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No. 112828 ID: 1b12fb
  Cholesterol bombs and the most unhealthy cooking you have encountered?
Watching some videos on chef Gordon Ramsay showing people how to make fish and chips and fish fingers (fish sticks), he... "complimented" the fish with a chip butty, a French fry sandwich?? I have seen people put potato chips (crisps in the UK) in their sandwiches, but fries?

A chip booteh is a butter sandwich filled with fries (i.e., French fried potatoes, or chips as the British would have it) on buttered white bread or a bread roll, often with an added condiment, such as brown sauce, mayonnaise, or malt vinegar. The chip butty can be found in fish and chip shops and other casual dining establishments in the United Kingdom. It is also less commonly known as a chip sandwich, chip batch, chip roll, chip muffin, piece and chips, chip piece, or chip sarnie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chip_butty
Homemade Fish Fingers With a Chip Butty Recipe https://youtu.be/8afuAuyljZQ
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>> No. 112829 ID: 1b12fb
  A more traditional fish and chips recipe:
Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make Fish & Chips: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD https://youtu.be/zit9l5jtbws
No malt vinegar on the fish?
3:13 "Cook 'em twice; super healthy." Are you mad?? Deep-frying chips twice may taste great (especially if you fry them in duck fat), but that's double grease, right?
>> No. 112830 ID: 1b12fb
  How to cook Michelin-Starred Chips https://youtu.be/GY0ltUnFcy4
Tip 1: Choose the right type of potato - it's got to be rooster or Maris potato
Tip 2: Cook 3 times; the first 2 times are to erase moisture; each time cook 10-20 minutes
Tip 3: Steam dry for 15 minutes
Tip 4: Double fry in duck fat: fry once at 140ºc; then rest for 10 minutes; then fry again at 180ºc

Using an apple corer to make the chips may look interesting (round chips), but is wasteful of the potatoes. Just chopping the potatoes up into rectangular pieces uses up most of the potatoes.
>> No. 112831 ID: 1b12fb
  Recommendations from Dr. Killjoy:
5 Worst High Cholesterol Foods You Must Avoid [Clinically Proven] - by Dr Sam Robbins https://youtu.be/5QyL7WydW_c
>> No. 112832 ID: 1b12fb
  Fat operators can't operate as well.
Which fast food items should you avoid?
This Fast Food Item Has OVER 1,500 Calories! WORST Fast Food Items You Can Order! https://youtu.be/5ZR0ZJngffM
>> No. 112833 ID: 1b12fb
  Top 10 Unhealthy Foods You Probably Eat Every Day https://youtu.be/rLCy9i6QjME
How balanced is your diet? From anything diet, to canned foods and flavored yogurt, these unhealthy treats may shock you! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Unhealthy Foods You Probably Eat Every Day.
>> No. 112834 ID: 0a082e
Duck fat fries are pretty damn good.
>> No. 112835 ID: 1b12fb
File 155365689018.jpg - (270.95KB , 1200x1600 , Chinese roast duck 1.jpg )
You are correct about that.
I tried home made fries fried in duck fat and they were SIGNIFICANTLY the best I ever had.
Wouldn't put them in a sandwich. That's just crazy.
You probably have to go to Chinatown where they slow roast ducks all day long to get a good deal on duck fat.
>> No. 112836 ID: 1b12fb
File 155365710540.jpg - (456.12KB , 2600x1745 , Chinese Peking duck w scallion, cucumber, sweet be.jpg )
Characterized by its crisp skin, tender meat, and authentic flavor, Peking duck is usually eaten with scallion, cucumber, sweet bean sauce, and pancakes.
Many Chinese restaurants I have gone to require you to arrange having Peking duck 24 hours ahead of time.

This must be terrible for you because it tastes absolutely fantastic.
>> No. 112837 ID: 1b12fb
File 155365835184.jpg - (719.74KB , 1887x1258 , Chinese Duddell's in Hong Kong wholesome bite.jpg )
Some food porn photos from a super-expensive Dim Sum menu at Duddell's in Hong Kong.
Duddell's and designers Paola Sinisterra and Ignacio Garcia have teamed up to reinvent dim sum, taking it from a traditionally breakfast food to a proper lunch and dinner meal.

The team has crafted four distinct and delicious dim sum sets: “decadent platter,” “fiery specialties,” “delicate morsels” and “wholesome bites.” The wholesome bites set for four (HK$530 (or 67.52 United States Dollars) for four persons), includes dishes such as mushroom dumplings with black truffle, crispy bean curd with spicy salt and braised e-fu noodles with enoki mushroom. https://www.afoodieworld.com/foodie/4661-the-new-dim-sum
>> No. 112838 ID: 1b12fb
File 155365848040.jpg - (762.13KB , 2000x1333 , Chinese Duddell's in Hong Kong fiery specialt.jpg )
If you are looking for something a bit more luxurious, perhaps devour some of the fiery specialties set (HK$850 (108.29 USD) for four persons). This set, also for four, includes smoked duck breast with honey, roasted suckling pig and crispy salted chicken.
>> No. 112839 ID: 1b12fb
File 155365861022.jpg - (787.88KB , 1800x1200 , Chinese Duddell's in Hong Kong delicate morse.jpg )
Alternatively, if you fancy something a little lighter, dig into the Delicate Morsels set (HK$380 (48.41 USD) for four persons). Made up of shrimp dumpling with bird’s nest and Yunnan ham, pork dumpling with scallop and crab coral, you will not leave hungry.
>> No. 112840 ID: 1b12fb
File 155365871817.jpg - (943.31KB , 1200x800 , Chinese Duddell's in Hong Kong Dim Sum decade.jpg )
Finally, for Dim Sum enthusiasts, there is the decadent platter for four (HK$800 (101.92 USD) for four persons). Guests will enjoy shrimp dumplings with cabbage and conpoy, braised vermicelli with seafood and egg whites, fried chicken with shrimp paste and more.
>> No. 112841 ID: 1b12fb
File 155365884023.jpg - (752.72KB , 2956x2193 , Chinese Duddell's in Hong Kong Peking duck (H.jpg )
In addition to the sharing platters, the rest of the menu has been spruced up; Duddell's now offers table side Peking duck (HK$600 or 76.44 USD) served with all the trimmings.
>> No. 112842 ID: 1b12fb
File 155365894653.jpg - (283.12KB , 2500x1406 , Chinese roast duck in Chengdu, China 1.jpg )
The prices at that Hong Kong dim sum joint are quite insane.
>> No. 112843 ID: 1b12fb
File 155371981267.jpg - (1.31MB , 2560x1707 , beef hamburger Burger King with fries in it chip b.jpg )
Here's a Burger King version of a chip butty.
>> No. 112844 ID: 1b12fb
File 155371986869.jpg - (598.93KB , 1900x1266 , sandwich chip butty w toasted cheese 1.jpg )
And one combined with a toasted cheese sandwich.
>> No. 112845 ID: 1b12fb
File 155372004184.jpg - (235.32KB , 2000x1500 , sandwich chip butty of French fries on buttered wh.jpg )
>> No. 112846 ID: 1b12fb
File 155372005784.jpg - (123.07KB , 1710x1140 , sandwich chip butty of French fries on buttered wh.jpg )
>> No. 112847 ID: 1b12fb
File 155372040872.jpg - (575.30KB , 2121x1193 , sandwich Vietnamese banh mi on French baguette 1.jpg )
Compare with this Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich.
The bánh mì’s base is a French baguette that is crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It’s traditionally filled with pork, pâté, herbs and veg like pickled carrots, cucumber, daikon and coriander.
May be French influenced, but not stuffed with French fries.
>> No. 112848 ID: 1b12fb
File 155372083890.jpg - (488.44KB , 3888x2592 , sandwich Vietnamese banh mi w pork, pickled vegeta.jpg )
Recipe here:

Pic: Instant Pot Banh Mi sandwich is assembled on a toasted French baguette with pork, pickled vegetables, pate, fresh herbs and condiments. https://www.paintthekitchenred.com/instant-pot-banh-mi-vietnamese-sandwich/
>> No. 112849 ID: 1b12fb
File 155372115083.jpg - (553.41KB , 1980x1320 , sandwich Vietnamese banh mi with spicy meatballs &.jpg )
A banh mi with spicy meatballs & pickled carrot.
>> No. 112850 ID: 1b12fb
File 155372133427.jpg - (446.20KB , 2000x1221 , sandwich Vietnamese banh mi with a quinoa patty 1.jpg )
Banh Mi Quinoa – Vietnamese baguette with a quinoa patty
>> No. 112852 ID: 6811f1
File 155373989423.jpg - (77.73KB , 940x627 , 1461958232499.jpg )
For full fatboy experience, nothing beats Carne Asada Fries.


My favorite comment about carne asada fries.

"It looks like someone already ate it."
>> No. 112853 ID: 6811f1
File 15537406361.jpg - (150.79KB , 1200x800 , CgqnE5nWYAE6STU.jpg )
The east coast is sorely lacking in proper southern california Mexican food, so I've replaced it with American BBQ and Peruvian chicken. There's a Washington DC area chain called Sardi's that does "pollo a la brasa", which may or may not mean rotisserie chicken. (Fuck if I know.)

The hot ticket is to get a 1/2 chicken with white rice, black beans, and some mixed veggies.

Then you're done eating for the day.
>> No. 112854 ID: 358d2e
File 155374337665.jpg - (93.45KB , 600x360 , karadjordjeva-snicla-naslovna.jpg )
I'm going out with some friends this weekend, and wanted something new. On a whim, I searched for and found a Serbian joint. I intend to order this delightful little number, something called a Karađorđeva šnicla. To quote the menu, "pork loin schnitzel stuffed with mozzarella cheese, cream cheese and ham, dipped in eggs and breaded." A cholesterol bomb if ever there was one. In addition to the food, I look forward to making a bunch of social workers pound shots of Slivovica.
>> No. 112861 ID: cb3b5b
File 155381665483.jpg - (106.83KB , 960x540 , 7a2.jpg )
>> No. 112863 ID: a067fa
File 155382843046.jpg - (46.08KB , 780x439 , king-of-donair-donair-with-classic-toppings.jpg )
A delicacy that started in my neck of the woods of NS, Canada, the donair is a favourite among the late night crowd stumbling back from a night out getting hosed at the bar. They are delicious and there is no way to eat them cleanly.
Originally based on the classic doner kebab, the recipe was changed to better suite local tastes. The traditional pork and lamb meat was replaced with spiced ground beef and a distinctive sweet donair sauce made with condensed milk, vinegar, sugar, and garlic was created (note: this turns in to a horrifying jelly if left to cool. It is also applied in liberal quantities). Toppings are diced tomato and onions, and the whole thing uses a Lebanese flatbread to contain it. Out west other toppings like lettuce are added, but this is considered heresy in the east.
>> No. 112891 ID: 9dcda2
North Koreans Try American BBQ feat. Asian Boss

This was way more interesting than I expected.
>> No. 112893 ID: 67cd4b
Korean (South Korean) barbecue is terrific as well. Although I am not fond of food you cook at your restaurant table; that's the chef's job.
Why Korean Barbecue Is Better in the US Than Korea https://youtu.be/ZeRA-ak2Ddo
>> No. 112894 ID: 9dcda2
File 155416826742.jpg - (56.71KB , 550x413 , 999-all-you-can-eat-korean.jpg )
I'm a big fan of Korean BBQ and Korean Fried Chicken. I don't understand people who complain about having to cook their food. Some prep cook did all the hard work of cutting and marinading the meat, all you have to do is watch it sizzle for a minute then put it in your mouth.

On the west coast I've found the KBBQ spots will drop the meat off at your table then leave. On the east coast they will usually have one staff member to a group of tables, doing all the cooking then putting the meat onto little plates for you to pick at. I prefer when they fuck off, so I don't have some k-pop boy band reject hanging around while I'm trying to talk to my friends.
>> No. 112895 ID: 67cd4b
File 155416834053.jpg - (248.29KB , 1728x1152 , BBQ Korean beef ribs 1.jpg )
>> No. 112896 ID: 67cd4b
File 155416884994.jpg - (1.35MB , 3888x2592 , Korean Spicy Fried Chicken - Dakgangjeong 1.jpg )
And Korean spicy fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) is something you really ought to try.
>> No. 112897 ID: 67cd4b
  How to Do Korean Barbecue! https://youtu.be/08z5TjqtmCM
>> No. 112911 ID: 8b4895
File 155650250988.jpg - (159.07KB , 1200x1200 , ramen Samyang buldak hack extremely spicy & ca.jpg )
Continuing the Korean food theme, a favorite is Samyang's Buldalk Bokkeummyeon spicy chicken ramen (aka Korean fire noodles), but I was wondering if they would just sell the spicy demon blood sauce. Well, they are selling bottles of it now. Regular, carbo-style and the hack (nuclear) extremely spicy sauce. So now you can boil up your favorite pasta or make a pot of mac-and-cheese or bake up some chicken wings and pour this sauce on it. Find 'em on Amazon or eBay.

>> No. 112912 ID: 8b4895
File 155650256251.jpg - (92.01KB , 1000x756 , ramen Samyang buldak hack extremely spicy & ca.jpg )
>> No. 112913 ID: 8b4895
File 15565025805.jpg - (47.88KB , 1040x1000 , ramen Samyang Buldak (roast chicken) hot sauce 2.jpg )
>> No. 112914 ID: 8b4895
File 155650262491.jpg - (236.41KB , 908x1080 , ramen Samyang Buldak (roast chicken) hot sauce 1.jpg )
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