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File 156476325594.jpg - (27.02KB , 480x240 , 499c52fcc578e5c237b53d923816d3c58efcde311d9ae8978b.jpg )
113006 No. 113006 ID: 4241c2
Regardless of :



-skin colour

-political views



Most people in every country in the world is just uninteresting and boring .

Most people people can only talks about credits, about boring work or complaining about his health.Eveybody plays a very mature because he has got a job or or he's bought a boring used car, which he can now boast about. A typical grey , boring exemplary citizen can only talk about health,job,his wife or finances.

Seriously with how many people could you discuss about space, car tuning if someone had such hobby, RC-modeling ,origami, about philosophy , psychology , inventions , art ,about all sorts of interesting things?

The sad truth about humanity is that really extraordinary people who have extraordinary skills, abilities and interests are a definite exception to the norm in almost every country in the world.

Think how many people do you or I know who do something similar to the people described below?





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>> No. 113007 ID: c917a1
>The sad truth about humanity is that really extraordinary people who have extraordinary skills, abilities and interests are a definite exception to the norm in almost every country in the world.
Yeah, no shit. By definition, extraordinary things are an exception from the norm. So most people are not going to be knowledgeable about the exceptional things that you may be interested in.

I just saw a 2017 documentary about race car drivers in the 1950s called Ferrari: Race To Immortality where the iconic Scuderia Ferrari battle to stay on top in one of the deadliest decades in motor racing history, led by Enzo Ferrari, a towering figure in motor racing who was driven to win at any cost.
And the cost was amazingly high where champion race car drivers were getting killed in record numbers. Like 39 drivers killed between 1950 to 1960. The film shows the worst accident in car racing history at the 1955 crash at Le Mans that killed driver Pierre Levegh and approximately 80 spectators with over 100 being injured in total when his car was hit, sending it flying 100 yards, landing on a safety wall, blowing the car up and shearing the front axle off that tore through the spectator stands, butchering all those people in an instant. This, among many other car crashes on and off the tracks show the incredible dangers these exceptional people risked every Sunday in order to do what they love and compete for glory.
Ferrari: Race to Immortality - Trailer https://youtu.be/agnMz_DdSA4
Le Mans Motor Racing Disaster (1955) | British Pathé https://youtu.be/RMoh5hZAaZk
>> No. 113029 ID: 751d6a
Yeah no shit. I went to Walmart (1st time in a long time) the other day. South GA mind you. I was stunned by how fucked the local had become. Mutants everywhere. My current contract job I took which I shouldn't have taken due to lower level position it was (just some busy work figured why not). Haven't ever worked this low of a position in aviation before. Holy shit. The workers are so fucking mundane and bland. They only talk about cool cars and sports. Their eyes glaze over when I mention something historical or a new concept. They never connect the dots when I make analogies. My humor just goes over their heads. Their attention spans are less than a minute and I have yet to be able to hold a conversation about anything of substance long enough to make my point, therefore everything I have to say is rendered pointless every time. To think, I don't even consider myself a smart guy...

We need a famine or something.
>> No. 113080 ID: 2a517e
File 156800642581.jpg - (94.08KB , 1920x1080 , car, Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ 1600hp 300mph.jpg )
As I mentioned race car drivers from the 1950s as interesting people who drove themselves to death in the most dangerous sport of their time, now anyone with five million dollars to burn can hop in a luxury sport coupe that breaks 300 miles per hour.

Bugatti's 300-mph Chiron that recently set the production car speed record of 304 mph comes to production as the Super Sport 300+, an extremely limited-production coupe (30 will be made for roughly $5 million each) that is not only road legal, but capable of hitting the modified car's 300-mph top end. The Super Sport uses the same 8.0-liter, quad-turbo W16 engine as the top-speed record car, which delivers nearly 1,600 horsepower, as well as the long-ratio gearbox that allows this Chiron to actually reach that 300-mph v-max. The tail is extended and there is a passenger seat. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/bugatti-chiron-super-sport-300-top-speed-record/
>> No. 113081 ID: 2a517e
File 156800650734.jpg - (74.39KB , 1920x1080 , car, Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ 1600hp 300mph.jpg )
Of course, Bugatti isn't going to let these things loose on public roads without some precautions; Top Gear reports each car will have a speed limiter, though it's unclear exactly at what speed the limiter will be set. However, Top Gear says Bugatti may allow owners to spec a roll cage and remove the limiter, and might even give owners the chance to bring their cars to their Ehra-Lessien race track, should they want to attempt a 300-mph velocity themselves. (Good freaking luck.)
>> No. 113082 ID: 2a517e
File 156800705937.jpg - (65.75KB , 1920x1080 , car, Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ 1600hp 300mph.jpg )
So, if you want a track toy to commit suicide in, and Bugatti will allow you to purchase one, the Chiron Super Sport 300+ may just be up your alley.
...Or you can wait for the Bugatti Divo that is scheduled for release next year for around $5.8 million.
>> No. 113083 ID: 2a517e
File 156800749478.jpg - (70.93KB , 1920x1080 , car, Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ 1600hp 300mph.jpg )
Well, at least the interior looks nice. Race car interiors are usually spartan affairs with an uncomfortable plastic seat, no cup-holders or even radios to save weight, but they do usually sport a roll cage to save the driver's life when things get dicey. But a roll cage would fly against the design philosophy of having such a tacky thing cluttering up this billionaire's fantasy machine.
>> No. 113084 ID: dcb763
File 156801004586.jpg - (212.83KB , 1600x1067 , car, Koenigsegg Jesko 1600hp 5_0L twin-turbo V8 30.jpg )
Although there are other cars that boast being able to break 300 mph, such as the new Hennessey Venom F5 and the Koenigsegg Jesko that produces 1600hp from its 5.0L twin-turbo V8 and has a theoretical top speed exceeding 300 mph.

If this were the 1950s, the top car makers would have a 300+ mph race to see who is the champion driver in the best car, heedless of blood spilled or money spent!

The Koenigsegg Jesko - Full Review https://youtu.be/MDWIXbgHCwM
>> No. 113085 ID: c87efc
File 156801024666.jpg - (210.67KB , 1862x1048 , car, Koenigsegg Jesko 1600hp 5_0L twin-turbo V8 30.jpg )
>> No. 113086 ID: c87efc
File 156801030214.jpg - (135.48KB , 1862x1048 , car, Koenigsegg Jesko 1600hp 5_0L twin-turbo V8 30.jpg )
May need an eject switch.
>> No. 113089 ID: dcb763
File 156801067997.jpg - (556.92KB , 1920x1282 , car, Koenigsegg Jesko 1600hp 5_0L twin-turbo V8 30.jpg )
>> No. 113090 ID: 2a517e
  How did the Bugatti Chiron reach 300mph? https://youtu.be/YaI4HFVYR7s

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