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No. 111447 ID: 3e9aae
  On December 17th at approximately 2 in the morning a unknown number of persons wearing DGCIM patches (Venezuelan military intelligence) approached a Venezuelan National Guard headquarters outside Caracas. They told the soldiers on duty that they were there to carry out a search warrant so the soldiers let them in.

Once inside, they tied up everybody in the building and stole a bunch of rifles and ammunition along with a couple pistols. They spray painted references to Article 350 in the Venezuelan constitution that states that Venezuelans have a duty to oppose tyrannical rule, and harangued the soldiers about how they're dishonoring their uniforms by supporting a government of exploiters and drug dealers and so on. It also turns out the raid was led by Oscar Perez, the police officer who commandeered a helicopter earlier in the year and threw grenades at government buildings in Caracas from it. And of course, he posted video of it on his YouTube channel.
>> No. 111454 ID: cf0272
Cool, now reference that with this recently released CIA manual on Psychological Warfare in Guerilla Warfare:

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