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File 152449838733.jpg - (43.26KB , 401x640 , received_10160258458235635.jpg )
112089 No. 112089 ID: b49c4a
Time to gas some Jews and throw live babies into furnaces!
>> No. 112090 ID: dae3c2
Or am I calling myself a Jew?

Am I being anti-semetic towards myself?
Can I be taking the term back if I'm not if fact jewish?

Would any of you porch-monkeys be willing to weigh in?
>> No. 112091 ID: 738b31
man,I've heard alot of anti-semetic slang in my internet days, but never 'Sleepy-eyes'

that's up there with moon-cricket for 'WTF are you talking about?'
>> No. 112094 ID: 09c7e0
  there is a lot of oldschool slang that dying out, nobody calls weed "gage" anymore, that was a old reference to rope making. dumb blonde jokes and polish jokes are all dying out, too offensive to the alt-rightie special snowflake.
>> No. 112099 ID: a083c4
even if this was historically used as such, there's just about no chance Trump actually knew that.
>> No. 112100 ID: 9c59b4
>the president requires that all racial slur lists be no more than one page of 24 point text limited to five bullet points with definitions no greater than 10 words in simple english

also lets see what that liberal rag snopes says:
>WHAT'S TRUE: White nationalists and Nazis have included "sleepy eyes" in documents they claim list Jews' "identifying" physical traits.
>WHAT'S FALSE: The descriptor "sleepy eyes" in and of itself is not a slur, according to a senior researcher with a Jewish human rights advocacy group.
>> No. 112125 ID: 751d6a

I've actually used that one. Gotta keep it alive.

Sleepy eyes though? The fuck?
>> No. 112129 ID: 2e699b
>> No. 112136 ID: a58aa6
They are dying out because they were overused
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