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File 158315479340.jpg - (272.29KB , 1280x959 , tumblr_p2b6jhRKHb1qfdyy8o2_1280.jpg )
113251 No. 113251 ID: 101bb6
I wasn't sure this place still existed. /k/ on the other place is crazy. I haven't been into guns or cared for the opinions og others in a while. Its been what? 8 years? A while.

My old mail got trashed and I lost contact with everybody but it was for the best. I moved back to Germany for a couple years to get healthy (sounds crazy) and had to get sober. My drug use got out of control. Seriously out of control. I needed to be around what remains of my family and shake it.

I won't say not to ever do drugs. Just know you have to stop eventually.

But I'm back in US, paying child support, living the dream.

Just a minor update. I lost a LOT of guns moving (Except Walther P88. I had that with the Bank.) And my AK74. That one hurt because so hard to find now. I'm always going to be an AK Zapman. One day I guess.

Anyways, who is still here? Has anyone died?

Swissguy, Col. Guano, Maxillary, meplat, Hind Fangirl, Zeptorem, Yattuwort, Balci, GOTB?

I heard Gospel Man had some trouble. We did NOT get along but I did at least respect him. How is he?

Im not saying I'm "back" or anything. Im just taking it day by day and want to maybe get back into shooting again.

Gonna be 50 next year. God, where does time go? I remember being early 30s on an Acer.

I also don't like "gun culture" now. Its gay. Nobody shoots or enjoys the finer things. I feel vindicated that Glocks and ARs now reign but then again, it made it accessible to proles.

Also still comfortably racist but these new people are jokes .

Doesnt matter. Help me catch up.
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>> No. 113254 ID: 793056
Shit HM, I was only thinking about what you were up to these days.

Sorry to hear about your homelife going south. Glad you're back on an even keel. Bats is around, a lot of the old guard jump in and out of opchan.

>Where did time go

Tell me about it. I turned 30 last month. I want my 20s back.

>Also still comfortably racist

Bruh, how did you survive in Germany, with all the 'New Germans'.
>> No. 113256 ID: 101bb6

Honestly I can't complain.

Even old East Germany is starting to feel like America and not in a good way. Ghetto as hell. Started seeing more niggers to the point that it felt too much like America. At least the food was good. Had some Ketwurst.

Europe is fuuuucked. But nobody really bothered me any more than here. Just mostly BO or being loud. Like you can tell these are African niggers by their complexion and more apeishness. And they cant dress. And the Turks. And the Arabs. And the Albanians. Ugh. I told my mom she should go ahead and move back with me. She said no. Germany is her home. She has friends and relatives. Besides she said "Blacks here blacks there. Why move just to see blacks when they already took over?" She had a point but I dont fit in there anymore and I want to take care of things here.

I like driving my own car but trains and buses spoilt me there.

Also having a beer with my fast food was great. America is so backwards. I dont drink beer to get drunk. Vodka is for getting drunk. Beer is for your health.

All said, I wouldn't want to live there forever again but it was okay. Not at all what it was. Never will be again.
>> No. 113259 ID: 41a6f8
File 158324505865.jpg - (292.51KB , 1429x1000 , FB_IMG_1536865391487.jpg )
I have a kid now.
>> No. 113260 ID: 0adccc
File 158324546013.jpg - (45.16KB , 480x420 , 1485333756366.jpg )
Glad to hear you're still alive, my dude. I think the last time you posted on here, you were telling your wife you were stepping out for a pack of cigarettes or something? How was south america?

Whatever happened to that gook?
>> No. 113262 ID: 101bb6

PJ! Congrats!

She is fine. Not with her. She has married someone else. I do not know why I thought an Asian chick that much younger than me was a good idea. I have not been to South America in a long long time and am not at all doing contracting stuff any more. Sobriety and age has slowed me down

I will admit that my dick and my addiction led me to make some decisions. I do pay my child support. Im not going to be a deadbeat.
>> No. 113263 ID: c3cbd5
File 158329428456.jpg - (81.85KB , 1206x280 , Hotaru Maniac in Inglewood Capture_651.jpg )
But did you get out of Inglewood, HM?
>> No. 113264 ID: 79cf2b

Opchan is still here. Just slow. We've got enough funding to keep the website going. (Hopefully.) I've had a couple work induced meltdowns in the /t/ work talk threads, but it's nice to have a place to vent.
>> No. 113266 ID: 101bb6

I didnt write that

I see.

Like I get people, for whatever reason, want to larp as me.

I am not the person I was. I had my SLC Punk moment. I wasnt high for fun. I was high to escape.

Everybody gets old. Im not really as avant garde as 15 years ago. Lots of war and younger people have certainly changed the paradigm. Pkus the obnoxious youtube crowd.

Really if I can happen into another AK74 and maybe a Mauser; I will be fine.

I dont have the fire I once did. Chasing dragons and stabbing at shadows.
>> No. 113267 ID: c3cbd5
File 158337077745.jpg - (259.56KB , 1491x936 , antique Swedish Mausers 1.jpg )
Well, 4chan is a nefarious place.

And Mausers are difficult to obtain, now?
A really good condition Swedish Mauser costs around $500 (with rarities, super-sporters and snipers costing thousands), at least here in the USA. And these are typically the best of the Mausers.
My first rifle, back in 1985, was a $50 surplus Israeli Mauser (a WW2 German K98k 8mm given to Israel around 1948) and she served me well hunting deer and euthanizing a rabid dog (my first contract hit).
>> No. 113268 ID: c3cbd5
File 158337097889.jpg - (505.92KB , 1502x1220 , antique Swedish Mauser m-96 1.jpg )
Swedish m/1896 Mausers
>> No. 113269 ID: c3cbd5
File 158337106129.jpg - (279.96KB , 1501x1069 , antique Swedish Mauser m-94-14 Carl Gustafs Stad c.jpg )
Swedish m/94-14 Carl Gustafs Stad Mauser carbines.
>> No. 113270 ID: c3cbd5
File 158337138880.jpg - (270.46KB , 1519x815 , antique Swedish Mauser m-41B sniper 1.jpg )
Swedish m/41B Mauser sniper rifle.
A friend back in the mid-80s had one in terrific condition and really loved her. Beautiful manufacture and finish for a military arm, accurate shooter, and good although obsolete optics.
>> No. 113271 ID: c3cbd5
File 158337169512.jpg - (660.22KB , 2856x1855 , antique Swedish Husquvarna 9_3x62mm Mauser.jpg )
Swedish Husquvarna in 9.3x62mm Mauser.
>> No. 113272 ID: 101bb6

Well I want an authemtic German 98K. Obvious reasons.

I remember when there were racks for 250 and I didnt bother.

Not a Swede, not a Yugo, no Star of David. A good honest 98K with a hooded front sight that isnt insanely expensive.

I looked at Mitchells Mausers and noped on out. If I find one, good. If not, oh well.

No scope. Just good, honest iron sights.

Drake had one IIRC(if hes still around). And a Vz. 58 that was respectable. I wont forget the jokes we made about Drake and his DeLorean getting some respectable pieces.
>> No. 113273 ID: c3cbd5
File 158342324716.jpg - (338.54KB , 1280x960 , German WW2 Mauser Gewehr Karabiner 98 Kurz in 7_92.jpg )
My Israeli Mauser had stamps of eagles clutching swastikas. The new Hebrew owners apparently didn't give a toss.
>> No. 113274 ID: da1d5d
If youre interested in a german mauser, I have a 1914 Danzig production Gew98 that was remade into a K98k in 1945, judging from the parkerization. Let me know if you want me to dig it out and post some pics, I couldnt think of another dude I'd rather sell that thing to.

You said you still have your LR300, btw? Those things are getting really rare these days. I wanted one since STALKER but even finding internet pictures of them is rare and difficult.

Yeah, I was really surprised when you announced you had knocked up a gook. I know you're pretty nope on asian girls, and Koreans are a double whammy. Everyone I know whos dated a gook had it end horribly, myself included. But they're good at getting in your head so I get you.
>> No. 113276 ID: 336324
File 15836078644.jpg - (143.81KB , 960x720 , possum served weapon.jpg )

>who is still here?

Some people, there is a roll call thread on /t/ I see you posted in. A lot of the community has migrated to Discord. I started a patch company to pay for this server and it's worked out pretty well, but the software is beyond obsolete.

>Has anyone died?

Marcraft is kill, if you remember him.
>> No. 113278 ID: 963d42
File 158360866961.jpg - (141.73KB , 960x640 , dtPH6sm.jpg )
>Marcraft is kill, if you remember him.

Murder suicide.
Fucking sucks.
>> No. 113283 ID: 793056
Shit, I didn't know that.
>> No. 113290 ID: 153dcc
Sad days.

Welcome back, HM. I don't come around much these days myself, but I'm glad you're still above the astroturf. Its good to see you.
>> No. 113295 ID: 6e9157
Long story short:
I'm fine.
Got a woman, had five years with her to a point where she made me go crazy in a bad way, got 3 years of suspended sentence for drugs, went to a psychiatrist, unfucked my shit, got my sentence elevated, finally got my own apartments, on my way to have a cozy place of independence, first I'll get a new PC, then I'll start saving up for my firearms loicense.

So far, so good.

It's nice to have you "back". Of all the people, I remembered you by a good name.

Hop into Discord, we hang out there most of the time.
>> No. 113296 ID: 101bb6

Aw man good to see you are alive. Im not so savvy but will look into discord maybe.

Man oh man. Soumds like a trip. Last I heard you got drafted. I was afraid you got messed up in Chechnya or Georgia or something.

I remember our back and forths. Such fun.
Sorry you had a rough time with drugs. Been there. When you thimk you got it, you dont.

Good to see ypu are healthy and making your way. Do you still dance? Did you get a haircut?

Do you still have your shotgun?

I guess we are all getting older.
>> No. 113297 ID: 101bb6

Thanks for offer. Let me put a pin in that. I have a lot going on.

When I have more time, I will try to post some pictures. I like it but man oh man is it an orphaned gun. Sad. It was revolutionary in a lot of ways
>> No. 113298 ID: 6e9157
Well, about being drafted - there's a whole funny story about it.

I went willingly to comissariat to get conscripted, had a friend-of-a-friend officer of Internal Troops of the Ministry for Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation's Special Regiment, who was ready to get me into there after a fairly long interview on why and what for am I going to the Army.
Well, I got conscripted after passing all the medical tests, and...got dicked during the final preparations for "weighing too little". 110 lbs/5'4" was, apparently, a no-go at that time (even though russian army drafts people with severe health problems)

Seems like that friend-of-a-friend saw this violation of conscription as a chance to cause a big ruckus (being internal troops' officer, this makes a lot of sense) in the comissariat, he filed a complaint and I got my "Military Passport" with a very precise demand from the comissar "to stay as fucking far from the comissariat as you humanly can".

For all things considered, I'm an Internal Troops Private in discharge.
Never served. I find this course of events very anecdotal and incredibly shameful, but, well. Whatever happens - happens for a reason.

No, shotgun was sold long ago with a fear in mind that I might shoot my dad.
I'm getting my own guns when I'm settled at the apartments. I've already have all the things required for the gun permit, but it's going to take some time. So, in a year or two I'll get a 12 gauge Saiga and have fun with it.

Yeah, I can still dance for the sake of the old times, but I almost never do, unless I'm very drunk. There's a few stories when I barged onto the dance floor in an absolutely delirious state and busted my moves.

But, yes. We all are getting older. I was around 16-17 (if I recall correctly) when Pervasive Vagrant's discovery of me took place and all the shitposting went wild, now I'm 29 in half a month.
That's whopping 12 years.
>> No. 113299 ID: a84ce4
File 158500933549.jpg - (450.05KB , 2500x1660 , Ukrainian troops on APC in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukr.jpg )
Glad to see you're still around, Yattuwort!
I remember you discussing joining the French Foreign Legion, back on 4chan (after being rejected by the Russian Army for being too skinny??).
And for those wondering about this whole dancing thing, Yattuwort has some serious jumping moves:
>> No. 113300 ID: 6e9157
Yeah, that almost happened too, lol.
>> No. 113305 ID: 751d6a
File 158540534961.jpg - (63.97KB , 686x526 , coronaPepe.jpg )
HM is back?
>> No. 113306 ID: e56201
>> No. 113309 ID: e7bc21
Posting in the family reunion thread
>> No. 113311 ID: 9dc901

Heh, all of Russia wants to draft dodge and you get rejected. Have to love the absurdity.
>> No. 113312 ID: 6e9157
>> No. 113316 ID: 1304d5

haven't seen you fucks in years
>> No. 113323 ID: 766843
So, since last I saw you post....

Lost 100 pounds.
Got married 4 years ago.
Got diagnosed diabetic going on 2 year ago now, which I find hilarious because I had already lost the weight and had quit smoking cigs.
My wife almost died twice.
We've lived through 2 miscarriages, one in September, the other this past February.
Dad died of Pancreatic cancer just a little over a year ago.
Lost my mentor back in 2016.

It's been a wild past several years.
>> No. 113324 ID: 7b2bd4
I was never an important enough tripfag for you to notice me, but as an impressionable scrawny 16 year old nerd you shaped my taste in women forever.

Also do you still have Heroin and Morphine saved anywhere? Any plans to start writing again?
>> No. 113407 ID: 369c8a
>> No. 113876 ID: 965497
File 164195131984.jpg - (93.90KB , 431x750 , original (2).jpg )
Its been a while again. To anybody I didnt reply to earlier, apologies. You guys that were around gotbme through some times there years ago. I wish at times to relive the magic but the time is past. I am glad you are doing well.

I caught Covid a while back. Not fun but not the end of the world. I would occasionally stealth post on old /k/. Lots of people now seriously dont know their ass from a hole in the ground. Fuck em.

But that isnt the news. I have pretty bad heart failure. It is as a direct result of years and years of stress,cigarettes, drugs, drink, and its how my father died. I am in my fifties now.

I want nothing and no pity. A lot of my friends are dead. I dont exactly want to die but made my peace with it years ago. I am not an atheist. I am getting medical treatment but wanted to let you know I am very much mortal and that if sharing this gets people to stop bad habits then good.

I have had my brushes with death but this lets you know that on a long enough timeline; everybodys shit gets pretty weak.

A part of me knows I would probably still have had the same bad habits.

Make the most of your time is my only advice. It goes quick.
>> No. 113890 ID: 5d274c
Hey, man. Good to hear from you - I always wondered how you've been. Not exactly the best news, but we all don't become younger, do we? Hell, even I start to feel the weight of my age at a bad day.

Stay strong, fam.

P.s. I finally bought my first firearms, thanks to Opchan in general and one belgian person in particular.
>> No. 113893 ID: b48b04
I'm sorry to hear about that. I remember reading your posts on 4chan /k/ a long time ago. I don't know what to tell you. I hope things get better.
>> No. 113895 ID: a7ed57
Love & respect to ya brother. God speed to you and bless you wherever your journey takes you. Cherish what time left you have on this miserable rock.
>> No. 113902 ID: d10fa8
File 164527063923.jpg - (170.29KB , 996x1452 , 1631307376948.jpg )
>I caught Covid
>> No. 113918 ID: 043e55
don't be a wanker.

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