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File 158223684682.jpg - (40.23KB , 600x1066 , 501.jpg )
113241 No. 113241 ID: c78d71
Anyone here have a web sleuths account? Theres some good looking thumbnails at the bottom of the last and 2rd to last pages of this thread that I can't open them because no account.
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>> No. 113246 ID: 09c7e0
File 158267888815.jpg - (165.83KB , 800x820 , women are stupid.jpg )
i can't look at this either https://www.facebook.com/stephenmarkmcdaniel/
but apparently the tards at websluts are all pissed off about it
>> No. 113463 ID: a1bd25
File 159444905518.png - (261.84KB , 499x910 , McDanielPage1.png )
>> No. 113464 ID: dd0723
>next store neighbor
Yes, that's about the level of intelligence I'd expect from someone defending him.
>> No. 113468 ID: 574941
File 159470781874.jpg - (35.96KB , 550x475 , WQINcVPj.jpg )
SoL did nothing wrong. He was framed, there was never any body produced, just rumors of one. They framed because he was too redpilled. The kikes and faggots of the far left were quaking in fear of someone as intelligent at SoL discovering the hidden truth about obama's birth and also about Michelle being a tranny.

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