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No. 112276 ID: 49da9b
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>> No. 112281 ID: 88ab42
The fuck is it with boomers and grass anyway? I understand having some for a bbq or sports but generally it's a hassle. IQ 89 status symbol.
>> No. 112284 ID: 41441c
It's a banal imitation of the wealthy. "oh look at me I've got all this land that I'm not using to grow food, tee hee I must be so rich."

Except they don't have the skill to do anything with it so it's just a vacant lot with no landscaping.
>> No. 112285 ID: 6e9258
File 153147305135.jpg - (624.87KB , 1936x1296 , D13_1.jpg )
>using private soil to grow food
What's this, 3rd world model country?
>> No. 112296 ID: 39f4cc
I can't wait to grow shit. I'm thinking peppers, hearty herbs, and figs.
>> No. 112297 ID: b430d1
you better get to planting, its already mid-july.

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