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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 155379889965.jpg - (208.84KB , 750x1334 , 56391645_801418123558691_2460596517749129216_n.jpg )
112856 No. 112856 ID: 5d58ca
I don't believe i've been back here since i was a rifleman in the land of the midnight sun, and a mod here, close to a decade ago. I have no idea if any of you old guys from 10 years ago still hang around and remember me, but I've been meaning to get back here and say hi at least.

Something about being a conscript, albeit a reserve conscript started me down this path. and if you remember my 416 rants, you'll ble glad to hear that I still loathe that fucking thing.

anyways, all the best
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>> No. 112857 ID: 1b12fb
File 155380933592.jpg - (1.05MB , 1600x1200 , German HK 416 D Enhanced Carbine 5_56x45mm custom .jpg )
Balci the HomoKurd?
This a reunion week?
Meplat, The Fresh Prince of Persia and now Balci?

How ya been?!?
>> No. 112858 ID: 1b12fb
File 15538094423.jpg - (350.50KB , 1800x1387 , German HK 416 on deployment in Iraq (center) by US.jpg )
February 2nd, 2018 - No More M4 — USMC Adopts H&K M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle
The U.S. Marine Corps will be adopting a new rifle to replace the M4 select-fire carbine. Designated the M27 IAR (Infantry Automatic Rifle), the new rifle is based on Heckler & Koch’s HK416, which looks like an AR, but runs with an internal gas piston system. The HK416 has been used by the German Army and some USA Special Operations units. This change-over has been in the works for some time, but the “protest period” has concluded, so now it is official.

The adoption of the M27 was announced at SHOT Show 2018. GunsAmerica reports: “H&K has officially received the contract for the USMC to replace the M4 carbines. The H&K model selected is the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle, a derivative of the famous H&K 416″. The U.S. Marine Corps initially planned to purchase 6,500 M27s to replace a portion of the M249 light machine guns employed by automatic riflemen within Infantry and Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalions. In December 2017, the Marine Corps revealed a decision to equip every Marine in an infantry squad with the M27, so this is a major change. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/tag/hk-416/
>> No. 112859 ID: 1b12fb
File 155381066172.jpg - (227.63KB , 1600x994 , US M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle derivative of the .jpg )
Bummer about the 416. What would you recommend as a replacement of the M4, if anything?
The FN SCAR (Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle)?
The REC7 assault rifle formerly known as the M468 developed by Barrett that features a short-stroke gas piston system and chambered in 6.8x43mm?
The XCR multicaliber weapon that comes in 5.56mm, 6.8mm Remington SPC and 7.62x39mm, using a long-stroke piston system similar to the Kalashnikov?

I thought the US Army's Next Generation Squad Weapon-Rifle (NGSW-R) and the Next Generation Squad Weapon-Automatic Rifle (NGSW-AR) were to be chambered in 6.8mm.
The new M5 will be chambered in 6.5-millimeter Grendel. The 6.5 Grendel round offers improved range and lethality over the existing 5.55-millimeter round without utilizing fundamentally different technology (such as cased telescope cartridges, polymer cases, or fully caseless ammunition). The M5 would use the same 14.5-inch long barrel as the existing M4 carbine, ensuring that the weapon is manageable in the enclosed spaces of a truck, Stryker armored vehicle, or M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. https://taskandpurpose.com/army-m4-carbine-replacement
>> No. 112860 ID: aec826
I literally gasped upon seeing this thread.
Since your departure, I graduated with my social work degree, got my license to practice, married, had a kid, burned my career to the ground, overcame depression, joined the army reserve, and in all that time I still wondered, in posts and too myself, "I wonder how Balci is doing."
>> No. 112866 ID: d23a14



Happy coincidence? Dark Omen? Voodoo Magic? we'll never know.
>> No. 112867 ID: 5d58ca
File 155394505339.jpg - (136.43KB , 1080x1920 , 56184383_370542323672975_5578054218373136384_n (1).jpg )

holy shit, the boys are back in town

I've been moving back and forth across the country the last decade, finally settled back down in my home city now. currently spending my time working as a head chef in a restaurant over here, and for a month or two each year, I hang out with the USMC, talking shit, raiding the MCX and eating MREs with the norwegian home guard.

glad to see you guys are here, seraph, swissguy, HM, any sign of life from them?

and fresh prince, glad to see ahmedinejhad didn't get you lol


M4 is as good as an infantry rifle is going to get, I think. I still maintain that the 416 is a very expensive question to an answer that never existed. although I havent seen the new, revised version of the 416N have critical issues yet, its far from as light or nice to carry as a M4. the cheese grater foreend on the 416 and its 5 mile wide stock doesn't help in that regard

We've also had some trigger time with MP7's lately, and for most light infantry reserve units with limited time to train and limited budgets, MP7s might be the answer. Easy to shoot and control at whatever ranges we usually do shoot, and simple to get in and out of veichles with. I'm starting to take a liking to it.


glad to see you too man, that story doesn't seem too different from what I've been doing the last decade lol
>> No. 112869 ID: e56201
WTF everyone is coming back. Is this the renaissance of opchan?
>> No. 112870 ID: 5d58ca
File 15539930045.png - (2.36MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2019-03-31-01h42m25s628.png )

wouldn't that be something

have a picture of this strange big and old AR15 with fibreglass furniture in 7.62 I got to shoot.
>> No. 112871 ID: bbee29
I'm really happy to see all you lads are alive.

Perhaps this reunion could be a catalyst for finally moving over to the new OPchan. I think I'm ready to let the current content go for this long awaited and much needed upgrade.
>> No. 112872 ID: f4bb1f
File 155400382496.jpg - (226.96KB , 1800x780 , US AR-10 Portuguese full-auto produced by Artiller.jpg )
Looks like a coveted AR-10 Portuguese contract produced by Artillerie-Inrichtengen (AI). This is the full-auto version with the thin charging hook on top.
>> No. 112874 ID: f4bb1f
File 155400414555.jpg - (394.41KB , 1800x1384 , US AR-10 Portuguese full-auto produced by Artiller.jpg )
Exceptional Original Portuguese Contract, Class III Fully Automatic Armalite AR10 Rifle Produced by Artillerie-Inrichtengen - Estimate Price: $20,000 - $30,000
This is a beautiful example of an extremely scarce, all original Armalite designed AR-10 fully automatic rifle as produced by the Dutch company of Artillerie-Inrichtengen (AI). As noted this rifle is a fully functional, fully transferable class III weapon that is in remarkable like new condition. The left side of the receiver is marked "Patents pending/ARMALITE/AR10/mfg. by AI Nederland/004242". It is fitted with the half-wooden forend/hand guards with the perforated metal front section with the brown fiberglass buttstock (with no butt trap) and pistol grip. The complete bolt and bolt carrier assembly is correctly all chrome plated. It has the original grenade launcher fitted to the end of the barrel with the original front and rear sight. This exceptional rifle is complete with an original web sling mounted on the left side along with an original "Armalite" marked waffle pattern 20 round magazine. These rifles are extremely rare today as very few were actually produced, with most rifles seeing considerable heavy use over the years with almost no examples of original fully automatic rifles ever imported into the United States. The company that started this all can trace their origins to the efforts of two men; engineer/attorney George Sullivan and inventor Jacques Michault who teamed up together and sought to design and build military-style rifles that represented a radical departure from all others in the form of rifles that featured lightweight aluminum receivers, straight-line fiberglass stocks, high-line sights, and receiver-mounted carrying handles. Sullivan later met with Richard S. Boutelle, president of Fairchild, and told him of his efforts. Boutelle was interested in this project, and as a result, the ArmaLite Division was founded in 1954 as a subsidiary of Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation. Later that year Eugene Stoner, a former U.S. Marine and ordnance technician, became ArmaLite's chief engineer. Stoner, along with designer L. James Sullivan and supervisor Robert Fremont, who as a team later developed several designs under the Armalite name that could be licensed to manufacturers for actual production. By early 1957, three successive prototypes had been built, tested, and improved upon to the point where serious efforts could be made to find a production facility to handle the proposed manufacturing quantities. ArmaLite-Fairchild partner Richard Boutelle used his inside track with the Dutch Government to secure a deal with the government-owned firm of Artillerie-Inrichtingen, to invest and produce these new radical designed rifles for sale on the world wide market. Unfortunately, there were some significant production delays due to the problems converting the Technical Data Package from the US standard "inches" to European standard "metric" dimensions. Because of this, it is estimated approximately 3,000-4,000 rifles in total were actually produced, split between the Guatemala, Sudan and Portugal, contracts, with several large orders lost to the Belgian-designed FN-FAL rifle. In 1959, ArmaLite revoked the Dutch license and awarded it to the famous American gunmaker Colt. The US Army never adopted an AR-10 type of rifle until the early 1960s when the company of Fairchild-Hillar and Colt approached then Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara with the totally redesigned Colt AR15/M16 rifle in 5.56mm and the rest is history. https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/57/1760/artillerieinrichtengen-ar10-machine-gun-762-mm-nato
>> No. 112875 ID: f4bb1f
File 155400476486.jpg - (459.69KB , 3260x1300 , US AR-10 Portuguese semi-auto 1960 2.jpg )
Here's a semi-auto conversion of a de-milled 1960 Portuguese contract AR-10. Note the different charging handle. I believe when you press down on this, the handle can grab into the bolt that is not quite in battery so you can nudge it forward to lock.
>> No. 112876 ID: f4bb1f
File 155400480687.jpg - (870.05KB , 3264x2448 , US AR-10 Portuguese semi-auto 1960 1.jpg )
>> No. 112877 ID: f4bb1f
You a chef in Norway? Cook much reindeer? Please don't ruin the kid's Christmas by serving them lutefisk. It happened to me. Vile stuff tastes like vomit.

Here's a collection of cooking videos from ChefNorway: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChefNorw/videos

I have been bored and have been watching videos about chefs and how the good ones have the drive, ambition and discipline to maintain high standards with their cooking, such as with this documentary:
Michelin Stars The Madness of Perfection https://youtu.be/0f-j1ctaQqw
>> No. 112878 ID: f4bb1f
  From Sea to Table: The MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 1) https://youtu.be/ce0TNKeMK1M
The journey starts in Oslo where we meet our host Halaigh Whelan-McManus at Maaemo, the three-star Michelin restaurant where he works as a souschef. After talking to his boss about the wonders of Norway’s nature and culinary potential – and having a chat with locals about what Norwegians really like to eat (yes, you guessed it, frozen pizzas), Halaigh heads to the west coast to go diving for some of the world’s most sought-after scallops. After eating raw, live scallop on the boat, the fishermen invite Halaigh back for a home-cooked feast with scallop gratin , bacon-wrapped scallops and plenty of cold beer. Further down the south-coast, in Stavanger, we get a sample of what happens when these scallops get into the hands of a sushi master. At sushi restaurant Sabi Omakase, head chef Roger Asakil gives Halaigh a lesson in how to cut fish, before treating him to sushi made with a local twist, including smoked reindeer heart.
>> No. 112879 ID: f4bb1f
  This guy (Steve1989MREInfo) reviews military rations from around the world and from way back in time (would you dare to eat something canned from World War 2 or even before that?), and he found this Norwegian reindeer stew the best and most gourmet military ration ever produced.

2016 Norwegian Arctic Field Ration Reindeer Casserole Game Stew MRE Review Military Tasting https://youtu.be/7fmLlkfGQ_0
>> No. 112880 ID: f4bb1f
  2013 Norwegian Arctic Field Meal Ration Breakfast MRE Review Combat Food Tasting Test https://youtu.be/g2V_-_M22cY
Hey there folks, here is a Norwegian Arctic Field Ration - and this one was one of the most enjoyable and high quality Military Rations I've ever had. This was a breakfast meal, and it certainly would be a nice Ration for a soldier in arctic conditions.
>> No. 112881 ID: f4bb1f
  Norwegian Field Ration - MRE Review https://youtu.be/eyM7feJb9BM
>> No. 112882 ID: f4bb1f
  The US military has been developing an MRE pizza for decades and have finally approved one that meets the requirements for shelf life in various range of environmental temperatures.

MRE Pizza Taste Test: USA vs. Norway -- Bridgeford Shelf Stable Pizzas https://youtu.be/4Jp3MQSUoNI
Head to head comparison of the older Norwegian MRE pizzas and the new USA pepperoni pizza
>> No. 112883 ID: f4bb1f
  2018 MRE Pepperoni Pizza MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Ration Taste Testing https://youtu.be/u_sY-nJ179U
Considered by many as the Holy Grail of all MRE's. MRE Pizza is finally here and is an absolutely fantastic ration not only for the pizza itself - but also for the other sides like Italian bread sticks, jalapeno cheese spread, and a cherry blueberry cobbler that is out of this world. This is THE MRE to look for - part of the 2018 menu lineup. 30+ years in the making by Natick Food Labs - a true feat of food engineering. You can't miss this one!
>> No. 112884 ID: f4bb1f
Back to Norwegian food...
Dining in Snowy Heights: The MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 2) https://youtu.be/S4NlxTFt3B4
The “fjell” - the mountain - is an integral part of Norwegian culture. Also when it comes to food. Halaigh meets up with Randi Skaug who has scaled Mount Everest and the world’s highest peaks, and together they hike up Preikestolen, near Stavanger. Before they encounter terrifying weather that sees them clinging to the edge of the mountain, they enjoy a lunch of traditional “fjell food”, including boiled beets and more reindeer heart. The snowy landscape continues in Trondheim, where Halaigh attends the world cup ski jump competition and feasts on waffles - alongside ski jump superstars and the future king of Norway. Back in Stavanger, Halaigh gets to indulge in one of his food passions, sardines, when a local expert treats him to racks and racks of the little golden jewels.
>> No. 112885 ID: f4bb1f
  Champion Cod and Deep Dives: The MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 3) https://youtu.be/fPQ4Po4QKmU
Norwegian cod is a big deal – and not just in Norway. The famous skrei cod is salted, dried and exported around the world, where it’s a treasured ingredient. Halaigh gets to experience this wonder up-close when he travels to Henningsvær, a fishing village that is the epicentre of the skrei industry. He attends the skrei World Cup, meets the kids who make a fortune by cutting out cod’s tongues, and gets a cooking lesson from a local pro. Then Halaigh is off to meet his friend Roddie Sloan who delivers shellfish to some of the world’s most famous restaurants, including Noma in Copenhagen, where Haliagh used to work. Together they go hunting for seaweed, urchins and scallops and cook everything over open fire back at Roddie’s Arctic farm - where Halaigh gets to spend the night in a hammock.
>> No. 112886 ID: f4bb1f
  Northern Exposure: MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 4) https://youtu.be/vmxqleZUf40
We travel to the northernmost parts of Norway and start off in Finnmark where me meet the young Sami reindeer herder Jon Mikkel. Jon Mikkel is carrying on the family business and tradition, and he takes Halaigh on a life-changing experience on the mountain where they catch a reindeer and butcher it on the snowy peaks. Jon Mikkel’s grandmother then cooks up a feast of reindeer tongue and blood pudding, before Jon Mikel teaches Halaigh about the indigenous singing style called joiking. Further up the northern coast, Halaigh heads out on sea to catch some of the most delicious – and biggest – king crab on this planet. The captain is a man of few words, but he ends up cooking a glorious meal of fresh crab claws and "special sauce".
>> No. 112887 ID: f4bb1f
  The City Life: MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 5) https://youtu.be/KKUSlr3TxQo
In this final episode, Halaigh heads back to Oslo and starts the day with a cup of coffee at cult barista Tim Wendelboe’s cafe. Tim has long queues of coffee lovers from all over the world lining up to try his famous light-roasted brews, and Halaigh learns why coffee is considered Norway’s national drink. Refuelled on trendy brews, Halaigh joins up with his boss Esben at Maaemo, who cooks waffles and takes Halaigh on a night out on the town in Oslo. They start off at Pjoltergeist, a restaurant located in an old Hell’s Angels clubhouse, where the chefs serve some of the most progressive cooking in the Norwegian capital: from pig’s heads to cod’s tongue. Halaigh wraps up the night at Kniven, a bar dedicated to all things black metal and quality beer.
>> No. 112888 ID: 5d58ca
File 155403376458.jpg - (97.25KB , 615x768 , joika-800g25.jpg )

Very rarely have reindeer, I'm in a bit of a wrong part of the country for those guys.

The samic minority up north are fond of their reindeers, and the closest most norwegian will get to routinely have reindeer is these red cans of reindeer meatballs with gravy, with a strange sami caricature on it. serve them with some instant mash and you're good.

What we do have however, is a metric fuck load of moose and grouse, that's the game staple around central/south central norway.

far as lutefisk goes, I'll eat literally anything, but not lutefisk.

I do believe the AR10 was dutch-portugese, with a three position lower. One of two known to exist in Norway, and the only one to actually be in working order.
>> No. 112889 ID: 4c507c
Those OG AR-10s are pretty fucking neat. Very light for a battle rifle of that era.

I laugh every time the gunsmith in my shop spazzes out about how shitty the AR is. I think rifle is fine, but he tries out all the old cliches, shits where it eats, etc.
>> No. 112898 ID: e56201
File 155419664714.jpg - (85.60KB , 760x577 , clio.jpg )
Who will be the next tripfag to return? Hmm...
>> No. 112902 ID: 61e76a
Glad to see you're still kicking my dude.
>> No. 112918 ID: 51b0a9
I still post, just not very frequently.

The fishing in Kentucky is absurd. While I miss having access to an easy 2000+meter range, I will trade that for an easy walk to a pond that yields frypan sized blugill/sunfish.

Besides. I have fucking deer and turkey walking through my yard here in Paducah.
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