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No. 112352 ID: 6e9157
  Guys. It's actually been 10 years since this video has been posted.
Anyone of the old gang I used to chitchat with hang around here?
Frankengun, Saigaguy, Hotaru Maniac?

I don't care for a fucking trip, but it's me, if anyone cares.
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>> No. 112353 ID: 415c05
whoa damn

HM is long disappeared, he may or may not have gotten married and sired a child, and then may or may not have abandoned them

Frankengun is living his best life

I have no idea where the fuck saigaguy ran off to
>> No. 112354 ID: 55fdd6
Precious memories.
>> No. 112358 ID: be715b
SoL is in the GA state prison system until 2040 or beyond
>> No. 112359 ID: e266a3
  Oh man, you're right it's actually been 10 years. Hope you been eating your meat and drinking your milk lol. Did you ever try to enlist again?
>> No. 112360 ID: 06c373
Fuck me, this makes me feel old.
>> No. 112362 ID: 9315da

Wow. I don' t think we ever chatted but I remember that video. Time flies. Still check on this site every now and then.
>> No. 112364 ID: 56a253
Holy crap. Welcome again dude.
>> No. 112367 ID: 818344
Nah, fuck conscription. If I'm getting drafted - I'm going in, though.

It has been very rough five years, actually.
Almost got married, broke up, broke down, went through shrinks, got my shit together, finished my art education, trying to get back my god fucking damned apartaments that I bought with hard-earned money.
Life fucking sucks, my dudes, but we endure.

I'm kind of thinking about rolling into Legion Etrangere because fuck this country. But it's a last resort, honestly.
For now, I'm kind of coping with everything, but I'm just this close to blowing up.
Also, fuck stupid women. Never again.
>> No. 112369 ID: a3b2e7
File 153697996483.jpg - (70.21KB , 930x960 , FB_IMG_1494388691866.jpg )
welcome back! join the discord https://discord.gg/VMZxDBQ
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