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File 152995456647.jpg - (439.58KB , 1536x2048 , DeXR0CkWAAEKNBw_jpg large.jpg )
112238 No. 112238 ID: e72128
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>> No. 112239 ID: 60d2dc
File 152996058237.jpg - (750.57KB , 2048x1365 , sewer maintenance 1.jpg )
They bury that cop in a landfill?
>> No. 112242 ID: 41441c
File 153015206572.jpg - (164.04KB , 1000x1000 , DgAOFv7UYAA5Hn5_jpg large.jpg )
That's actually a secret antifa message celebrating the death of a police officer.
>> No. 112243 ID: 6da1ca
File 153015264986.jpg - (285.32KB , 2000x1000 , sewer grate stuck woodchuck outta luck 2.jpg )
>> No. 112244 ID: 6da1ca
File 153015287860.jpg - (465.06KB , 1436x1080 , sewer grate stuck woodchuck outta luck 1.jpg )
>> No. 112249 ID: 6e9258
>Proponents say that the idea behind the various graphics that incorporate a thin blue line is that law enforcement is a Thin Blue Line that stands between chaos and order or between criminals and the potential victims of crime, and it is primarily used to show solidarity with police.
>Various emblems portraying a Thin Blue Line have been made, including a horizontal thin blue line across a Union Jack rendered in black and white in the United Kingdom, or on a black and white American flag in the United States.
Yet both parts of said flags are (portrayed) exactly the same, so basically it does not divide anything much. Subtle indeed.
>> No. 112289 ID: c9fe43
I love this new post-facts left. They can't understand their opponents, it's fucking hilarious.
>> No. 112290 ID: 11855e
This is the stupidest troll bullshit ever, and even if it weren't they're advertised as showing support for the police, so the vast majority of people buying them do so with that intent.
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