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File 151485017664.png - (95.67KB , 297x237 , 138336519386.png )
111496 No. 111496 ID: 530747
Is it okay to talk about explosives in here?
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>> No. 111500 ID: a70f4c
File 151485428987.jpg - (123.13KB , 1024x1062 , US bomb explosion 2.jpg )
>> No. 111501 ID: a70f4c
File 151485429885.jpg - (165.30KB , 1024x768 , US bomb explosion 3.jpg )
>> No. 111502 ID: a70f4c
File 151485430753.jpg - (206.85KB , 1600x1172 , US bomb explosion 4 Iraqi urban renewal.jpg )
>> No. 111503 ID: a70f4c
File 151485431537.jpg - (189.76KB , 1200x1350 , US bomb explosion 5.jpg )
>> No. 111504 ID: a70f4c
File 151485432415.jpg - (189.72KB , 1600x1070 , US bomb explosion 6.jpg )
>> No. 111505 ID: a70f4c
File 151485433289.jpg - (122.71KB , 1024x681 , US bomb explosion 7.jpg )
>> No. 111506 ID: a70f4c
File 151485434178.jpg - (192.56KB , 2000x1160 , US bomb explosion 8 retarded bombs.jpg )
>> No. 111507 ID: a70f4c
File 151485435046.jpg - (180.87KB , 1600x1017 , US bomb explosion 9.jpg )
>> No. 111508 ID: a70f4c
File 151485436165.jpg - (369.53KB , 2000x1303 , US bomb explosion 10.jpg )
>> No. 111509 ID: a70f4c
File 15148543743.jpg - (506.93KB , 2000x1303 , US bomb explosion 11.jpg )
>> No. 111510 ID: a70f4c
File 151485438547.jpg - (386.30KB , 2000x1331 , US bomb explosion 12.jpg )
>> No. 111511 ID: a70f4c
File 151485439443.jpg - (183.22KB , 2000x1499 , US bomb explosion 13.jpg )
>> No. 111512 ID: a70f4c
File 151485442515.gif - (1.96MB , 275x237 , US bomb explosion 100 tons EOD.gif )
>> No. 111513 ID: a70f4c
File 151485443344.jpg - (166.28KB , 1280x960 , US bomb explosion at Pearl Harbor.jpg )
>> No. 111514 ID: a70f4c
File 151485444830.gif - (627.38KB , 322x242 , US bomb explosion detonates over truck.gif )
>> No. 111515 ID: a70f4c
File 151485445974.jpg - (306.43KB , 1974x1874 , US bomb explosion exploding mine.jpg )
>> No. 111516 ID: a70f4c
File 151485446858.jpg - (171.88KB , 1280x960 , US bomb explosion F4 Phantom test crash 1.jpg )
>> No. 111517 ID: a70f4c
File 151485447818.jpg - (186.09KB , 1280x960 , US bomb explosion F4 Phantom test crash 2.jpg )
>> No. 111518 ID: a70f4c
File 151485449167.jpg - (231.48KB , 1280x960 , US bomb explosion F4 Phantom test crash 3.jpg )
>> No. 111519 ID: a70f4c
File 151485450312.jpg - (466.54KB , 2000x1353 , US bomb explosion F-16 Viper East demo team.jpg )
>> No. 111520 ID: a70f4c
File 151485451359.jpg - (268.41KB , 1800x1260 , US bomb explosion of 1500lbs confiscated ordnance,.jpg )
>> No. 111521 ID: a70f4c
File 151485452272.jpg - (229.30KB , 1800x1188 , US bomb explosion of 1500lbs confiscated ordnance,.jpg )
>> No. 111522 ID: a70f4c
File 151485453239.jpg - (344.15KB , 1800x1180 , US bomb explosion of a cache of unexploded ordnanc.jpg )
>> No. 111523 ID: a70f4c
File 151485454259.png - (240.51KB , 1028x965 , US bomb explosion sign UXO ANSI Danger UXB.png )
>> No. 111524 ID: a70f4c
File 151485456718.jpg - (1.78MB , 2400x3000 , US bomb explosion Tomahawk cruise missile destroyi.jpg )
>> No. 111525 ID: a70f4c
File 151485457686.jpg - (185.06KB , 1024x1209 , US bomb explosion Tomahawk cruise missile destroyi.jpg )
>> No. 111526 ID: a70f4c
File 151485458312.jpg - (53.60KB , 543x662 , US bomb explosion.jpg )
>> No. 111527 ID: a70f4c
File 151485459344.jpg - (244.62KB , 1800x1200 , US bomb explosions in Afghanistan.jpg )
>> No. 111528 ID: a70f4c
File 151485460153.jpg - (151.90KB , 1614x1037 , US bomb napalm bombs explode on Southeast Asian ri.jpg )
>> No. 111529 ID: a70f4c
File 151485460932.jpg - (89.49KB , 1483x1000 , US nuke atomic Trinity explosion, _016 seconds aft.jpg )
>> No. 111530 ID: a70f4c
File 151485461813.jpg - (203.27KB , 1350x1821 , US nuke silo 3_5 million pounds of explosives deto.jpg )
>> No. 111531 ID: a70f4c
File 151485462654.jpg - (91.99KB , 740x593 , US WW2 carrier USS Lexington (CV 2) explodes Battl.jpg )
>> No. 111535 ID: 9dcda2
>> No. 111538 ID: 3e843b
File 151495319212.jpg - (15.66KB , 600x463 , Micheal+bay+films+micheal+bay+film+explosionspow_3.jpg )
Get out of here Micheal Bay!!!!
>> No. 111542 ID: 5c87e8
File 151504431876.jpg - (176.29KB , 700x530 , leninigger.jpg )
i remember perusing the original LJ where that set of images appeared
there were a number of good one in that set
englishrussia used to be a fantastic copendium of all of the best LJ slavposting before it became a state mouthpiece
those were the days, i spent hours and hours looking through people's weekend adventures infiltrating abandoned soviet military and industrial sites.
>> No. 111543 ID: 738b31

i miss Acid Man. I take his lack of posting now that Gamer Gate isn't a thing to mean he finally blew himself up.
>> No. 111553 ID: 18f8f2
He abandoned this shithole along with all the other above-room-temperature-IQ posters. I really need to purge my address bar so I don't accidentally come back and be reminded of how low this place has gotten.
>> No. 111560 ID: c9fe43
Kek, gamergate is still a thing. Hilarity.

Also, I'm p sure he's now FBI
>> No. 111562 ID: 7a0d11
Yeah. GG got fed up with him and doxed him, then he was all "no I'm not a terrorist I'm a FBI informant! you can't harass me!", which explains a lot about why he was always acting like a fucking plant and trying to get people to make bombs and murder the families of soldiers. "FBI informant stops terror plot they masterminded" indeed.
>> No. 111599 ID: 039f26
File 151591008821.jpg - (5.22KB , 300x199 , consider.jpg )


>one and done

It amazes me sometimes that shills are still active. I can get that we'll never be rid of them on the #GG hub sites, but you'd think that as dead as this place is, they would have stopped trying to keep this meme alive long ago.


Every time we start to peter out, they resurrect our corpse. lol i reprt u? Actually you should just know better by virtue of having been here so long.


Sort of this. Its painful to admit it out loud because this place was home for so long, but the place is dead. I stopped by out of curiosity to see if the new site ever materialized and saw this thread. Also I need to not type when I'm sleepy.
>> No. 111602 ID: 2d802d
Acid did post a lot of good info though, to be honest, I don't know if there were any deliberate mistakes. Wish I still had the screen caps.

How have you been doing man?
>> No. 111606 ID: 039f26

Pretty good man, pretty good. I got a promotion a few months ago, from gun store manager to operations manager along with a corresponding raise and benefits. We're building a gun range and I'm overseeing part of the planning and development stages of that. I've also been doing gunsmithing on the side for the past year, and that's started to become a little bit popular.

Lots of irons in the fire, plus my on-and-off girlfriend and I are seeing each other again. I spend my days off with her or hanging out with friends at the game shop here in town playing card games. I'm almost out of debt, and plan to start fixing my house up when the weather gets warm again. How about you?
>> No. 111617 ID: a083c4
The major holdup with the new site is trying to migrate all of the content tied up in the current site. We have a workable site that could go live right now - it would just be blank.

But thanks for coming by to shit on the effort.
>> No. 111633 ID: 039f26

I literally described what I did, not make a judgment call. Don't be so sensitive.
>> No. 111643 ID: cc0a0e
File 151629252631.jpg - (529.10KB , 1920x2560 , 26854070_10159818132095635_1870253106_o.jpg )
Congrats on the promotion!

Using my GI Bill at Virginia Tech. Managed to land a pathways internship with the Forest Service. Bought a house in the middle of nowhere too.

Had a bit of bullshit with my VA disability claim. They acknowledged that my back and ankle were injured during my service by my job and that I was actively pursuing treatment while I was active duty. Then in the next line they said they were denying service connection. DRO appeal is in. Probably going to be another year or two before someone even thinks of looking at it though.

Got engaged this past December. Not sure when we will actually get hitched. We might end up being one of those couples who stays engaged for years or we might tie the knot this summer. All in all not in any rush.

Ran up some debt this winter. Woman broke her hip (bicycle accident, hairline fracture that grew and was actually made worse by the urgent care people), got laid off earlier that expected, some very expensive vehicle repairs, mostly, out of the blue (wheel bearings, clutch, brakes, tires) for both our vehicles, dressing up the house because folks came to see it for the first time this past Christmas, etc.

Oh new dog. Neighbor had puppies and was giving them away. Pic related! She is a blue-tick mix...we think...

Had some sad times in November. One of the cats got hit by a car. Same day my woman went in for surgery. Little guy wasn't even a year old and had really grown on me.
>> No. 111647 ID: 738b31
You still doing cake baking, Acid Man?
>> No. 111648 ID: a70f4c
File 151650333844.jpg - (186.20KB , 1536x2048 , toilet Do not eat urinal cakes.jpg )
Cake baking?
>> No. 111649 ID: 39b75e
File 151652923779.png - (55.93KB , 286x296 , Cake Works.png )

Whatever else I might be, first and foremost I'm a scientist. I didn't have time to do good research for a while there, but I don't think I'll ever stop being a light weapons geek. I've been getting into the groove again a little bit recently with the acquisition of a translated Soviet RPG technical manual, and it felt great.

Get the new site up and going and I'll probably finish that antiaircraft missile thread that was started so long ago.


Remember bats? Though it was a time when tensions were running higher, courtesy of a Dem president.
>> No. 111650 ID: 41441c
File 151657341961.jpg - (24.36KB , 670x549 , 1514652414778.jpg )
>I'm a scientist
>> No. 111652 ID: 5c87e8
File 151659145436.png - (111.36KB , 300x589 , 300px-AnonymousvsNewfagVert.png )
when is the next scientology protest mr science man?
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