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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 151541545821.jpg - (4.62MB , 3036x4048 , IMG_20171227_152908.jpg )
111575 No. 111575 ID: b84ec1
So y'all know there will be about 10 minutes of downtime sometime today to install the fix for meltdown/spectre

Pic unrelated
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>> No. 111579 ID: 05d612
meltdown and spectra are fake
don't be tricked into downloading any of the "patches" to your secure hardware which "slow down performance"
those patches are spyware so invasive and aggressive that the average person will notice a performance drop, its way more than just a keylogger.
the whole big media scare is a coordinated effort to trick uneducated consumers into buying new stuff with the new superultrajew inside chips sooner
remember back when we all had regular cell phones and then everyone voluntarily adopted GPS tracking and listening devices instead of regular phones because they were afraid of being seen as not cool enough because of "lesser" consumer goods ownership? now they want they same level of tracking on your PC and laptop.
>> No. 111580 ID: b86a7d
File 151544660033.png - (96.22KB , 382x491 , 1488625891713.png )
>> No. 111581 ID: 278cbe
File 15154510517.png - (102.27KB , 370x433 , WikiLeaks-Govt-Spying-on-Americans.png )
Don't bother now. We are so fucked by default that there's no chance for you to know how deep the rabbit hole gets, what is the backdoor and what is a patch for it.

>adopted GPS tracking and listening devices instead of regular phones
Individually it hasn't been changed too much, the technology gets cheaper and more common, and this is the only difference. The problem is manpower, of course, qualified specialists capable of doing the effective and failsafe surveillance job - you are going to get less of them because of dwindling educational standards. On the other hand, corporation management think they will be able to control all the people with "big data" they receive, if they just going to mine as much as possible. I can't wait for this overgrown hyperstructure to fall down on their own heads.
>> No. 111582 ID: 8c5d67
File 151552341712.png - (5.74KB , 215x240 , 148712002161.png )
>k-keep using kasperky everybody! those security holes are just western fake news!
>> No. 111591 ID: a083c4
False alarm, our server and OS is so ancient they can't patch it.

OPchan: 1 Jews: 0
>> No. 111596 ID: 38709e
File 151590584179.gif - (886.20KB , 245x166 , lu.gif )
>> No. 111600 ID: 8aa571
its ok we don't need security here anymore, the russians don't have anyone old enough to translate ebcdic to their munerunes
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