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File 152003285612.png - (22.76KB , 634x378 , 25 fattest states.png )
111903 No. 111903 ID: 5459c6
Why so fat?
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>> No. 111904 ID: 7fecba
  Obesity from fat and sugar-laden diets and lazy, sedentary lifestyles. Eat less, eat healthier and exercise more.

By the way, I'm from Colorado, the least obese state in the country, but I'm ruining their reputation.

Poverty and obesity are strongly correlated, and that people with more education are less likely to be obese. In 2008, 13.2 percent of Americans were living below the poverty line. In Colorado, that number was 11.4 percent, or 18th-best in the nation. But seeing how concentrated the most obese states are in the deep southern states, is obesity associated with Republican voters? Go to a Republican rally there and tell me obesity is not rampant there.

The most obese states also had the highest rates of chronic disease. The report showed that an average of 35.8 percent of Americans who live in the 10 most obese states have high blood pressure and 28.2 percent of Americans who live in the 10 most obese states have high cholesterol. The depression rate is 20.7 percent, the diabetes rate is 14.3 percent, the cancer rate is 7.8 percent and heart attack rate is 5 percent among residents in these 10 states, as well.
Meanwhile, the average percentage of residents living in the 10 least obese states with high blood pressure is 26.4 percent; the average percentage of residents with high cholesterol in these states is 23.2 percent. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/05/obese-states-most-least_n_4896517.html
10 fattest states in America https://youtu.be/s-3swr9cXmE
>> No. 111906 ID: eb78a5
virginia vagina tryna look sexy skinny for the boys
bitch i left u
i don't luv u
i know u 4 what u is
traffic cop state where u do 0.5mph over the speed limit and they stop you for a k9 search if ur car don't have a countryclub parking permit sticker on it
fuck u sic semper tyranis frontin fake ass bitchstate
>> No. 111914 ID: 457e84
File 152012737311.png - (1.94MB , 892x1482 , you will never be this american.png )
Fat people aren't fat.
They're just weightlifters who are in their bulking stage.
>> No. 111915 ID: 457e84
File 152012745187.jpg - (24.04KB , 445x330 , penguin fat.jpg )
>> No. 111917 ID: 7fecba
File 152013526064.jpg - (73.31KB , 1230x818 , Batman villains The Penguin Burgess Meredith 1.jpg )
If the Russians could train those fat bastard penguins to peck out trolling posts on Facebook and 'chan sites, it would be perfect for them.
>> No. 111918 ID: 7fecba
File 152013677091.jpg - (75.17KB , 1200x675 , penguin fat won't walk, mate or communicate 1.jpg )
>> No. 111919 ID: 7fecba
File 152013682655.jpg - (95.53KB , 1280x800 , penguin fat won't walk, mate or communicate 2.jpg )
>> No. 111920 ID: 7fecba
File 152013697875.jpg - (62.40KB , 1280x720 , Batman villains The Penguin Burgess Meredith 2.jpg )
Waaaak, waaak.
>> No. 111926 ID: 9315da

fucking sugar and corn syrup in fucking EVERYTHING.

I dropped 15 pounds just by drastically reducing sugar and alcohol intake.

Shit's poison, yo.
>> No. 111927 ID: c959ea
Good going! Cutting out the booze and sugar is great for improving health and loosing weight. Some dieting friends only treat themselves to booze and sweets on Sunday but strictly restrict that for the rest of the week.

Corn-Syrup Lobbyist Will Now Make Dietary Guidelines For The USDA https://youtu.be/Gz34ejZw53w

Corn Syrup Lobbyist Is Helping Set USDA Dietary Guidelines
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