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File 159777541087.jpg - (80.31KB , 680x577 , 1578131436226.jpg )
113546 No. 113546 ID: 61fa4d
Yesterday the thermometer at my home said that the high temperature was 85ºF, but the government weather service in my town said it was 94ºF. The day before that my house was 88ºF and the government weather service said it was 97ºF
Can science explain this or is it reasonable to believe that the government is exaggerating high temperatures to forward the soience extremist global warming mythology?
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>> No. 113547 ID: 499e7b
In the Las Vegas area, the official daily high is recorded at McCarran airport. The temperature spread across the valley usually varies within a range of ten degrees or so, though I have seen differences as wide as twenty.
>> No. 113548 ID: 1ad934
Obvious troll is obvious, but for anyone who doesn't know;

Most weather data comes from airports. They're the ones that rely on it the most, so over the last 70 years most of the infrastructure was built up for them specifically. This means most local weather stations get their temperatures from the local airports.

As you may know, airports are wide open flat places filled with lots of concrete. The ambient temperature at and around an airport will be higher than surrounding areas.

Climate studies do not use airport weather data as foundational data.
>> No. 113550 ID: 58727a
What about independent weather stations that allow their info to be collected? I know my wunderground.com info comes from a neighbor down the street who bought instrumentation and allows that info to be fed into the wunderground service publicly.
>> No. 113551 ID: 1ad934

Also not used in climate studies, not in any meaningful way. Uncontrolled sources like that may be used to corroborate other sources that are controlled, but even that's unlikely, data sets like that only wind up being used in the complete absence of better sources. So maybe it gets used in remote places...maybe.
>> No. 113556 ID: 61fa4d
the controlled sources of information you're referring to are controlled by an academic elite which is interested in pushing an agenda rather than honest & unbiased data gathering.
>> No. 113558 ID: 1ad934

I honestly wonder if the people that push conspiracies about the academic elite have ever actually spent time with them. They couldn't organize and agree on anything to the extent of pushing a climate agenda. If they did, they'd be in the private sector making millions.

It is not nearly as far fetched to believe that multinationals - with a proven track record of subversion for the pure benefit of the bottom line - might have been engaging all the levers of power they can access.


I'm getting real sick of this bug.
>> No. 113561 ID: 132e8e

Climate change: because scientology didn't get to you first (tm)
>> No. 113574 ID: 336722
File 160012040960.jpg - (202.88KB , 1125x1896 , pgFy68VD.jpg )
>I ignorantly wonder if the people that push conspiracies about the academic elite have ever actually spent time with them.

Spending years working at NASA is how I learned that those conspiracy theories are all true
>> No. 113576 ID: 1ad934

Come on now...


The only common thread is media exploiting language for attention. Not exactly a new concept.
>> No. 113577 ID: d57ef8

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