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No. 112804 ID: 66d4e9
  Triple Frontier, a Netflix original film.
Things fall apart when soft-hearted sentimentalists raid a drug baron's house.
This movie is about an operator's dream scenario: military buddies discovering the location of a coke lord's hideout that's packed full of money. But watching how these operators soft-touch this raid will drive many people nuts. This is one of the few movies where if the main protagonists were more vicious, homicidal and ruthless, things would have probably worked out better for them.

Worried about the drug lord's family returning from church so you have to leave mounds of money back at the house? Nah, just capture or kill them and use their vans to get more of that money out or leave the cash behind that you can't take out for the gang's subordinates to fight over and leave you alone.
The helicopter carrying a ton of money crashes in a remote coca-farming village and the natives are hostile? Gun them down and take their mules to hump the money out.
Nearly at the coast where your escape boat is, but there is a gang of armed teenagers there looking for you? Blast 'em.
One of your crew gets killed and the other surviving members donate their share to his family? Tell them to join the Salvation Army if they want to part of a charity and not a crew of killers and robbers on a high-stakes home invasion against a cartel of criminals.

The movie sort of reminded me of The Wild Bunch (1969) where a group of old bandits get together for one last big score before the "wild west" disappears forever in 1913, but this movie turns into an ultra-violent blast-fest. I was hoping that desperation would have driven the robbers in Triple Frontier to go all-out, heedless of the bodycount and blood spilled needed to get their prize out and safe. But how would I have played it? I wouldn't have had anything to do with the raid as I am not that desirous for money and I certainly would not do the Big M to get it (and live ever after with guilt and paranoia), but I would be more interested in seeing a movie where these robbers discover that ruthlessness is the key to success.
Triple Frontier | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix https://youtu.be/Fo3yRLLrXQA
>> No. 112827 ID: f68375
But the soft touch approach made the movie more interesting and different than the generic action flick.

I liked the direction they chose.
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