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File 152859799437.jpg - (68.58KB , 556x898 , 556px-M-67Grenade.jpg )
112209 No. 112209 ID: 9dcda2
> reading youtube comments about a fighter pilot almost running over ground crew
> one comment mentions how fragging officers was a thing in Vietnam

Huh, I've never really heard about this.


The term “fragging” was derived from the fact that a fragmentation grenade was rolled into the area where an officer or NCO was sleeping. When it exploded, no fingerprints could be found. The target was often a leader who was hated because he was incompetent in leading men, or excessively harsh in his discipline, or overly aggressive in waging war (putting the lives of soldiers and Marines at unnecessary risk just so that he could gain glory and advance his own career).


In his autobiography So Help Me God, Roy Moore said that when he took command of his company in Vietnam, “drug use was widespread and insubordination was commonplace.” He immediately enforced strict discipline. “I administered many Article Fifteens, disciplinary charges filed against insubordinate or disobedient soldiers,” especially drug users.

As a result, he said, he received threats of death by fragging. “I became a marked man,” he said. Claiming that he was not intimidated, he refused to soften his discipline. He did, however, take precautionary measures to reinforce his sleeping area. “I placed sandbags under the bed and in the walls of my quarters.”

Moore learned that “a known drug user by the name of Kidwell” was planning to kill him. “Several weeks passed before I was called one evening and informed that Kidwell had shot First Sergeant Howard and was coming for me. Armed with an automatic rifle and my 45-caliber pistol, I proceeded to company headquarters, only to find that Kidwell had been taken into custody and was sitting in my office. I made arrangements for a prompt court martial and was relieved that First Sergeant Howard had survived.”


The high number of fragging incidents in the latter years of the Vietnam War was symptomatic of the unpopularity of the war with the American public and the breakdown of discipline in the U.S. Armed Forces. Documented and suspected fragging incidents totaled nearly nine hundred from 1969 to 1972.[3] Fragging has not been as frequent since the Vietnam War ended.
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>> No. 112210 ID: eac8a3
File 152861019528.jpg - (253.76KB , 1400x933 , IOOO7Q2JVKDTVMJJ7IEGTBRL7Y.jpg )
Why are you so eager to lick Roy Moore's balls? Because he gave up an Alabama Senate seat to the democrats or because he prances around dressed up like a cowboy?
>> No. 112212 ID: 9dcda2
File 152867724593.png - (70.87KB , 975x291 , Picture1.png )

What keyword triggered your shitposting routine?
>> No. 112213 ID: 60d2dc
File 152867818262.jpg - (53.51KB , 640x360 , Animal House Douglas Neidermeyer killed by his own.jpg )
Douglas C. Neidermeyer (Mark Metcalf), the cruel, militaristic foil to the fun-loving slobs of Delta House in Landis' 1978 college fraternity comedy Animal House.

In the midst of the chaotic finale of that movie, we're shown text letting us know what became of each of the students in the film. Neidermeyer's reads like this:
Douglas C. Neidermeyer, '63, killed by his own troops in Vietnam.
>> No. 112214 ID: 60d2dc
File 152867823494.jpg - (150.58KB , 1600x900 , Twilight Zone Movie - Niedermeyer.jpg )
>> No. 112215 ID: 60d2dc
File 152868611098.jpg - (65.56KB , 1200x800 , US P Senator candidate Alabama Roy Moore pedo cowb.jpg )
Roy Moore sounds like a prime candidate for fragging if he was as stupid, stubborn and insubordinate as a company commander in Vietnam as he was a justice and politician in Alabama.
Fragging can be described as an extreme form of insubordination, and Roy Moore was the most insubordinate, imbecilic judge I have ever heard of. Higher courts removed Moore twice for refusing to obey their rulings; one for refusing to remove a Ten Commandments statue at the court house (such obvious religious displays on public property constitute a government endorsement on an "official religion and violate the separation of church and state, but there's plenty of private property to display such stuff upon) and another for refusing to recognize or issue licenses for same-sex marriages, in defiance of a federal court order.

Roy Stewart Moore is a batshit crazy wanna-be minister evil, horrible sack of shit the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, former contributor for WorldNetDaily, and failed candidate for the United States Senate. Having twice lost his job as chief justice of the court, he is a raging homophobe, Islamophobe, and serial violator of judicial ethics rules, and has said the events of September 11 were God's punishment for America's acceptance of gay rights and abortion. A ghastly campaign for the Senate in 2017 revealed more details of Moore's personal seaminess (being a profligate child molester to the point where he was banned from the mall because this District Attorney was hitting too often and openly on young high school girls, accusations of sexual assault on minors, among other things), which caused him the election (but he got the nomination for the Republican ticket and that speaks volumes of the scumbags voting in Alabama).

"Moore was such a comprehensive caricature — Sinclair Lewis could not have imagined this Elmer Gantry — that the acid rain of reports about his sexual predations, and his dissembling about them, almost benefited him by distracting attention from: the remunerative use he made of a charitable foundation. And his actions as a public official that by themselves sufficed to disqualify him from any public office. He is an anti-constitutional recidivist, twice removed from Alabama's highest court for his theocratic insistence that his religious convictions take precedence over U.S. Supreme Court decisions, so he could not have sincerely sworn to "support and defend the Constitution" and to "bear true faith and allegiance to the same."
- George Will reflects on the Roy Moore's failed United States Senate campaign in a scathing criticism of the head of the Republican Party.
>> No. 112216 ID: 49da9b
File 152871546516.jpg - (36.26KB , 556x898 , 152859799437.jpg )
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