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File 15278160596.jpg - (51.83KB , 750x422 , cow-.jpg )
112167 No. 112167 ID: 98d50c
lmao if you think modern society is "sexually degenerate"
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>> No. 112168 ID: b93da1
File 152781970818.jpg - (236.41KB , 818x976 , spongebob_blowingbubbles_final_by_shermcohen.jpg )
No, modern society is sexually repressed, run by uptight prudes and sanctimonious hypocrite perverts.
But this guy in 1852, who "has been accustomed to amuse himself by distending the bladder with air blown through a tube, and then allowing it to escape, and irritating the genitals by various means" and then moved to stuffing a cut off bull penis into his own urethra (after many painful attempts and with commendable perseverance), wherein it became stuck and he went to a horrified doctor to remove it. He then stuck a foot-long lead medical trachea probe into his dick. It pierced his bladder and "He satisfied himself of this fact by blowing through a tube introduced into the urethra, as formerly, when he could feel the air pass through the rent in the bladder into the abdomen." An operation was performed to remove the probe, but the patient died (quite justifiably) later of an infection.
Chalk this up to "another novel instance of the singular instruments which inveterate onanists sometimes resort to, to accomplish titillation."
>> No. 112169 ID: 41441c
  >stuffing a cut off bull penis into his own urethra
>> No. 112170 ID: 11855e
>inveterate onanist

I feel like I should add that to my resume.
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