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File 151872863839.png - (319.28KB , 451x450 , sdfghjk.png )
111793 No. 111793 ID: c43211
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>> No. 111794 ID: 21e167
Short answer: no.
Long answer: noooooooooo.
>> No. 111795 ID: c9fe43
>> No. 111796 ID: a083c4
you can talk about politics here
>> No. 111801 ID: b430d1
File 151880950621.jpg - (11.97KB , 813x278 , pwnski'd.jpg )
>> No. 111822 ID: ef0a3b
File 151917264288.jpg - (313.47KB , 720x800 , 1510626009931.jpg )
>i'm afraid of discourse that hurts muh feelins
>> No. 111830 ID: 4a3126
OP asked a question. I gave an accurate answer.
>> No. 111877 ID: ef0a3b
File 151941221594.jpg - (21.16KB , 240x240 , 1515771085753.jpg )
>my frail constitution cant handle facts that oppose muh worldview
>> No. 111881 ID: 88ab42

Great, cool. Tell us your sweet #wokepilled anecdotes, cocksucker.
>> No. 111882 ID: 8f4706
For God's sake, /pol,/ please take over.
>> No. 111883 ID: ef0a3b
File 151951729369.jpg - (99.13KB , 621x698 , 1508883471532.jpg )
Did you know that if your'e hand is bigger than your face you have anal cancser?
>> No. 111885 ID: b65022
$20 says pic was a russian troll. We already know how hard they harped on BLM.
>> No. 111888 ID: ef0a3b
File 151957587170.png - (1.33MB , 1232x1166 , 1512389103623.png )
da comrad, everrybuddy u no like is da russkie trollolol.
>> No. 112085 ID: daf281
Funnily enough that one turns out to have been a fraud scheme by a right-wing union in Australia. So perhaps one of the few instances when russia dindoo.
>For at least a year, the biggest page on Facebook purporting to be part of the Black Lives Matter movement was a scam with ties to a middle-aged white man in Australia, a review of the page and associated accounts and websites conducted by CNN shows.

>The page, titled simply "Black Lives Matter," had almost 700,000 followers on Facebook, more than twice as many as the official Black Lives Matter page. It was tied to online fundraisers that brought in at least $100,000 that supposedly went to Black Lives Matter causes in the U.S. At least some of the money, however, was transferred to Australian bank accounts, CNN has learned.

>Fundraising campaigns associated with the Facebook page were suspended by PayPal and Patreon after CNN contacted each of the companies for comment. Donorbox and Classy had already removed the campaigns.

>The discovery raises new questions about the integrity of Facebook's platform and the content hosted there. In the run-up to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's testimony before Congress this week, Facebook has announced plans to make the people running large pages verify their identity and location. But it's not clear that the change would affect this page: Facebook has not said what information about page owners it will disclose to the public -- and, presented with CNN's findings, Facebook initially said the page didn't violate its "Community Standards."
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