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File 157463417962.jpg - (86.21KB , 680x1053 , truck Tesla Cybertruck Elon-Chan draws a car 1.jpg )
113177 No. 113177 ID: fec7a2
Tesla makes a stainless steel DeLorean-esque electric truck shaped like a pyramid.
Using a rigid unibody construction of thick stainless steel from Tesla's space plane designs that can take sledgehammer blows without denting very much, as opposed to DeLorean's thin stainless steel over a fiberglass frame that causes that time machine car to fold up into death traps on bad collisions (and if she flips onto her roof, good luck opening those gull-wing doors). Tesla also boasted of their Cybertruck's "bulletproof" windows, but throwing metal balls at the side windows shatters them like any other window, to the derisive laughs of the crowd at the launch demonstration.
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>> No. 113178 ID: fec7a2
File 157463460060.jpg - (345.60KB , 1752x1168 , truck Tesla Cybertruck electric pick-up 1.jpg )
Three models will be available on the Tesla pick-up at launch, and it's worth noting that the range-topper is the first production Tesla to get three motors, with one up front and an individual motor at each rear wheel for even more startling performance:

- Single Motor Rear-Wheel Drive 250-mile range, 6.5sec 0-60mph $39,900
- Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive 300-mile range, 4.5sec 0-60mph $49,900
- Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive 500-mile range, 2.9sec 0-60mph $69,900
>> No. 113179 ID: fec7a2
File 157463465531.jpg - (245.69KB , 1752x1168 , truck Tesla Cybertruck electric pick-up 2.jpg )
>> No. 113180 ID: fec7a2
File 157463474627.jpg - (211.75KB , 1752x1168 , truck Tesla Cybertruck electric pick-up 3.jpg )
>> No. 113181 ID: fec7a2
File 157463483215.jpg - (155.54KB , 1752x986 , truck Tesla Cybertruck electric pick-up 4.jpg )
The touchscreen is a huge 17-inches in size, as Tesla ramps up its digital touchpoints and tries to stay ahead of the likes of Ford, which this week confirmed a suspiciously familiar 15in screen for its new Mustang Mach-E electric car.
>> No. 113182 ID: fec7a2
File 157463491318.jpg - (93.27KB , 1200x755 , truck Tesla Cybertruck electric pick-up & Tesl.jpg )
The Tesla Cybertruck electric pick-up loaded up a Tesla ATV, but no information was given about that.
>> No. 113183 ID: 79cf2b
> Single Motor Rear-Wheel Drive 250-mile range, 6.5sec 0-60mph $39,900

For truck money, that's pretty reasonable. A half ton Ford or Chevy is in the same ballpark.

Also, it's fucking huge compared to the F150!
>> No. 113184 ID: 36e2c3
  >shatters them like any other window
Automotive side glass is tempered, like in this video. That acted more like laminated windshield glass.
>> No. 113214 ID: 0adccc
I'm mostly curious about how they managed to get it past regulations, from my understanding all cars nowadays are bland and uggo soapbars because of pedestrian crash safety ratings, but the Tesla truck looks like a sword on wheels.
>> No. 113229 ID: 3297d5
What is that range though, towing a maxed out load, in the middle of a midwestern winter night?

>> No. 113245 ID: 9dc901
Looks ugly to me. And useless really.
>> No. 113257 ID: 0d01d8
File 158318481459.jpg - (63.62KB , 580x326 , megaforce-01.jpg )
Some day, someone will use a Tesla truck to build a technical, with rockets and gatling guns.

And it will be AWESOME.

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