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File 152046551451.jpg - (22.01KB , 554x127 , broken.jpg )
111932 No. 111932 ID: 876b95
Hey FYI the capcha is broken in /sug/.

Also please add a rule to /n/ about intentionally derailing threads.

Even better suggestion: remove the rule against calling out shills and actually ban them to promote discourse without it being constantly shitted up by paid trolls.
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>> No. 111933 ID: 7cfa11
i have you my comrade a "pro-tip" as they say on west: the mods here have never done anything about slavic blather except for actively banned people who complain about it. the moderation staff on this website is deeply mixed with the the american white nationalist movement which has been promoted and funded by divisive actors from within the moscow ring road since before the ring road existed. back in the 1970s when the american nazi party was their main vehicle most of the american nazi party members were either soviets or fbi. the fbi scaled back on countespionage in the 1990s and haven't scaled back up since so these days the slavs are at the advantage.
>> No. 111934 ID: c959ea
File 152048874091.jpg - (523.39KB , 1171x1657 , Russian P shut up, bitch 2.jpg )
There's an /n/ board?
Nah, it's all yours, Russian trolls.
>> No. 111935 ID: 278cbe
File 152050707675.jpg - (201.24KB , 600x766 , The_Russians_Are_Coming_the_Ru.jpg )
>the mods here have never done anything about slavic blather except for actively banned people who complain about it
Because, apparently, mods have memory that extends beyond two-week limit established by modern media outlets. Also they see all the IP which means they are aware that I am the only "Russian troll" out there, I've been there almost since the beginning and I occasionally use this site as my personal blog when something really pisses me off. I even decided to have myself a nametag recently.
>> No. 111937 ID: c959ea
File 152051885270.jpg - (184.53KB , 857x1200 , Russian P The USSR Is The Elite Brigade Of The Wor.jpg )
Might as well post some recent Soviet propaganda finds.
If anyone can translate this stuff into English if my descriptions are in error, please do.
- The USSR Is The Elite Brigade Of The World Proletariat (1931)
>> No. 111938 ID: c959ea
File 152051890834.jpg - (468.92KB , 1131x1656 , Russian P without revolutionary theory there can b.jpg )
Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement (1925)
>> No. 111939 ID: c959ea
File 152051897833.jpg - (489.92KB , 1162x1657 , Russian P WW2 everyone to the front 1930s 1.jpg )
Everyone to the front (1930s)
>> No. 111940 ID: c959ea
File 152051906349.jpg - (917.99KB , 1431x2229 , Russian P WW2 everyone defends Moscow 2.jpg )
Everyone defends Moscow
>> No. 111941 ID: c959ea
File 152051913085.jpg - (736.52KB , 1167x1662 , Russian P International women's day, March 8.jpg )
International Women's Day, March 8.
>> No. 111942 ID: c959ea
File 152051921339.jpg - (1.26MB , 2560x1440 , Russian P the Great Seal of the USSR 'Proleta.jpg )
The Great Seal of the USSR 'Proletarians of all countries, unite!'
>> No. 111943 ID: c959ea
File 15205194571.jpg - (1.14MB , 1480x1900 , Russian P Soviet Star Trek poster 1.jpg )
Union of Socialist Planets?
>> No. 111944 ID: c959ea
File 152053033116.jpg - (1.02MB , 2017x1307 , Russian P space rocket man 2.jpg )
Anyone know what is written here, under Rocket Man?
Burning out his fuse up here alone?
>> No. 111945 ID: 1d521e

Don't you think the "beginning" was 2014?
>> No. 111947 ID: 278cbe
File 152056510148.png - (931.72KB , 700x1008 , 15184678787450.png )
Not really. The beginning was around 2009-2010, though it took me some time to improve my language and get fed up with all the bullshit on MSM.
>> No. 111948 ID: 5c87e8
File 152057900770.jpg - (1.60MB , 2912x4030 , le copyrighted doughnut steal Macaca_nigra_self-po.jpg )
what really funny is that if you're going to pay shill to trick people who do you think you're likely to target? would you try to make fools of well informed people who would be difficult to deceive or would you rather go after the stupidest most ignorant chumps you could find?
>> No. 111949 ID: a083c4
yah I'm aware of the captcha problem. We're still working on migrating to a new site software which would address that.

As for shills, who wants to be an /n/ only mod?
>> No. 111952 ID: 278cbe
Recently.. it does seem like /n/ could use some moderation. If anybody really cares for this (half-)dead site.
>> No. 111953 ID: cd1182
see even the guy who would be banned supports it.
>> No. 112030 ID: 81bedb
>"no guys operatorchan is too small for russian shills so we don't need to do anything about them!"
>FSB outed as running furry porn tumblrs to spread propaganda
>> No. 112031 ID: 09c7e0
shills can only effectively take advantage of people who are so weak minded that they don't know what their opinions are or why they have them. those people are going to be pushed around and tricked into acting against their own interests by some smooth operator, if its not slavs then it will be democrats or republicans or some crazy preacher. its not russians thats the problem, what they are able to do is just a symptom of our own domestic idiocy epidemic.

>"you can fool some of the people all of the time"
>~"Honest" Abe Lincoln
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