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No. 111907 ID: 7fecba
  Vladamir Putin, true to his attention-whore mentality ("no one has listened to us, you listen to us now"), bragged about five "unstoppable" nuclear super-weapons at his State of the Union speech. Putin said this is in response to Trump's announcements about deploying new nuclear weapons and the greater likelihood of using nuclear weapons (thanks, Trump).
- Nuclear-powered cruise missile: nuclear jet engine would give it unlimited range.
- Sarmat (NATO designation Satan 2) nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile: long range with heavy nuclear MIRV payload.
- Hypersonic cruise missile: hypersonic vehicles travel at speeds of one to five miles per second. Such blinding speeds would enable a hypersonic cruise missile to evade interceptor rockets, which fly at relatively slow speeds. Putin said such superfast missiles have been tested successfully and begun trial service.
- Status-6 nuclear torpedo: a nuclear-powered autonomous underwater drone with a nuclear warhead with almost unlimited range.
- Avengard hypersonic glide vehicle: a Mach 20 nuclear MIRV that can maneuver around missile defenses.

Putin Flaunted Five Powerful Weapons. Are They a Threat? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/02/world/europe/putin-weapons-video-analysis.html
Why Putin is unveiling 'invincible' nuclear weapons now https://youtu.be/ZOxhsrQH7Yw
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>> No. 111909 ID: 278cbe
File 152007496559.jpg - (80.28KB , 640x640 , 27881046_1533516716761361_6624972528500604928_n.jpg )
>attention-whore mentality
>Trump's announcements about deploying new nuclear weapons
It is kind of hard to judge the mental stability of citizens and politicians of the country who either can not believe in existence of retaliation armaments, or can not believe in their face value. I'm aware there are people who actually believe that their nuclear button is bigger, or their ABM can protect them from armed response - but for the military it is pretty clear, if they have the reasons to suspect they can't do something with impunity, they won't do it.

After almost 30 years of perceived "world dominance" after they "won" Cold War, US is stuck in the corner with it's own problems and no comprehensive strategy for the future (not to mention the future of the entire world they "dominate"), it's behaviour is again sliding down to most primitive reactions of a wild dog - anger, ignorance and greed. The history tells us that there's a very simple strategy about dealing with such an animal - remain absolutely calm and demonstratively carry a big fucking stick.
>> No. 111910 ID: 278cbe
That also reminds me a recent historical anecdote.
>a bystander asks Ukrainian "warrior" in Donbass:
>- hey, i've heard you are fighting Russian army out there
>- sure thing, we are fighting them with all might of our ancient art of war, almost won them, in fact
>- but why won't you go and return the Crimean peninsula, if you are so great at that
>- well, you see, we only say that there's Russian army here, but in Crimea there's an actual one
>> No. 111912 ID: fda813

At bottom of Kremlin's neurotic view of world affairs is traditional and instinctive Russian sense of insecurity. Originally, this was insecurity of a peaceful agricultural people trying to live on vast exposed plain in neighborhood of fierce nomadic peoples. To this was added, as Russia came into contact with economically advanced West, fear of more competent, more powerful, more highly organized societies in that area. But this latter type of insecurity was one which afflicted rather Russian rulers than Russian people; for Russian rulers have invariably sensed that their rule was relatively archaic in form fragile and artificial in its psychological foundation, unable to stand comparison or contact with political systems of Western countries. For this reason they have always feared foreign penetration, feared direct contact between Western world and their own, feared what would happen if Russians learned truth about world without or if foreigners learned truth about world within. And they have learned to seek security only in patient but deadly struggle for total destruction of rival power, never in compacts and compromises with it.
>> No. 111913 ID: 278cbe
File 152012540330.jpg - (486.70KB , 3840x2160 , 452498-Dalai-Lama-XIV-Quote-Don-t-ever-mistake-my-.jpg )
>inconsistent babble about hell knows what delusions
>learned truth
>patient but deadly struggle for total destruction of rival power, never in compacts and compromises with it
Projections as defensive and coping mechanism is a very popular among self-admiring narcissists like Anglo-Saxon and Germanic people (especially among those "white" nationalists, fuck knows how many different types are out there), but these mental tricks only work for limited time. These people confuse their own fear for courage, their stupidity for intelligence and their weakness for strength, until they are completely immersed in virtual world from which they can not find an escape.

In reality, Russians are sociable and friendly people who usually can establish a lot of long-standing relationships and unions with those who regard them with respect. Unfortunately for some nations, who think they can probably test the patience of Russian people indefinitely, this may lead to a very uncomfortable situation.
>> No. 111916 ID: e0b360
>russian man attempts suicide by trying to overdose on cock
>> No. 111923 ID: 278cbe
Oh you... I just noticed that.

>attention-whore mentality
Speaking of attention-whores, today I saw something interesting again.
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