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File 15909183144.png - (374.16KB , 2000x2000 , 1590898640487.png )
113375 No. 113375 ID: fb62e1
Shame. All this big talk and ultimately no walk. What about defending neighborhoods? What about shooting arsonists? What about being a sheepdog and controlling chaos?
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>> No. 113377 ID: 1ebd91
I'm asking the fucking questions here
>> No. 113378 ID: 11798f
File 159097741165.jpg - (43.29KB , 720x468 , 1590081167517.jpg )
>> No. 113380 ID: 953e24
Never interrupt your enemies when they're making a mistake. I can see maybe one or two cities that these riots are going on in turn from blue to purple if it keeps up. Maybe not for a long time but it will surely shake things up.

Also why waste ammo when the NG and cops do it for you 🤣
>> No. 113381 ID: a4ba10
Last March, armed groups intimidated local governments and harassed cops demanding that Applebees open back up. The government caved almost immediately and began timetables to reopen the country. But protests regarding citizens murdered by the state are apparently unconscionable.
>> No. 113382 ID: 7db4d4
One protest blocks roads, the other just stands around public areas not disrupting traffic. I'm not condoning either, there's still COVID out there being spread faster now.
>> No. 113383 ID: 7cefa6
Privileged NFL players kneeled in protest years ago. And now cops and NG are kneeling in "solidarity" with protesters. But George Floyd was killed by being kneeled on. So are the police and NG who kneel in "solidarity" with protesters actually mocking them as a [Your head here] gesture?
>> No. 113384 ID: b09df8
File 159147806839.jpg - (15.39KB , 500x375 , 141528614136.jpg )
>> No. 113385 ID: 58727a
  PD in my area fucked up some old geezer. 2 Charged and the rest resigned from the riot unit. My immediate local PD has been pretty calm. I listen to their dispatch on my days off.
>actually mocking them as a [Your head here] gesture?
>> No. 113386 ID: 333bc2
BLM is just forced group think with consequences for non compliance. How long until it's taught in public schools? How long until its mandatory "training" at all large businesses? This weaponized accusation of racism is getting ridiculous.
>> No. 113387 ID: 690c74
Yeah but were you saying that about your clique when you were in power?
>> No. 113388 ID: 60bd34
What is there to force?
>> No. 113389 ID: e56201
>How long until it's taught in public schools?
Well I would hope schools are already teaching people that black lives matter...
>> No. 113390 ID: 2766ba
File 159170905085.jpg - (534.40KB , 1080x982 , Screenshot_20200609-091616_Chrome.jpg )
>> No. 113391 ID: 5db045
File 159171864452.png - (216.58KB , 500x552 , 1575184420242.png )
public schools should teach mathematics and marksmanship, its not the government's position to dictate morality to people's children.
>> No. 113392 ID: 87673b
File 159177109594.jpg - (479.96KB , 1080x1068 , Screenshot_20200609-184514_Chrome.jpg )
>> No. 113393 ID: e47672
That's fucked up.
>> No. 113399 ID: b54986
Shit keeps getting crazier:
>> No. 113401 ID: 7d7dfc
>radical left chimps out in the cities
>glowniggers who probably are posting from small hat land or wear small hats convince the gullible to go do something about it
>the pigs still exist, and kill or capture any of /ourguys/ who were dumb enough to go wipe out the far left
>dumbshit cuntservitards cheer and clap because "muh based pigs took out the scary right wing terrorists!"

It's like anti-constitution states- some retard in Texas or another assclown state where they haven't been electorally overrun by birthright citizenship possessing bean goblins tell the people trapped there "lol dun cumply" but if the locals were to actually do anything about the unamerican occupying force in those states, those same fucktards would be screaming at their governors and the feds to send in the military and kill all the freedom extremist terrorists, because porker lives matter. Conservatives are pig lovers, and they have enabled the government to become far too powerful. As such, I want this CHAZ shit to metastasize to the south, I want to watch it take root in their cities, because it would be funny to watch faggy conservatives shit their pants once they realize that the monster they have created (the government) is going to prevent them from doing anything about communists seizing control of parts of cities, perhaps entire cities. Oh, the feds will eventually do something- but not before a lot of innocent people who aren't affiliated with the government get brutalized by the communists. And if they defend themselves, they will then face the wrath of the government. This is what happens when you let civilian law enforcement become paramilitarized thugs- they'll stand down, at least for a while, against the communists, but they will kill you if you do anything to end the madness. People get the government they deserve, this nation is getting what's coming to it for enabling the government to become ever more powerful and tyrannical.

Remember, don't fall for honeypot operations- the feds want us to react so they can kill us and tell the rest of the country that they killed a bunch of scary fascists, and they need to let the government completely erase the concept of privacy and fourth amendment protections in case fascists are hiding under their beds.
>> No. 113402 ID: 9dc901
>George Floyd was killed by being kneeled on

Surely being strung up on several drugs had nothing to do with his cardiac arrest.
>> No. 113403 ID: 445ad5
File 159191597478.jpg - (32.43KB , 483x563 , Autism_Boy.jpg )
>> No. 113404 ID: a4ba10
>> No. 113405 ID: f59b56
File 159209669417.jpg - (110.89KB , 684x1024 , 1591790752054m.jpg )
>> No. 113412 ID: 8b0fcd
File 15926244467.jpg - (407.01KB , 1080x946 , Ithurtitselfinconfusion.jpg )
Vroom vroom!
>> No. 113414 ID: 1a9272
File 159264752040.jpg - (220.57KB , 1200x1306 , But+muh+2nd+amendment_ac9fba_7750626.jpg )
Who's ready for decline in law enforcement and increase in crime? I am!
>> No. 113415 ID: 9dc901

>> No. 113419 ID: 136a5b
This kind of shit is really retarded
They should go back to the full image and have some blurb about the Ojibwe artist that made it if they really wanted to make a point.

lol, messaging has been shit on this, really "Black Lives Matter" and "Defund the police" are both terrible phrases.
Lots of talk of oh well it's "BLM too", but come on that's just terrible marketing from the start.
Every time someone points out defunding the police isn't a great idea people come back with oh well we mean just reduce the police funding, which is probably true, but don't use a message that you don't mean and is going to make people have a terrible first impression.
I'm a nerd, not a marketer, but messaging matters.
>> No. 113435 ID: 58727a
BLM was founded by commies:

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