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File 158974154035.png - (79.42KB , 1206x994 , frog feels.png )
113360 No. 113360 ID: 53fc46
Those two fellas who defended themselves from an angry jogger in Georgia have the same defense attorney as our boy SoL did. The fix is in, just like it was with SoL. Between corrupt attorneys, a corrupt court system and deepstate FBI & MSM backing it all up they can put anyone in jail for life using completely fake evidence. Stephen was an up and coming, very redpilled conservative attorney, so they set him to both for the sake of eliminating him and for causing chilling effects on the rest of the imageboard /k/ommunity. It was all made easier by the complicity of the government aligned new management glowniggers which took over opchan in the midst of all the hulabullo & confusion of the SoL crisis era. Have a look behind the curtain and you'll probably see Giddings chillaxing on some Epstein Island somewhere.
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>> No. 113362 ID: 3efc75
Please go away.
>> No. 113363 ID: e56201
^What he said.
>> No. 113364 ID: 53fc46
File 158984474843.gif - (197.29KB , 600x338 , lols.gif )
>butthurt glowniggers
>> No. 113365 ID: 53fc46
File 158985559272.jpg - (27.62KB , 960x647 , i dream of chikunz.jpg )
more news from bibb county
>Bibb County officers arrested Kenny Obyran Whitehead on Sunday morning for having sex in public — with a deceased woman.

>Whitehead, 55, was found on the front steps of the The Daybreak Day Resource Center, on the 100 block of Walnut Street at approximately 4:00 a.m. When authorities arrived, he was still in the act of intercourse with an unidentified woman. After police told Whitehead to get dressed, they discovered that the woman was dead.

>Emergency services concluded she had been “dead for some time,” according to a statement posted to Facebook by the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, but do not presently suspect foul play. They have yet to release her identity, pending notification of her next of kin. Whitehead has been charged with necrophilia, and is currently being held without bond.

niggers lol
>> No. 113366 ID: a4ba10
If someone cut me off in a pickup and hopped out with a shotgun, I would draw and fire.
>> No. 113368 ID: 62e901
That mascot is fat, kyphotic, and a frog.
>> No. 113369 ID: 00ea7d
File 15901012683.png - (457.63KB , 643x466 , J8a7o_vOVJvEs_y_NhTSvManyq59DysV5KhNG6k8Ad0.png )
>> No. 113406 ID: 369c8a
lmfao fuck outta here.

Those dude are absolute trash and deserve a murder charge.
>> No. 113409 ID: 4f1b12
File 159241385325.jpg - (100.76KB , 785x731 , tfw out of soy.jpg )
>Those dude are absolute trash and deserve a murder charge.
>> No. 113410 ID: 23d893
Hey. If you're going to be retarded, as you are, I don't see why you should be calling out someone else.

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