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File 156540757929.jpg - (163.79KB , 600x450 , troubled look.jpg )
113018 No. 113018 ID: 36fbad
Hey operator chan. I'm not a operator, but i'm soon to be graduating mechatronics enginner. I like guns. I like gear. I love police/military operation protocols. I'd join if I wasn't a scared faggot with mental retardation.

Can I stay around?
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>> No. 113019 ID: bbee29
Sure, things are slow around here as most of the userbase checks in once every few weeks for a fart and a giggle. Congrats on getting the most rad engineer title btw, mechatronics sounds like a fucking Mass Effect tech power.
>> No. 113020 ID: 36fbad
I did notice this place is kind of slow indeed, but I expected that. Army guys don't have time to shitpost on imageboards, I guess.

And thanks, anon. I still got this year and the next one (2020) to finish my 5-year bachelor's degree, but I have already the equivalent of an associate's degree on mechatronics. I would say one can do a lot of things with an Arduino board and some step engines. A little closer to Mass Effect if you ask me.

Thanks for the welcome, anon. And for the compliment on what i'm graduating on. It wasn't easy. It never is, for anyone. Either risking getting shot to death or getting messed up mentally with calculus and whatnot.
>> No. 113021 ID: bbee29
I doubt many of us are in armed forces to be honest, I'm just a regular joe. There's a thread on /t/ where a bunch of us tripfags circlejerk a little and blog about what we've been up to if you're curious about who here does what. There are some decent threads in /k/ even in the old pages, new perspective on that stuff is always welcome especially from a engineering point of view.
>> No. 113023 ID: 9dcda2
File 156547228057.jpg - (20.68KB , 596x593 , milspec_regular_guy_shirt_1.jpg )

Good shit man. Yeah hang out and post stuff. It's slow but we've still got some good people around.


We have a couple of guys that recently joined the military, after hanging around here for years. But yeah, mostly just regular guys.
>> No. 113024 ID: 36fbad
I did notice there's some old stuff from 4chan's /k/ and that's great. As much as i'm a brazilian guy with zer oaccess to firearms, as an engineer, I understand them as machines and I like them because of that. Again I thank you for your welcome and I hope to stay and contribute in a way or another.

Thank you for the welcome as well. As much as you guys might be just civilians, people outside Brazil certainly have wider access to operator gear - not just the clothes, but as well to weapons. It's not a cheap 'thing' here, either weapons or gear.
>> No. 113025 ID: a12360
File 156555095995.jpg - (81.34KB , 1080x1080 , Brazilian Mauser - Model 1908 1.jpg )
We need the Brazilian perspective.
- Brazilian Model 1908 Mauser Rifle in 7x57mm Mauser (Mfg by Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken, Berlin [DWM])
The Mauser Modelo 1908 long rifle became the standard infantry rifle for the Brazilian Army in 1908. The rifles were produced by DWM, then owned by the Ludwig Loewe Company. DWM, in turn contracted some rifles out to Mauser Oberndorf, which was also owned by Loewe at the time. The maker of any particular rifle can be determined by looking at the address – if Berlin, it is made by DWM. If Oberndorf, it is made by Mauser. The DWM made rifles are more commonly encountered. The contract ran from 1908 until the outbreak of war in 1914. The rifles are essentially the same as the German Gew98 with the most obvious exception being the tang style sight employed in lieu of the Lange-Vernier sight used on the Gew98. The receiver and bolt were left in the white, as was the bayonet lug. The remainder of the rifle was either chemically blued or heat blued. The stocks were made of walnut and retain the pre-1905 Gew98 style stock washer as opposed to the bolt takedown disk then in use on the German issue rifles. https://www.milsurps.com/content.php?r=265-Brazilian-Model-1908-Mauser-Rifle-(Mfg-by-DWM)
>> No. 113026 ID: a12360
File 156555132540.jpg - (642.70KB , 3264x2448 , Brazilian Mauser - Model 1908 crest 1.jpg )
Nice crest.
>> No. 113028 ID: 6f5407
The guns from that are all have nice crests. I had a griend whose grandpa had a revolver from that time period (or it was a 1930s one, can't remember) with the same crest. Glorious.
>> No. 113030 ID: ee9094
File 156563480489.jpg - (170.74KB , 1600x900 , Brazilian Embraer A-29A Super Tucano 1.jpg )
An interesting Brazilian plane is the Embraer A-29A (aka EMB 314) Super Tucano, an inexpensive turboprop counter-insurgency and light attack aircraft that's also used as a trainer.
>> No. 113031 ID: 5ddd04
File 156563532957.jpg - (270.75KB , 1800x1179 , US Piper PA-48 Enforcer 1971 turboprop CAS ground-.jpg )
Another interesting turboprop light attack plane is the Piper PA-48 Enforcer close air support aircraft built by Piper in the 1970s. It is a development of the World War II-era North American P-51 Mustang fighter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piper_PA-48_Enforcer

- DAYTON, Ohio -- Piper PA48 Enforcer at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo)

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