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File 153929564665.jpg - (77.52KB , 615x480 , FrankLuke.jpg )
112390 No. 112390 ID: 09c7e0
What are you planning to do to celebrate the 101st Armistice Day?
I just realized that the 100th anniversary of Frank Luke's glorious berserker death had passed without me noticing. The whole 100th anniversary of WW1 has really been somewhat of a non event, kind of disappointing.
15 years ago I read a script for a Frank Luke movie that was going to be called September Rampage, but I guess it never got made. Too bad.
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>> No. 112394 ID: faf462
My buddies wanted to shoot some old guns to celebrate Armistice Day, October 7th. I informed them that October 7th did not mark the end of The Great War, but that it would have to wait a little more than a month.

So we went out and shot some old guns because it was Sunday and the weather was good.

I've been watching the shit out of The Great War on youtub. The Battle of Jutland episode really stands out as being fantastic. I'm about 2/3 through 1916. Brutal.
>> No. 112395 ID: 7c93cd
There are hundreds of episodes in that Great War series.
Here's an old TV series from 1964 on the Great War in only 28 episodes:
>> No. 112396 ID: 7c93cd
File 153936686817.jpg - (695.67KB , 2000x1557 , WW1 rifles 1.jpg )
I don't see many WW1 guns at the shooting range like I used to, but maybe these will be dusted off on 11/11/18 to commemorate one hundred years after the guns fell silent on the Western Front of the Great War.

Plenty of people (including me) still have the old 1891 Mosin-Nagant (not the M44 spike-folder carbine), but remember that the Russians signed an armistice agreement for 28 days with the Germans on 15 December 1917, and on 22 December 1917 they signed the peace treaty of Brest-Litovsk that took Russia out of the Great War. ...So, yeah, doesn't matter. Shoot your Mosin-Nagants if that's the closest thing you have to a Great War gun.
>> No. 112397 ID: 7c93cd
File 153936726836.jpg - (319.27KB , 1024x768 , pistol US WW1 Colt M1911 _45ACP 3.jpg )
Or break out your old 1911s.

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