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No. 112276 ID: 49da9b
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>> No. 112281 ID: 88ab42
The fuck is it with boomers and grass anyway? I understand having some for a bbq or sports but generally it's a hassle. IQ 89 status symbol.
>> No. 112284 ID: 41441c
It's a banal imitation of the wealthy. "oh look at me I've got all this land that I'm not using to grow food, tee hee I must be so rich."

Except they don't have the skill to do anything with it so it's just a vacant lot with no landscaping.
>> No. 112285 ID: 6e9258
File 153147305135.jpg - (624.87KB , 1936x1296 , D13_1.jpg )
>using private soil to grow food
What's this, 3rd world model country?
>> No. 112296 ID: 39f4cc
I can't wait to grow shit. I'm thinking peppers, hearty herbs, and figs.
>> No. 112297 ID: b430d1
you better get to planting, its already mid-july.
>> No. 112307 ID: 623237
File 153226830530.jpg - (185.91KB , 1020x765 , 8723b21e2577350b0634abba0dd9afa9l-m33xd-w1020_h770.jpg )
My front lawn is mostly perennial flowers. Some bushes and trees, but the grass is a nice visual buffer between the other plots. Helps maintain property value.

Also, literal Boomer in his 20s considering I own the place (coown with brother)
>> No. 112310 ID: ff8e06
File 153289175916.jpg - (281.05KB , 530x354 , Sugar-Cane1_jpeg.jpg )
I've looked into the idea of growing sugarcane. It's fast growing, and apparently a very versatile crop. It serves as a wind break, you can chew it fresh, press syrup, make cane wine, make rum (fuck the police), and interestingly, smoke meat with it. Any idea how to manage it in an arid environment? Just add a shit load of water, or are there other concerns?
>> No. 112328 ID: c9fe43
You're not going to like it.

We grow it here in what amounts to swamps, then to harvest it, you burn the field, then harvest it.

I'd try making it part of an aquafeature on your property before widescale farming the shit.

They grow it in AZ so ... I guess it's possible?
>> No. 112329 ID: 378207
I noticed that website! Based on what I've read since posting that, I think what I'll do is build a retaining wall out of cinder block so I can flood the shit in like six inches of standing water.
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