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No. 112263 ID: 09c7e0
  How are you planning to remember the 7/7 Dallas terrortits attack tomorrow?
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>> No. 112264 ID: 6da1ca
File 153092381213.jpg - (301.41KB , 1160x1482 , model with a pellet gun.jpg )
>> No. 112265 ID: 6da1ca
File 153092493491.jpg - (570.55KB , 2560x1600 , Actiongirls Armie Field aka Armie Flores w US M4 1.jpg )
The call of the Terrortits: "Where there's sex, there's horror."
>> No. 112266 ID: 6da1ca
File 153092598425.jpg - (550.43KB , 1680x1050 , Actiongirls Penny Mathis aka Jenny Poussin 1.jpg )
The Terrortits are stocking up on some heavy stuff.
And lots of body oil, too.
>> No. 112267 ID: 6da1ca
  But if this terrortits attack is anything like the Second US Civil War that Alex Jones predicted was going to happen on the 4th of July, well... I'm not holding my breath.

Alex Jones' Conspiracy Theory BACKFIRES https://youtu.be/2mxhPhQaF7I
#SecondCivilWar: how a wild conspiracy theory became a July 4th Twitter meme
Alex Jones said Democrats would start the next Civil War on July Fourth, and Twitter did what Twitter does best. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/7/5/17536556/second-civil-war-conspiracy-theory-july-4-twitter-meme
On July Fourth, Twitter lit up with 19th-century style letters beginning with salutations like these after a conspiracy theorist’s outlandish prediction of a second American Civil War became fodder for jokes across the political spectrum.
#SecondCivilWar began trending after radio host and Infowars founder Alex Jones proposed an outlandish conspiracy theory — that Democrats were planning to begin a “second Civil War” on the Fourth of July.
You may have noticed that a second Civil War is not currently raging. But Twitter users did what they do best and turned it into a meme."
>> No. 112268 ID: 6da1ca
  The Second Civil War - Tweets from the Front https://youtu.be/Ho_pjCjKMuo
>> No. 112270 ID: 758a23

The new Fallout game is looking pretty sweet.
>> No. 112273 ID: c27283
>> No. 112278 ID: e35b40
I want my 3 minutes back.
>> No. 112280 ID: 88ab42
yeah, but so is this "2nd Civil war" yeehaw meme.
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