose that non-english speaking people do not usually react well on shouting dog-training commands at them.

>shit it was less than 15 years ago
15 years ago was only the beginning.

>"you listen, you obey"
>literally shouts "REEEE" while opening fire
If this doesn't indicate cop's mental health at the moment, then you are probably about as smart as the person who got shot for disobeying commands. Take the note.
>> No. 111413 ID: 3e9aae
File 151285289079.jpg - (82.09KB , 1200x900 , brailsford-1.jpg )
Nah the guy isn't ex-mil. Though apparently his father was, and was in the police department's internal affairs when Brasilsford was previously fired and then rehired after violating department policies.

Unsurprisingly most media outlets are cropping the photos where you can see his tattoos.
>> No. 111414 ID: 025354
sigh. i don't blame the cop for shooting the guy, he reached behind i would have shot him as well, i think he was a little too panicked in his fire but eh. like some one said they fucked up with the directives, to complex too many. i agree with this ruling but im glad he no longer is police officer. i expect the family to win the suit against the city though the police in general fucked this one up.
>> No. 111417 ID: 9e0b18
File 15129728956.jpg - (101.38KB , 640x509 , 95f02ed5da1b295d6b6c8068406d0d2c.jpg )
The only "blue lives" that matter are the ones who crushed the white trash slaver's rebellion.
>> No. 111419 ID: 025354
File 151307046726.jpg - (71.08KB , 401x488 , 142109013977.jpg )
>> No. 111421 ID: 3202e1
The guy who did the shooting isn't the one giving the commands
>get a call about a man pointing a gun a people at a hotel.
>other people in the room
They were operating under these circumstances. So I understand them going in hot.
>Sgt. giving contradictory commands to a guy who's obviously drunk off his ass
This is where the problems start
>Telling the drunk guy to start crawling towards you
...what? Why not do it like a felony stop (youtube it)? Way safer and keeps your guys out of his room's doorway (what they were trying to avoid).

Instead, they put him in the situation where he was reaching at his waist that got him shot. The Sgt. giving the commands should be the one in hot water.
>> No. 111464 ID: e266a3
All I've really got to say about it is 1) if I'm not mistaken, the dust cover inscription wasn't considered by the jury, though it did help get him fired on internal policy grounds.

On an tangent, Scott Smith's performance as mayor is precisely why I didn't vote him for governor back in 2014. I'm not impressed by someone who spends a fuckton of federal pork and bond hikes on bullshit like the Riverview and a stadium that the Cubs or even the fucking Sun Devils don't even use. That's after already wasting millions of dollars on Fiesta Mall which is now an giant in-door inner city strip mall and a good chunk of the area where the small businesses and actual neighborhood are is like pre-Arpaio central Phoenix.


The original sanctuary city bullshit in Maricopa County wasn't with Greg Stanton's weasel-wording around the time Trump got elected. Say what you will about Arpaio, but the instant a Village-Voice owned rag like the New Times which isn't even fit to be hobo toilet paper praises someone like Jorge Gascon, you know he's fucking crooked. It should surprise absolutely no one that he ended up moving back to California and continuing his bullshit there for a while before Gavin Newsom tapped him to replace Kamala Harris after she became a senator.

After he left in 2009 the department went though like four chiefs of police before the current one.
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