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File 159288247041.jpg - (133.05KB , 1200x1200 , 155468139782.jpg )
113421 No. 113421 ID: cceb3b
How would a lefty be welcomed here?
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>> No. 113422 ID: 07aaaa
Oh, piss off. Not the place for politics. If you want to talk guns or machining or outdoors or what have you, welcome. If you're going to post about marxism, or rant about how much you hate the negros, or how "TrUe CommUnIsm hAs nEveR BeeN tRiEd", or how gee whiz maybe hitler was on to something, then fuck off, there's better places for that. I hate this influx, I miss my 1 post a week opchan. Damnit, am I old?
>> No. 113423 ID: 257d67
File 159291663454.jpg - (210.30KB , 1080x2453 , 93340121b6a5bdebf9c1aa64ef8aae99a70723682d046fcb8c.jpg )
Just like normal /pol/tards, I'd recommend not using a name or a trip. We've had a fair amount of ""non-freedom"" (not hard anti-freedom to various degrees) views on here and they really just ultimately prove that more freedom is the best way. So post , just be prepared to be debated.
>> No. 113425 ID: 12bc72
File 159295931918.jpg - (182.63KB , 2048x1368 , bullets, _45-75 Winchester for the Winchester Mode.jpg )
Lefties that can contribute about weapons topics? Great!
You have any experience in early metallic cartridge guns like the .60 Snider or the pictured .45/75 Winchester for the Winchester Model 1876 lever-action rifle?
>> No. 113428 ID: 0e29c2
File 159302188430.jpg - (36.03KB , 460x397 , 1kvs1p.jpg )
Well Ian from Forgotten Weapons is a leftist
>> No. 113429 ID: 889bad
>I miss my 1 post a week opchan
except that's a recent thing, ya newfag.
> Not the place for politics.
except this is /t/ - Talk.
y'know, a place for talking about shit?
I don't give a fuck if you wanna talk politics as long as it doesn't get too heated. and better here than in /n/.

>> No. 113430 ID: dd0723
My sense of time is pretty shit but I feel like it's been super slow for a few years at least. Maybe not 1 post a week but hyperbole is a thing.
>> No. 113433 ID: f2172d

I watched a video where Ian says he's definitely not a communist or a fascist (maybe right after George Floyd's death). He also says he tries to stay 'apolitical' as much as possible on his videos. Don't have a link, though. He has too many videos to comb through.
>> No. 113434 ID: c50cab
  To my knowledge Ian isn't a socialist but he's not a idiot either, he's dunked on Rhodesia fanboys and "muh whyte gebbocid in south africa" types before and IIRC has said some stuff in the past about racism in the firearms industry/community.

Karl is a member of the Satanic Temple and has done a few videos with InRange with a more political bent, most recently one about black people being murdered by the police after Katrina.
>> No. 113438 ID: 73d1d8
File Jew_Fires_an_AR-15.webm - (2.74MB , Jew Fires an AR-15.webm )
>> No. 113439 ID: 73d1d8
I've watched a lot of his videos and can confirm he stays out of politics, which is a very wise policy when it comes to making YouTube content since the platform is well known for banning popular content creators over ideological disagreements.

I'm sure with a massive collection like he has though, he's probably been peeved quite often about gun control laws as anyone inevitably would. His friend who makes InRangeTV though does make videos about historical shootings, but they seem to be balanced objective accounts for the most part from what I've seen.
>> No. 113440 ID: c50cab
File 159341596011.png - (621.25KB , 1152x540 , nsEK3F7.png )
>> No. 113441 ID: 663335
Ok, y'all piqued my interest so I dug a little and found this thread on plebbit: https://www.reddit.com/r/weekendgunnit/comments/8ljndf/press_s_to_spit_on_grave/dzg8cn7/
The original image image is gone but I suspect it was the same one in >>113440
>> No. 113443 ID: c50cab
>lol sub's closed

>Seriously guys, you brought this on yourselves by not listening and making this place what it is today vs keeping it what it was supposed to be, so it's either this, or all the mods are eventually removed and replaced by users of the admins choosing before it gets banned anyway, or it gets outright banned without that extra step.

>Scuttling the ship is preferable to keeping 100k morons from steering it into an iceberg.

>> No. 113444 ID: 663335
Yeah dangit. Happened just a few hours after I made that post apparently, and now I realize I should have screencapped it.
It was basically Ian saying "I'm not a commie, socialist or antifa. I keep things apolitical in my videos".

They closed the board because plebbit just banned a bunch of boards under the guise of "hate speech". Some were only vaguely right-leaning, some were... a bit more so.

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