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File 159426025784.png - (140.58KB , 300x256 , 1343634545354.png )
113456 No. 113456 ID: cf2c4b
when is serv coming back to run the site? the new admin is ok but it ran a lot smoother and better before he left
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>> No. 113457 ID: cf2c4b
also does that tryhard still post here? called BDSM or something gay like that
>> No. 113458 ID: 663335
500 internal server error
>> No. 113459 ID: f2172d
500 internal SERVer error
>> No. 113461 ID: a58356
File 159441641538.jpg - (164.19KB , 500x709 , woman worshiper.jpg )
>i cuck for discord trannies
jedi dachshund is a literal tranny
>> No. 113466 ID: cf2c4b
i want my donations back, i dont think serv used them appropriately

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