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File 151729012238.jpg - (497.33KB , 800x1132 , 6f7edf92-da4a-430a-beeb-73a6504869c8.jpg )
111704 No. 111704 ID: 1dec8f
Well, it's been like 3 or 4 years.

What are you guys up to?

I'm just gonna go ahead and say life is fucking weird.

You get to do weird shit
And sometimes people dig that, more often than not actually.

All the bullshit I've ever learned to try to be this weird high speed death machine panned out in the weirdest ways.

There's a comic floating around Facebook about a dude about to grape himself, before someone comes in behind him crying about doing the same thing.

So dude sets his shit down and tries to help the other guy out.

I thought it was kind of ironic and generally somewhat realistic and no shit it's happened enough that I kind of realize there's some form of perfection in being selfless for the most selfish reasons possible.

Coping mechanisms or something probably.

When you're feeling at wits end like you literally did everything you could possibly do and all of a sudden your hair is graying the fuck out.

Let's talk about it.
You guys been alright?
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>> No. 111705 ID: 7fdb06
I'm not a social worker anymore. Ended up involutaried by the police and quit. Working five nights at a liquor store, two nights at a cigar lounge, and taking drawing classes in the meantime. Little girl is getting big.

But more about you! Your post hints at a lot of interesting shit. Care to elaborate?
>> No. 111706 ID: 6e2b77
Hi PJ, glad to see you're back. I haven't come back here in a while either. Not that I probably was at all memorable. It's good to see trips coming back, and even better to see the core of you hold this all together.
>> No. 111709 ID: 1dec8f
File 151735329037.jpg - (10.45KB , 364x290 , FB_IMG_1491671076787.jpg )
Well, I picked up drinking at an almost professional level, culled it back to high functioning alcoholic, then cut it back to just drinking whenever.

Made and lost friends, for like the 80th time.

Dealing with adulthood and adjusting to being a responsible person, I've left my previous job of Home Depot and now I do papershuffling for a local company.

I think I've taught roughly 20 people how to not suck at guns and I'm fairly certain I've had a positive impact in my community.

Feels good but makes me feel sick at the same time.

Still have that stupid yearning, idk, I miss my friends that just kinda walked out of my life over dumb shit but hey, it's whatever.

I've done a fair bit more of those Peej things that I'm going to try to not blab about considering the vast network of opchanners I've befriended on social media.

I have a Corgi named Ein, thanks to a Corgi Foster group.
He's pretty cool, big heart for a lil dude.
Originally didn't want him but we ended up bonding when he thought being outside of his kennel meant beatings, then I figured out the dog was incredibly abused/neglected.
Doesn't grow hair on some parts of his foot because he stood in piss for a while, dude just existed in a kennel for 5 years and that really fucked me up to think about.

Catch me in public and we can have drinks over it, you still over in NV or somewhere near there?

Feels weird right?
I immediately contacted JediDoggo after this OP and told him it was weird.

It's kind of cathartic to come back and rummage through the pages.
Tell me what's going on with you bro!
This thread isn't for me to LiveJournal alone.
>> No. 111714 ID: 11d2f7
Still in Vegas area. Paying four figure rent for the first time, but it afforded us a neighborhood where I don't hear gunshots.
>> No. 111715 ID: 39b75e
I "quit" Opchan some time ago for a few reasons, but keep finding new excuses to peek at it or lurk lately. New gun store, new promotion, lots of irons in the fire and a couple new hobbies. Bills are finally getting paid properly, I got a new (to me) car and a much bigger friends circle, and life is looking pretty okay.

Got a gf going through some family/emotional issues and another friend's wife is in the hospital right now so that's all weighing on my mind. Other than that I can't really complain. It's good to see your mug again.
>> No. 111716 ID: e0deaf
File 151741683620.jpg - (1.25MB , 1728x2592 , panamajack.jpg )
Are you still lurking on top of staircases?

>all of a sudden your hair is graying the fuck out.

Trust me when I say grey is better than balding...
>> No. 111719 ID: 1dec8f
File 151746216350.jpg - (8.85KB , 316x243 , FB_IMG_1491103013355.jpg )
I literally moved to a neighborhood where within a few months I watched a kid fumble a pistol out of his sweatpants and have an ND in the middle of the road in broad daylight.

Funniest shit ever, I drew down but like, I watched the whole thing happen, so he looks at me from like 100m away and I've got iron in hand with both arms up like "What the fuck Steve?"

Literally just heard the kid running his mouth over the phone to someone, then when I finally walk outside there he is, fucking up.

Honestly I enjoy neighborhoods like this, I'm a little rough though so usually everyone's jovial.
The place I stayed for like 3 or 4 years was the same way, except we were using gasmasks as beer bongs and would occasionally be seen smoking on a couch with carbines.

Long story short Kentucky is a wonderful place, no one gives a shit about anything.

What's up with your girl?
I've been on an emotional rollercoaster the last few years and yeah I can probably relate with just about anything at this point.

Consoled an old woman who had her brother go MIA for a month, only for her sister to find the guy in pieces with his head missing.

I'm so glad someone kept that picture.
>> No. 111720 ID: 39b75e
File 151746747581.jpg - (67.88KB , 638x967 , 134472900147.jpg )

She had to go back and stay with her family the past several months to take care of a very elderly relative (basically doing all the work herself, while working a day job), and the stress of it finally got to her, triggering some issues she had. That's about all I can say, but its pretty rough right now just sitting around being worried about her from 2 states away.

On the upside I talked to my bro here tonight and his wife is doing okay. She had had chest pains and nearly collapsed, but whatever it was wasn't a heart attack or stroke, and she should be out of the hospital soon, which is fantastic.
>> No. 111724 ID: 1dec8f
Do you get to visit her at all?

I used to run and visit my GF in GA when she tried to get hired on at Turner.
It wasn't so bad.

Keep us updated.
It'll be better to talk about it bro.
>> No. 111726 ID: 136a5b
It's good to see people are taking care of themselves, even Staos(sp?) made it somehow.

I wonder how many haven't made it though.
>> No. 111728 ID: 39b75e

Last I saw her was a month ago. Her issue has been pretty mild in the ~12 years we've known each other, but severe stress can cause freakouts. I feel awful for her, but there's nothing you can do for someone going through this particular thing, because any attempt will make it worse. I already tried talking her down a little and got blocked, meaning this is worse than previous episodes.

I know I'm being vague, but I respect her privacy too much to go blabbing about all the details of her mental health. Sorry.


We've lost a lot of people from Opchan over the last few years. Not gonna lie, I wonder every so often what all the old guys like Max and HM are up to. Or if the Goat story will ever be finished. I hope they're all doing well, somewhere out there.
>> No. 111729 ID: 61bd33
Balci was always cool, and lord knows we all wish Fresh Prince well. Man, I hope he's okay.
>> No. 111730 ID: 1dec8f
File 151772252122.jpg - (21.53KB , 500x375 , FB_IMG_1517611794767.jpg )
Max is still around.
I get his bantz occasionally.

TripleK is also well.
The Minecraft fam still exists.
PhoenixPhart has his birthday not too long ago.
There's one lil dude who does geology, he's been my buddy though a little bit of my crap.

There's a bunch more.
I had a link to Balci at one point.
But he either deleted it or just stopped using it
>> No. 111731 ID: 136a5b
GOTB popped in here not too long ago, he's ok.

I dated an Iranian girl for a few months recently. It was interesting to see her perspective on Iran as someone who grew up wealthy with relatively minor consequences to her actions. Compared with FPoP's view it was interesting, a little scary to see how she avoided consequences for her disregard for the religious state while people are arrested and beaten elsewhere. She had some crazy conspiracy theories that had been fed her in school, Illuminati rules the world type things. We broke up eventually for obvious reasons.
>> No. 111734 ID: e06965
Didn't FPOP post about the protocols of the elders of zion at one point? Wonder how widespread that conspiracy theory is in Iran.
>> No. 111735 ID: 7fecba
File 151778133258.jpg - (280.86KB , 1600x1200 , Iranian T64 war monument in Neishabur with 'D.jpg )
I never remembered that.
I remember him going on that the Iranian regime props itself up by blaming their troubles on other countries, cryptic organizations, and the Jews, Jews, Jews. He didn't believe any of that garbage, as far as I can recall.
I hope everything is going well for the Fresh Prince of Persia.
- Iranian T64 war monument in Neishabur with 'Death to America' sign, photographed by the FPoP.
>> No. 111736 ID: 89236d
File 15177914571.png - (238.63KB , 493x380 , Elders-of-Zion-Egypt-TV.png )
The KGB shipped millions of copies of the Protocols to the middle east to whip up racism, it's absolutely a thing over there.

Likewise there's a lot of "Persians are the true descendents of the mythical Aryan race!" stuff in the vein of white supremacist bluster.
>> No. 111738 ID: 1519ac
Thinking about it it's possible it was Balci. It's been a long time.
>> No. 111741 ID: 39b75e
I know FPoP was active on Krautchan for quite a while. They wound up migrating to 8chan at one point, but I think /kraut/ died during the huge server fuckup a year and a half ago. I wish I had had the foresight to pop in there and see if he was around.

What's really weird right now is that 8chan's traffic rankings are way, way up these days, but its all going to unlisted boards and only a little bit to the main public boards on the site. 8chan looks slow, but has more traffic than it did at its public peak in 2015. Its like a sleeper car.
>> No. 112819 ID: d23a14

Dude wait what?
>> No. 112826 ID: 61e76a
Wonder what it's like now?
>> No. 112868 ID: 5d58ca
File 155394538667.jpg - (100.37KB , 1080x1920 , 55618326_2055580387830354_1253700305162338304_n.jpg )

morning lol
>> No. 112890 ID: e56201
Damn it, if it wasn't either of you then who was it? I swear someone brought it up seriously. Sorry for slandering you guys if it wasn't you.
>> No. 112916 ID: 766843
Sup. Been a while since I've been here. How've ya'll been?
>> No. 112917 ID: f4bd75

Dam son, how the hell are you?
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