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File 159183221471.jpg - (9.57KB , 500x500 , Ruger-Mini-14-Ranch-5816-736676058167_jpg_1.jpg )
113394 No. 113394 ID: dafa87
So, I'm stuck in a Democrat infested state for the foreseeable future, and with the current political climate, I foresee the need for a semiautomatic carbine for home and neighborhood defense if things get really bad. I'm considering either a Mini 14, or an Auto Ordnance M1 carbine. The deciding factor may come down to magazine price and availability. It seems KCI may have discontinued making 30 round magazines for both of them, what other decently reliable options are out there? Also I'd rather not pay 45$ for Ruger factory magazines, although if necessary, I guess I only need 6 or 7. The trouble is that I have to get several at the same time, I have one chance to obtain pretty much all the magazines I need, discounting shit capacity magazines that would come with the gun. And again, if inexpensive but very reliable magazines for an M1 carbine are available, I would probably choose that gun instead. Also, the magazines would have to be available in stores, not just online.
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>> No. 113395 ID: 3efc75
File 159183388588.jpg - (22.58KB , 825x190 , ruger pc carbine 19102.jpg )
What state are you in and are AR's an option, cause Mini-14's suck and "reliable" and "M1 carbine" don't belong in the same sentence.

The old Mini-14's had a reputation for terrible accuracy but I guess the new ones are better. The rock and lock magazines hook onto a little post in the forward end of the mag well that can be hard to engage.

I don't have much personal experience with the M1 Carbine, I'm basing my comment on Karl from InRange TV's hatred of them.

My go-to for Granny Home Defense Gun is the Ruger PC Carbine in either 9 or 40.

Pros: Can mount red dot sight, flashlights, and take Glock mags. Fairly inexpensive, I got a used one for $425. Good training gun thanks to less muzzle blast than an AR. Barrel takedown is a nice feature.

Cons: They're heavy, have a surprising amount of recoil due to the straight blowback mechanism, and 9mm accuracy past 100 yards can be wishful thinking. Optics are mounted to the receiver while the barrel is detachable, so it's return to zero is questionable.
>> No. 113396 ID: 4a9ef7
File 159183596632.jpg - (1.10MB , 2048x1015 , antique US Ruger PC-4 the _40S&W version of th.jpg )
For home defense, you want a gun that's smaller and allows for maneuverability in tight areas, like around doorways and down hallways. Longarms and shotguns are not well suited for this and intruders in the dark can grab the barrel and make for problems. Something like an inexpensive .22 LR revolver is handy, the flash won't blind you, the report won't deafen you, and the little bullets won't smash through a dozen walls in the neighborhood.

But some people just like carbines.

I have an old Marlin Camp 45 that loads cheap Colt 1911 magazines, but the prices of these old fun .45 plinkers are getting ridiculously expensive.

The 9mm CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine has good reviews, but costs around $1000.
The Beretta Cx4 Storm and Kel-Tec SUB-2000 are a little cheaper.
And the Hi-Point 995TS is the cheapest of the 9mm semi-auto carbines and reviewers have actually described it as reliable, accurate and comfortable to shoot.
- Ruger PC-4, the .40S&W version of the PC-9.
>> No. 113397 ID: 4a9ef7
  Hi-Point 995TS PCC (9mm pistol caliber carbine) https://youtu.be/qioIM2TtDyM
>> No. 113398 ID: 3e70c7
An AR-15 is not an option here. Modern production Mini-14 rifles are about 2 MOA accurate, and reliable. Modern production Auto Ordnance M1 carbines are supposed to be relatively reliable, and about as accurate as the Mini-14. The primary concern as regards reliability is the magazines- some magazines work, some don't, I'm interested in any experience people have with magazines that work and that I can afford to buy like 6 or 7 of at the same time. Capacity for M1 carbine magazines would be 30 rounders, Mini-14 I could either go with 20 or 30.
If I were to get a pistol caliber carbine, I would consider a hi point, unfortunately they're illegal here. You know, because of the scary assault pistol grip.
>> No. 113400 ID: fad623

Your options for RELIABLE mags in my experience, is the tapco Gen2 (metal front locking tabs) and the Ruger OEM metal mags. If you have patience and are willing to tinker, pmags can be cut to fit in a Mini, I don't know about the reliability of this solution long-term.

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